The Skinny on the Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses might as well be called the anti religion as they are against the Jesus Christ of the Bible, the Holy Spirit of the Bible, the Triune God, and the Very Bible itself. They have more false prophecies than any psychic around. The international Bible students have a very interesting newspaper that ties in was Charles T Russell

Zion’s Watchtower is another connection to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. How about another skinny?

It would seem that Michael the Archangel is invisible today and still ruling over his kingdom. I wonder if they also believe in Casper the Friendly Ghost? I would advise you if they come knocking at your door that you pretend like you’re not home. If you’re well grounded in the scriptures then invite them in and witness to them and then they’ll probably leave.

The Branch Davidians

Who can forget the Branch Davidians? When I think of David Koresh, I sometimes think of David C Pack of the Restored Church of God and the similarities of these two men. Koresh was a self-appointed prophet and Pack a self-appointed apostle both with immense power within their organizations. The Branch Davidians met their end in a fiery Inferno in Waco Texas. The date was 1993 and it was watched nightly by almost every American. Koresh was by no means a Godly Man as he fathered children through the various women in his congregation. But Koresh knew scripture just like Pack does and both were and are obsessed with power. It was their way or the highway. 3 John gives us the name Diotrphes and he loved the preeminence which by the way is a name the Roman Catholic Pope uses. If anyone didn’t agree with him he was shown the back door too. So the Bible has an example of both David Koresh and David C Pack. It is interesting to note that the Branch Davidians waited for 3 days for the resurrection of David Koresh. He had told them that upon his death he would rise again after 3 days and they believed him. Just as David C Pack once told his followers that he was Elijah. Both man had illusions of grandeur. Pack lives in luxury in his own compound much like the Branch Davidian leader did. I wonder what would happen if David Packs leadership was questioned? Or if the government came in to shut him down? He says that no one understands scripture the way he does much like David Koresh did. There are differences between the men as Pack seems loyal to one wife but who knows when that could change? It is said he fired his own sister from the ministry. It is said that absolute power corrupts. Pack also has said that anyone who leaves his group loses their salvation. Yes he has the beginnings of a David Koresh. Let’s pray that he doesn’t have the same end.

Hillsong Church Carl Lentz False Teacher

I have a video for you today about Hillsongs Carl Lentz being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey of all people who’s questions try to say that God is for everyone and not just Christianity. Carl Lentz Again we have a pastor that refers to love in a syrupy way. Jesus is the only way to the father and Oprah Winfrey has been trying to dismantle that thought and scripture for the last 10 years. Carl Lentz believes much the same way Oprah does and that is a red flag all by itself. Jesus would say, serpents, brood of vipers How Can You Escape the condemnation of hell?

A Little on Mormonism

Jesus Christ is Satans brother? Koloa is a planet near where God lives? Is this something out of the Catholic Catechism? The garden of Eden in Missouri? Mormons baptism dead people and Catholics contact dead people? The neromancer duo! And the Mormons are on the personal planet plan? Blacks can’t get into heaven? Oh, Mormons and Catholics are the only true church? What is the dividing factor must be the magic underwear Mormons wear to protect them from harm? Interesting. I wonder if it’s not immune to water? Maybe we should ask the wicked witch of the west before she melts away altogether? You know, next to this, Catholicism looks pretty good.

Catholicism Worships a False Mary

The biblical Queen Mary had drink offerings poured out to her. I remember my first night with the salesian order. At the dinner table they had wine, whiskey, scotch, and beer. When I asked for a Coke they looked at me like I was strange. I settled for water. Catholics are boozers and these were the leadership Catholics.

This Mary, like the Roman Catholic Mary, is an idol to the people. They provoked God to anger. I have a video why are the Catholic Mary is not the Mary of the Bible.

The queen of heaven was worshipped without the husband’s permission. And this is one of the titles that Catholics give Mary. Listen to the video for the other reasons Catholics worship a counterfeit Mary. It all fits. Drunken Catholics pay homage to a plastered Mary statue.

