The Speaker is the Holy Spirit

Holy-Spirit-e1424564971229 This series will focus on 1st Timothy 4:1. This time I will be looking at the Holy Spirit. The spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. The Holy Spirit expressly says. Do you know that the Holy Spirit talks? Several times in Acts, He speaks including separating Paul and Barnabas for the ministry. In the prophet Ezekiel the Holy Spirit also speaks often. One of the chief aspects of the Holy Spirit is to convict us of our sins. Right now he is warning us of dangers to our faith. In our next post, I will be examining the time aspect.

Christadelphian Hogwash

Son. H. Spirit. Father. Christadelphians. Unitarians. Created Being. Mere Force. GOD. Jehovah Witnesses.
Christadelphians by this alone should be shocked. Their rejection of the Triune godhead matches that of Unitarians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. These three Cults are strangers to biblical truth and are under the influence of Satan. The following is evidence of the Triune Godhead. LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE AND IN OUR LIKENESS. Do you think that the words US, OUR, OUR were put there by accident? It is a direct reference to the Triune Godhead in creation. More evidence! Do you know that the word beginning in John 1:1 precedes the word beginning in Genesis 1:1? John 1:1 means Timeless eternity whereas Genesis 1:1 means a specific period in time. Add in Genesis 1:2- And the Spirit was hovering over the waters. Again the Triune Godhead. Jesus Christ was in the beginning with God as was the Holy Spirit. Just a little bit more evidence that the Word was Jesus Christ. Again the Triune Godhead in evidence.
There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. All new versions, following the corrupt Greek Orthodox church, omit the Trinity, shown in 1 John 5:7. But God proves it.
I believe this verse is a clincher. You can accept the truth in the word of God or listen to the lies of Christadelphians, Unitarians, or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s kind of strange as they are a triune counterfeit themselves. John 8:44 bears that out. When Satan speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources. I’d sure hate to be in that camp!

The Body of Christ versus Acts 29- 1

The largest danger to the Christian faith is found here. The Bible +. For the Mormon faith it is the Bible + The Book of Mormon, the pearl of great price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. For the Roman Catholic it is the Bible + Apostolic Authority, the catechism, the Apocrypha, and tradition. For the Christian Science faith it is the Bible + science and health with key to the scriptures. For the New Apostolic Reformation it is so Bible + Apostolic revelation. And on and on it goes. Each faith seems to need something extra to go along with the Bible in order to be acceptable to that Crew. Some View scripture to be the writings of men despite scripture to the contrary. All scripture is god-breathed. No prophecy of scripture is privately interpreted but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. This tells me that the origin of scripture is the Triune God. Do not add to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. Why does the Bible need any help from all those other things? It is to fit each of their belief systems into a snug little box of their own making. Most of them claimed to be the only true church. That actually marks them out as a cult. In 1st Corinthians 1:10 the Apostle Paul says, I beseech you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you. But they all don’t speak the same thing and there are many divisions among them and such is the problem. More in part 2 so stay tuned.


A Compassionate God

Isn’t this a wonderful Promise from God? His compassions fail not and they are new every morning. That’s better than a refreshing dip in water first thing in the morning. When I was younger I used to like to take a morning swim every day to be totally refreshed. God also totally refreshes me in his word. His word is very invigorating to me. I sometimes call the Bible the incredible pop-up book. Every time I read a verse something new pops up that I didn’t see before. Great is his faithfulness!

God is faithful even when we remain unfaithful as he loves us that much. John 17:3 gives us eternal life by knowing him and Jesus Christ who he has sent to us. In turn Christ promised us a comforter when he left us and that comforter is the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth. Truth should always be refreshing just as a morning shower. So remember that God’s compassions fail not. They are new every morning.

The Psalms and Truth

From Genesis to Revelation and every word of God in between endures forever. The entirety of God’s word is truth. And why not? God is truth and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Jesus Christ? I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me according to John 14:6. What about the Holy Spirit? When he the spirit of Truth has come he will guide you into all truth. The Triune godhead completely consists of Truth. There you have it. God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible are all Truth for the believer. The question remains as to how much you need to brush up on your truth decay?

The Formula to Eternal Life

This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. That is the formula to eternal life. Then the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. How is your relationship with God? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior? For that is the Divine recipe for eternal life.

