27 Roman Catholics No More

27 Roman Catholics have left the RCC since Kent has been commenting here of those that left the majority have left on what Kent has replied to my posts. A young priest said he left the church after reading about boasting about his church. He told me that the priest in charge of the parish spoke that way too and he’s been feeling that’s not the way to be.

I’ve advised everyone that left to find a Bible believing church that is non denominational to avoid jumping the fireman into the fire. A young woman who has been emailing me thanked me for my help. She had so liked the singing in mass. I showed the prophet Amos who said,

She was heartsick over the child molestation crisis and how the church had tried to cover it up. Pray to God to mightily continue to use Kent to drive away even more Catholics from their faith.

In a good Bible church they will return to the Scriptures alone without all that endless Roman Catholic Pomp with Little circumstance.

4 thoughts on “27 Roman Catholics No More”

  1. Great! Thankyou. I hope the Lord is using me in a small way in the purification of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Unlike Protestant Ministers still having a child abuse rate of 4-5%..Rabbis at 7%..teachers at 9.7%.. the Catholic Church has brought it’s abuse rate down from a minority of 4.7% to .006%. Amazing! But don’t look for the liberal media to report this any time soon. I am so proud of His Church for this! Now we must weed out more of the the Bishops who covered up. And I am encouraged by you to keep on opposing those who try to smear the 95.3% of faithful Priests by the actions of that rapidly diminishing 4.7% of guilty Priests.


      1. Thank you for that and..”Let no one think me foolish; but even if you do, accept me as a fool, so that I too may boast a little. What I am saying I say not with the Lord’s authority but as a fool, in this boastful confidence; since many boast of worldly things, I too will boast.” Saint Paul in 2 Cor.11:16-18)


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