Joel’s Father John Osteen

This is John Osteen, Joel Osteen’s father. He was once a Baptist pastor but his congregation asked him to leave because he began teaching the sign gifts. That’s when he started Lakewood church. He was a close personal friend of Kenneth Hagin and was preaching the signs and wonders gifts even before Oral Roberts. Unlike his son he did preach Jesus Christ but he failed to recognize that Jews request a sign from 1st Corinthians 1:22. He wanted the spectacular in his church. By the way did you know that Joel Osteen has no biblical training? If you heard him preach you know what I am talking about. His father was big in the signs and wonders movement. There was enough of Hagins Council that caused the Elder Osteen to err in his theology. Unfortunately both Osteen’s have led many people astray.

Hinn, Hagee, and Van Impe

I haven’t said a single thing about Jack Van Impe however he believes the Catholic catechism lines up to the Bible pretty well. It must be the revised Van Impe version? Jack Van Impe has predicted the time of the end ever since I’ve known him. He’s been wrong every time. Van Impe’s Ministry is one of speculation. His whole Ministry is based on speculation. John Hagee, on the other hand, on the surface seems quite biblical. But he is part of the word of faith movement and supports ministers like Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis. Sometimes you know someone better by who he fellowships with. John Hagee also does a great deal of speculation. Benny Hinn skips around the corners of absolute blasphemy. All three. Do not have a good testimony to those who are outside the body of Christ as 1st Timothy 3:7 declares a minister should have. They’re all into the money game. John Hagee’s son is now being groomed for Ministry. You should be wary of all three. I will have more on Dr.Jack.Van Impe in a future article.

The RCC And Halloween

You might be surprises to hear this but I do think the Catholics should celebrate the devils holiday because told Satan to get behind him and he’s never left. So it seems quite natural for the devil to participate in his own creation. Halloween is a Celtic pagan holiday which the Catholics have Christianized with their colored catechism crayons. Abracadabra and done!

Thye actually admit to their tradition citing seeing ghosts and ghouls by separating earth from purgatory. That, by the way, is called pay for salvation. Simon the Sorcerer would have liked that indulgent trick.

Dressing up as Saints is actually a great idea and I’m sure that Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints would be flattered by that.

Then there’s New Hallows Eve and Day which is a fantastic necromancer idea. Communication with the dead ought to be even greater. Perhaps Bill Johnson and his Bethel Church could fill the Catholics in on Soaking. That is where a Catholic would lie on top of a Saints tombstone and absorb his spiritual energy. That is called the night of the living dead. SHOULD I SEEK THE DEAD ON BEHALF OF THE LIVING? CERTAINLY NOT! Oh, but that’s the Bible and tradition trumps the Bible.

So the Roman Catholic Church should very much celebrate Halloween for their leader Satan is certainly behind them here!


Catholics like to boast about them being the oldest church so that must make them right. Do we say the same thing about a rotten old egg? Believe you me, the Catholics would refine and resign that old egg so that it would smell delicious. They specialize in redesigning words and concepts to make them say what they want them to say. It’s rather amazing to behold but they actually dwell in Imagination Land.

There they create and recreate everything under the sun. This will be my last new post until about November 9th. The computer needs some work. Keep your comments coming as I will answer them all as soon as my computer returns. I will have two repeats daily until I return.

Do you know that I have it in good authority that the Catholics are about to designate Mr. Keebler the Cardinal of cash! It’s been said that he’s rolling in dough!

Rabbi Kahn or Con?

Rabbi Jonathan Kahn is a frequent guest on the Jim Bakker Show which should tell you something right there. Why is Kahn among a whole host of modern day prophets predicting either the Rapture or the 2nd coming of Christ when the Bible says only God knows? Why all the endless speculation? When it arrives you should be ready for it! Kahn preps with a lot of signs for Jews do request a lot of signs according to 1 Corinthians 1:22.

Most people detest unanswered questions and that gives rise to speculations. The only one that has the answer is God. Were only admonished to WATCH. And that only to Jewish believers.