Worship- To the Beat of the World

Bill Johnson and Bethel church already are known for bizarre teaching and now we learn how they are getting so many young people into their church. They play their spiritual music with a rock band and full scale light show. They play to the beat of the world and the music is so loud it digs into your brain.

Then preachers like Heidi Baker are digging demons out of your children’s heads by having them wiggling on the floor and screaming. There is no scripture to support such a view even though they are part of the Acts 29 movement that literally makes anything goes possible.

This group believes that the apostolic gifts were restored to the church in 2002 despite no scriptural evidence for what they are doing. Stay far away from the occultist teaching and music of Bethel Church.


Do we make prayer to God continually? Do we daily praise God? As for praise, I enjoy featuring hymns of praise greatly on this website. As King Saul found out the hard way, spiritual music keeps the demons away.

I have a beautiful hymn of praise for you today. https://youtu.be/KfAiCMZP8RQ

Politics and Truth; Strange Bedfellows- 3

Jesus said, set them apart by your truth in John 17:17. That is a very good principle but in politics just the reverse is in play. It is separate them by their lies. Have you ever noticed these political ads that have one politician telling us everything that his opponent is doing wrong but never telling us what he plans to do if elected. That seems to be the standard mode of operation. Politicians cast a dark shadow on their opponent while avoiding what they will be doing if elected.

And that seems to be the name of the game in politics. I see this all the time in almost every commercial. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to find out what each politician plans to do if they are elected while staying entirely away from what their opponent is doing. That would be like 7th Heaven. Civility has left the room in politics.

Politicians must think that the American public is really stupid and maybe we are. We keep electing the politicians that smear mud on their opponents. I would like for them to let us know what they will be doing once again in office and if they will be listening to their constituents on the major issues. Tell us what you are going to be doing and not on what your opponent won’t be doing. Wouldn’t that be nice if all politicians told the truth? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one to happen. A final note. If any politician did tell the truth he would get no coverage by the news media because they are only interested in what the opponents won’t be doing. Isn’t that a sad State of Affairs?


The Roman Catholic Church loves To invent words and then stick them into scripture like Transubstantiation for their sacrament of communion. The word itself is not found in scripture like Rapture. The actual practice is found in scripture.

When Christ meets the church in the air it says then we shall always be with the Lord in heaven. The church is not Israel who gets the kingdom. The church gains heaven. The dead in Christ will rise first. Afterwards we who remain will be CAUGHT UP. Those are the two key words to rapture. I might even add in the word TRANSLATED which is a biblical word. There the word or form of the word translated is found in that one passage alone. Enoch did not see death. Yet, Hebrews 9:27 says it is appointed for men to die once. How can he go to heaven without dying? There’s another like Enoch and his name is Elijah.Elijah was taken up and Enoch was taken up too. How do I know the latter? Because my Bible told me so. God took Enoch. Both he and Elijah return for their physical death in Revelation 11. In part two, the rather delicious part that the Holy Spirit plays in all of this. Stay tuned!

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

What does the prophet Zechariah have to say about the time of Jacob’s trouble? . Two thirds of Israel will die in the Great Tribulation. What of the other third? Out of all of Israel God Saves a Remnant for Himself. And after centuries of rejection he will hear his people say, The Lord Is Our God sweet music to his ears. And what of the church, the body of Christ? Prior to the time of Jacob’s trouble they will be raptured to heaven. Unbelieving gentiles will remain with Israel to go through the time of Jacob’s trouble. Zachariah 13:8-9 covers this time period.

Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 2

The major networks are now having fake news all over the place. Some of it is not fake but goes unreported such a Deep State where many Democrats including the former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing their best to undermine President Trump. Even the former Secretary of State John Kerry has gone behind this administration’s back to work on a deal with Iran that is not compatible with the Trump Administration. This goes unreported by the major networks as they focus on the Trump Administration and every single thing they do wrong. I believe the Press bleeds Democratic blue. They trot out polls to show how bad the president is doing but aren’t these the same polls that had Trump losing the presidential election? We now have fake polls to if you can believe that. The Bible tells Christians that we are to be set apart by the truth of God. In the secular press there is no truth. A reporter will do anything to get a story. I love it when they give an entire story and at the end say, NBC has been unable to confirm this story. But they already told the story even though unconfirmed. That is fake news! Once in Joplin Missouri a building that was about to be torn down by explosives came down prematurely trapping three men. Joplin then had both CBS and ABC locally. Then the national CBS network came in and pushed the local reporters aside. When one of the men was found CBS used a long extension microphone to get the first words out of that survivors mouth. The man was not yet recovered from the debris and had that microphone fell it could have caused this area to collapse upon him. That reporter didn’t care as long as he got the story. With the network media they’ll do anything to get a story even if they can’t confirm it which in my book means they’re isn’t a story yet. America has a free press and a dishonest and slanted media. President Trump could perform a miracle and they would make it look like a hoax. Tiger Woods said it best when he said regarding President Trump that he honors the office and not the man. Too bad the Press doesn’t think that way or the Democratic Party. And I would be saying the same thing to the Republicans if a Democratic president was in power. Yes President Trump is erratic but he is still the president of this nation. President Johnson was somewhat erratic to and they all are but Trump is a businessman and not a politician. He is still the person that America elected president. The Bible says to honor the king and since we don’t have a king perhaps we should honor the president and I’m largely talking to the media. In that regard I’m largely talking to the wind.

