John Arnott started all this in Canada and naturally it has spread into all Pentecostal and Vineyard fellowships possible. Doyle Davidson out of Texas, preaches drunk and cusses his flock from the pulpit. And then there’s the Hyper Pentecostals where it gets even crazier.It is Here where soaking began. Johnson’s wife lies on a dead ministers actual grave to soak up his spiritual energy. They are more into the New Age Movement than the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what happens when any church goes away from the Bible into anything else!

The Occult in the Church

IMG_20180227_005232 When evangelist Benny Hinn sends Mystic charges through the air to knock down people that is witchcraft in operation in the church. Benny Hinn practices slaying in the spirit which is accomplished in close quarters. His Mystic charges through the air is totally witchcraft with no Foundation in the word of God. The Toronto blessing with uncontrollable holy laughter is of the occult. John Arnott also had the spirit and shaking in the spirit both unknown to the Bible. The New Apostolic Reformation has a prophecy accuracy rate of 22%. You often hear the phrase, the Lord told me. Ezekiel 13:6-8 answers that practice. You say, the Lord says, when I have not spoken. Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies. Therefore God is against you. Nonsense is the operative word to describe the New Apostolic Reformation. What that organization does is nothing less than witchcraft and occultism in the church.

Soaking in the Spirit- Deep Soak

deep Who in the world can forget John and Carol Arnott who gave us holy laughter at the Toronto blessing? They have a new gimmick now as part of the new Apostolic Reformation. It’s called soaking in the spirit which involves prayer and deep meditation complete with candles and even aroma therapy. When the Arnott couple preached at this church, they took them very seriously.images+2
Baptism is easy at this church. “I’m already getting a good soaking. Honey, did you bring the body wash? And who put out the candles?”