The Difference Between the Gospel of Paul and Peter Do you want proof that Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles? Peter was an apostle to The Jews. Jesus Christ told him to be that way.How much clearer can That be? The ministry of Peter And Jesus Christ was to the circumcised or the Jewish people. The ministry of the apostle Paul was to the Gentiles. Do you want more evidence?Think about that Last statement?The Roman Catholics believe they are Spiritual Israel and this is called replacement theology. They are part of the kingdom of God on earth. They will be going through the great Tribulation. The body of Christ will not.The Roman catholic church is built on the wrong foundation of the apostle Peter.

Gospel Truth: Les Feldick and Richard Jordan

Both Les Feldick and Richard Jordan teach the Bible well. Each of them uses a chalkboard to teach. Both men are dispensationalists as to their theology. Each of them rightly divide the word of Truth. As I do, they each state that the majority of the Bible was written to Jews. In the Old Testament, with the exception of Jonah and Nahum, the audience was the Jewish Nation. Jonah and man were written to Nineveh. In the New Testament Matthew through Acts and Hebrews through Revelation were written primarily to the Jews. These are all written for the body of Christ’s learning. But for the doctrine of the body of Christ can only be found in the Pauline Epistles from Romans through Philemon. These books teach the doctrine of the body of Christ. Throughout his entire lifetime Jesus Christ was under the law until the cross. If righteousness came through the law, then Christ died in vain. The law was our Schoolmaster to bring us to Christ but after Christ is come we are no longer under a Schoolmaster or the law of Moses. This is a Doctrine that both of Les Feldick and Richard Jordan teach. They are great teachers. So many of the church age have a difficult time rightly dividing the word of God. Peter’s gospel was largely to the Jews as Galatians 2:7-9 proves. At the end of 2nd Peter, Peter admits that what Paul said was difficult to understand but it was scripture. On the other hand Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles. Paul preached a Heavenly Kingdom whereas Peter preached an Earthly Kingdom. If you read through this website on the category of the body of Christ/ Israel you will have a greater understanding of what Les Feldick and Richard Jordan teach along with myself.