Prophecy Partially Fulfilled

This is a prophecy verse for Israel. One day is to the Lord as a thousand years. After two days God will revive Israel. Many scholars believe that prophecy has been fulfilled when Israel became a nation in 1948. After 3 days he will restore Israel. That third day is yet future and scholars believe that will occur after the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom. Israel has yet to go through the Great Tribulation followed by the 1000-year millennial. Only one-third of Israel Will Survive the Great Tribulation according to Zachariah the prophet. It will be the remnant of Israel. This is a rather exciting prophecy and we are living in the partial fulfillment of this prophecy with much more to come. As the Psalmist says, pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.




Flesh vs Spirit

How often do you fall for Satan’s triangle? The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are not good testimonies for someone in the body of Christ. But there is always that battle between flesh and spirit. I call it the struggle for our soul. Is your Harvest more to the flesh or to the spirit? To counter the struggle connect to the Fruit of the Spirit. They are found in Galatians chapter 5. How many factors affect your walk? The weapons of our Warfare are not carnal, But Mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. Each and every one of these factors above is a stronghold that must be pulled down in the name of Jesus Christ. We are to cast every thought to The Obedience of Christ. Every thought! If you’re in the body of Christ ask a brother or sister for help. Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. That utilizes the chief fruit of the spirit which is love. Pray for deliverance from the flesh and the pride of life. If God is for us who can stand against us?


Some save with fear pulling them out of the fire. That’s similar to what firemen do for a living only they put out physical fires. Spiritual fires are different. If you were to see someone in a burning building what would you do? Would you try to rescue them? What would you do if you got right next to them and they told you to get out because they wanted to die. Most people would try to drag them out anyway .even against their approval to save their life. How much do you love a person if you know they’re on spiritual fire and you do nothing to help them? Love means involvement. Love means rescue. And love means intervention. That is what is called faith in shoe leather. Instead of saving their physical life you are intent on saving their soul. James says, he who turns a Sinner from the error of his ways will save a SOUL from death and cover a multitude of sins. Sounds like good advice to me.  That’s what I try to do with Catholics every day.


The Roman Catholic Church loves To invent words and then stick them into scripture like Transubstantiation for their sacrament of communion. The word itself is not found in scripture like Rapture. The actual practice is found in scripture.

When Christ meets the church in the air it says then we shall always be with the Lord in heaven. The church is not Israel who gets the kingdom. The church gains heaven. The dead in Christ will rise first. Afterwards we who remain will be CAUGHT UP. Those are the two key words to rapture. I might even add in the word TRANSLATED which is a biblical word. There the word or form of the word translated is found in that one passage alone. Enoch did not see death. Yet, Hebrews 9:27 says it is appointed for men to die once. How can he go to heaven without dying? There’s another like Enoch and his name is Elijah.Elijah was taken up and Enoch was taken up too. How do I know the latter? Because my Bible told me so. God took Enoch. Both he and Elijah return for their physical death in Revelation 11. In part two, the rather delicious part that the Holy Spirit plays in all of this. Stay tuned!

Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 2

The major networks are now having fake news all over the place. Some of it is not fake but goes unreported such a Deep State where many Democrats including the former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing their best to undermine President Trump. Even the former Secretary of State John Kerry has gone behind this administration’s back to work on a deal with Iran that is not compatible with the Trump Administration. This goes unreported by the major networks as they focus on the Trump Administration and every single thing they do wrong. I believe the Press bleeds Democratic blue. They trot out polls to show how bad the president is doing but aren’t these the same polls that had Trump losing the presidential election? We now have fake polls to if you can believe that. The Bible tells Christians that we are to be set apart by the truth of God. In the secular press there is no truth. A reporter will do anything to get a story. I love it when they give an entire story and at the end say, NBC has been unable to confirm this story. But they already told the story even though unconfirmed. That is fake news! Once in Joplin Missouri a building that was about to be torn down by explosives came down prematurely trapping three men. Joplin then had both CBS and ABC locally. Then the national CBS network came in and pushed the local reporters aside. When one of the men was found CBS used a long extension microphone to get the first words out of that survivors mouth. The man was not yet recovered from the debris and had that microphone fell it could have caused this area to collapse upon him. That reporter didn’t care as long as he got the story. With the network media they’ll do anything to get a story even if they can’t confirm it which in my book means they’re isn’t a story yet. America has a free press and a dishonest and slanted media. President Trump could perform a miracle and they would make it look like a hoax. Tiger Woods said it best when he said regarding President Trump that he honors the office and not the man. Too bad the Press doesn’t think that way or the Democratic Party. And I would be saying the same thing to the Republicans if a Democratic president was in power. Yes President Trump is erratic but he is still the president of this nation. President Johnson was somewhat erratic to and they all are but Trump is a businessman and not a politician. He is still the person that America elected president. The Bible says to honor the king and since we don’t have a king perhaps we should honor the president and I’m largely talking to the media. In that regard I’m largely talking to the wind.