Why do False Leaders Flourish?w

Do you want to know the real reason false teachers flourish in the church today? It is because of YOU. You support them by sending them money and you do so because they keep you entertained and away from your Bible. They are more interested in entertainment than biblical truths. For the time will come that they will not endure sound Doctrine, because they have itchy ears, they will Heap up for themselves teachers that will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to myths. Biblical illiteracy is the cause for false teachers flourishing in the church. Until we realize that they will continue to flourish and enrich themselves.

Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 1

Jesus said that Believers were to be set apart by truth and that includes Democrat and Republican believers. In Washington DC that’s a misnomer if ever I’ve heard one. This Democratic Party has done more harm to the United States in the last 2 years then any Democratic Party in the history of the United States. They are obstructionists and I hope the Republican Party remembers this if the Democrats take back the White House. So-called Prophet Mark Taylor doesn’t believe this will ever happen again but he is wrong. If you look at the history since Eisenhower was president every eight years or so whatever party is in power loses that and gets their turn at bat. I’ve never seen bipartisanship as bad as it is today. Who in their right mind would want to run for office and sit in either the House of Representatives or the US Senate and here on this back-and-forth bickering day in and day out? Who would want to go through the scrutiny that is put on politicians today? And with the very corrupt news media why would anyone want to run? Where are all the stories about how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are doing their best to unseat Trump? How come the Press has done little coverage on John Kerry’s negotiations with Iran despite the fact he is not working for the present Administration? By negotiating with Iran on his own is not that an act of treason? Why is there no press coverage on any of this? Whatever happened to Fair coverage of the media in America? Even television shows that have conservative characters have either been canceled or written out. One reason is obvious as to how our country is going. Every great civilization Has Fallen by a loose sexuality including homosexuality. The Democratic Party is for homosexuality, for abortion, and against School prayer. Unless things change and soon our country will be going down the toilet. Washington DC as a whole, including President Trump, better learn how to work together to solve the nation’s ills or our whole system is on the verge of collapse. Maxine Waters and her statements against Republicans that work for Trump should have been outlawed by Congress a long time ago and federal charges should be put against her. John F Kennedy would be ashamed of the democratic party of today. In Part 2 I will take on the Press of the United States.

Mormonism: Who Can Buy Into It?

Joseph Smith has come in the flesh? I think somebody spiked Young’s orange juice? The church is the way, the truth, and the life? Are these guys related to the 3 Stooges?The Apostle Paul said, In every state he had learned to be in content. He must never have been to Utah! And of course the RCC WHO ABRACADABRAED THEIR WAY INTO EXISTENCE IN Matthew 16:18.

9 things that the Mormon church doesn’t want you to know

9 Dangers of Mormanism You might want to take a pen and paper and write down these nine things about Mormonism for future reference.0d5e36de1da5fd3292695118bfaa6f0b Evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived.

27 Roman Catholics No More

27 Roman Catholics have left the RCC since Kent has been commenting here of those that left the majority have left on what Kent has replied to my posts. A young priest said he left the church after reading about boasting about his church. He told me that the priest in charge of the parish spoke that way too and he’s been feeling that’s not the way to be.

I’ve advised everyone that left to find a Bible believing church that is non denominational to avoid jumping the fireman into the fire. A young woman who has been emailing me thanked me for my help. She had so liked the singing in mass. I showed the prophet Amos who said,

She was heartsick over the child molestation crisis and how the church had tried to cover it up. Pray to God to mightily continue to use Kent to drive away even more Catholics from their faith.

In a good Bible church they will return to the Scriptures alone without all that endless Roman Catholic Pomp with Little circumstance.