The Lies of Jimmy and Francis Swaggart

Does this look like a 81 year old woman to you? I have a video about this woman who was supposed to have knee surgery done on both knees at the same time in 2012. Francis Swaggart This video shows the lies of this ministry couple who wanted you to believe that she had knee surgery on both knees. instead she was getting extensive plastic surgery on her face. So why the lie?

Frances Swaggart could not accept herself as she was so she went into a hospital for plastic surgery on her face to make her look young again. The Bible says charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting. Frances Swaggart could not accept this so thousands of dollars were spent to make this 81 year old woman young again. What kind of Hearts do the Swaggart’s have?

You have to think that the Swaggart’s want you to look at the outward appearance instead of the heart of an 81 year old woman. This couple is deceptive and Jimmy Swaggart should never have been allowed to return to ministry after his affair with prostitutes.

Jimmy Swaggart is trying to justify his corruption. A pastor must have a good testimony to those outside the body of Christ and he does not 1st Timothy 3:7. Why the cover up in the first place about Francis having two knee replacements? Why not just tell the truth about her plastic surgery? She still wanted charm and beauty which the Bible labels as deceptive and that is what this couple is deceptive. They have no business leading the church. They make their own rules apart from the word of God.

Swaggart lied about his wife having plastic surgery just as he lied about himself having sex with prostitutes. What does the Bible say? It says that Swagger lacks understanding and that he has destroyed his own soul. That’s why lying comes so easy to him. How can someone that has destroyed his old soul lead a church?

14 thoughts on “The Lies of Jimmy and Francis Swaggart”

  1. you aware of Swagger’s real estate shenanigans and that is a nice way to describe it? I don’t understand how he has sex with prostitutes multiple times and it’s still in the pulpit? And then these lines here about his wife’s knee replacements. Another lie. How can he escape the condemnation of hell? He must not believe in hell at all by the way he operates.


  2. I once watched the Sunday service of the Swaggart’s church on their SBN TV channel. It was Jimmy’s 80th birthday and they spent the entire 1 1/2 hour church service celebrating Jimmy with old photos on the screen and friends praising him. I waited for the sermon. No one gave one. It was all Jimmy.
    I have heard Jimmy say that a pastor never loses his calling. If he sins, he must repent. But never loses his anointing to preach.


  3. Jimmy, Francis, Jim Bakker and all stand or fall before God. We should not judge another’s servants. We can judge who we allow to guide us. Yet even a wicked servant may speak something valuable. However, we all need a good dose of the Fear of God… especially ministers who receive a stricter judgement. Pray for a revival of true repentance with fear and trembling. Many are in grave jeopardy! God help us all!!


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