The Bible versus Catholicism

Fundamentalism vs. Catholicism: Witherup, Biblical Fundamentalism (p. 47) – cont. Fundamentalist Perspective: Catholic Perspective: Inerrancy of the Bible in all matters. No errors in the Bible only on matters of faith & morals. Lack of historical perspective in interpretation. Historical perspective is essential for interpretation. Frequent interpretations out of context. Need interpretations in context, esp. the context of the canon. Direct & immediate applicability of most biblical passages. Mostly indirect applicability of biblical passages.

Fundamentalism vs. Catholicism: Ronald D. Witherup, Biblical Fundamentalism (p. 47) Fundamentalist Perspective: Catholic: The Bible is the Word of God. The Bible is God’s Word in human words. Scripture alone. Scripture and Tradition. Emphasis on literalist reading of the Bible. Emphasis on literal (not literalist) reading and deeper meanings. Tends to view inspiration narrowly. Tends to take a broad view of inspiration.


Examine the two sections carefully as the one for James supports the RCC system.  Catholics do works because it is part of their religious rituals. When Christ said, It is finished, they don’t take Christ at His word. Mormons and Catholics add to Gods words. By grace ye have been saved by faith, it is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast PLUS ALL THAT WE CAN DO. Each likes to say that they keep the Law or at least try to. If you fail at just one, you fail them all. Catholics strongly want to be justified to law. Sorry guys, you Catholics keep tripping over your halos. You, like Peter couldn’t comprehend the gospel that saves, can’t comprehend the two audiences in question here. The Jews followed the law through the times of Christ and the 12. James 2:10 says that can’t be done. Here’s some extra learning graphics for you.

SYSTEM OF LAW. • Perfect law-keeping required (2:13; Gal 3:10) • Salvation by meritorious works (4:1-5) • Allows for boasting (4:2-4) • No forgiveness. • No one can be saved (3:20) SYSTEM OF FAITH. • Active faith required. • Salvation by grace through Christ. • Boasting excluded (3:27) • Forgiveness for imperfections. • Both Jews and Gentiles can be saved. JEL–ROM 3-16.

Obedience for salvation Faith in Christ alone. Lordship salvation Free Grace salvation. Human merit/effort No human effort. Keep Mosaic Law Not under Law. Results: NO SALVATION SALVATION/ ET. LIFE.



THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR WORD IS TRUTH. What does the word entirety mean? Would God commit anything that has come out of His mouth to be false? Sola Scripture is so for that the man of God may be THOROUGHLY equipped. How can you surpass being thoroughly equipped? The word thoroughly in that text means PERFECT. How can you surpass perfect?

Ecclesiastes and a Time to be Born

The Bible says there’s a time to be born and a time to die. For many in the world that time of life is brief. A medical professional kills the living being with the permission of the mother. Thus what God has ordained for the child is stricken down by mankind.

God has a certain amount of days for each and everyone of us. For a great many babies that day is never reached due to abortion. At the great white Throne judgment there will be many doctors there along with selfish mothers that will have to account for murdering babies.

Pray for the over throw of abortion and the end of the genocide of babies. Yes there is a time to be born.

To Whom Were Jesus and His Disciples Sent?

These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.

I’ve covered this material before but I do so again for emphasis. Jesus sent His disciples to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. He clearly told them not to go to the Gentiles or Samaritans.

Matthew 15:24 But He answered and said, I am not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

. Jesus was sent by the father to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. How much clearer can this be? The gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John dealt specifically with Israel. And his people rejected him even to this day. How about Peter? Where was he sent after the Lord had risen to heaven? Peter was sent to the Jews only. And the ministry of Jesus Christ? His ministry was directed to the Jews or the circumcised. Galatians 2:7-9 provides our last piece of evidence.

7 But on the contrary, when they saw that the gospel for the uncircumcised had been committed to me, as the gospel for the circumcised was to Peter 8(for He who worked effectively in Peter for the apostleship to the circumcised also worked effectively in me toward the Gentiles)

James, Peter, and John went to the circumcised or the Jews but Paul and Barnabas were sent to the uncircumcised or the Gentiles. This is more than clear to anyone with discernment.

Deuteronomy and Children

The time period we are living in is known as the millennials. These are children who are not brought up in the admonition of the Lord. They will become a Godless generation unless there is an intervention by Christians and or Judaism.

A right relationship with God was to be stalked about by Israeli parents to their children. It was should be an ongoing event involving every aspect of a child’s life. That was the parents responsibility to their children. Today we have parents allowing their children to accept any religion they want and the parents responsibility goes out the window. The Bible does not teach that.

Israeli parents must impress upon their children the importance of knowing God and establishing a Right relationship with him. Worship of God must become part of their child’s daily schedule. Train up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from the way. This is what Millennial children must also understand as parents. Without this training a Godless Society is on the horizon.