Meditating on His Word

The weather outside is moderating tonight, and I am  relaxed as I study the word of God. If you ever examine just one word in the Bible it will refresh your soul. The Psalmist tells us that EVERY word of God is truth. All of them from Genesis to Revelation. What does the word truth mean to you? Well, God is truth and He is seeking worshippers that will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Did you know that Jesus is the truth? The way and the life as well? O you understand spiritual words? I am studying that concept right now and it is fascinating. The Psalmist has already told us that the entirety of Gods word is truth. But spiritual words interconnect with each other.  John 17:17- Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth. Do you discern the connection?

Add into this rich mixture John 16:13- When He the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth. If the Triune God imparts truth to us, what more do we need?









The great and powerful Catechism is quoted here in the third graphic regarding Mary. You will not find that in the Bible.    The Catholics just have to include Mary everywhere. Some say she is actually more of an intercessory than a mediator. Really?Ouch! Now Catholics are bent on replacing the Holy Spirit. That’s His role!


If prayer to Mary is unbiblical, why do Catholics do it?

That is simple, because Catholics are unbiblical. Worse yet by praying to Mary and the saints, they are unbiblical by practicing idolatry and necromancy. Catholics love to do things that are not found in the Bible. They add things into the word of God. By the word of man. But didn’t Peter say, We ought to obey God and not man. Must have been some other Peter? I am certain

1 Cor. 4:6. that you may learn not to go beyond the things which are written A. 1 Corinthians 4:6 – that you may learn not to go beyond the things which are written – beyond. Paul writing to Christians and he is well aware that people are coming in the church trying to teach all different kinds of things (mix old and new laws). And here he says, you need to stick to what has been written down as God’s holy Word. Do exactly what the word says, do nothing beyond what the word teaches. – we learn this idea of not going beyond the law as young people. John don’t go there, don’t do that – God says to His children: don’t go here, don’t do this, don’t go beyond what I have taught you.

Catholics really hate these verses but not as much as this one. This verse really bugs Catholics. And it should!  Even The Holy Spirit Acts on our behalf when we don’t know what to pray for. I  think the Catholics better come on the biblical side of scripture.

Walls Can Be Overcome

What exactly can take down a wall? A stick of Dynamite? A sledgehammer? Walls can be breached quite easily so why put enormous amounts of money into a wall? Right now walls are very much the talk of the country. At one time both parties were interested in a wall on our Southern border. At separate times of course. Why bother? It is easy to take down a wall. Look at the wall between East and West Germany and how easy it came down once the effort was made to do so. Did you know that a wall existed, a very formidable wall, that lasted through the entire Old Testament and the Gospels and ended just about the time of Stephen. It was up there in a long time and it was called a wall of partition that separated Jews and Gentiles.

Examine what the Jews had here compared to the Gentiles. The Gentiles were in a sorry state but God had a secret that he had kept within himself from the beginning of time. It was to be released to the Apostle Paul.

When the wall partition came down salvation for both Jews and Gentiles was possible through the blood of Jesus Christ that he shed on the cross for them.

He himself is our peace. I only wish more people knew that and would accept him as their lord and savior. Jesus Christ tore down this wall. Throughout his Earthly Life Time he came to his own and his own rejected him. He sent out his disciples to the Jews only as evidenced in Matthew 10:4-6 and 15:24. His ministry was to the Jews or to the circumcised according to Romans 15:8. Jesus once called a gentile woman a dog and just think what kind of publicity he would have got today off that statement? The me-too movement would have been all over Him. But through his blood shed on the cross he pulled down that middle wall of partition and pulled it down for good. For the good of mankind. He has made Jew and Gentile one in him.

Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the One Baptism of Ephesians 4:4?

IMG_20180217_161702For the body of Christ there is but one baptism. Above you can find a multitude of baptisms. So, what is the one baptism of Ephesians 4:4? And the winner is; envelope please.c5b7ea663cb6cf814c92676806a7a2c0Why not water baptism? Water baptism is accomplished through human Administration. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is by the Triune godhead. That occurs when you place your faith in Jesus Christ making him your lord and savior. At that point, the Holy Spirit begins operating within you. And his operation is massive.e963af7ba990afc584344112b9e833d4If you are counting there are 33 operations of the Holy Spirit within you. How many of them you choose to activate is up to you. My favorite scripture about the Holy Spirit is in 1st Corinthians 2. The Holy Spirit teaches comparing spiritual things with spiritual. Wow! That becomes some operation! Why not accept Jesus Christ into your heart right now and allow the Holy Ghost to begin his operation in you?

Ye Who Are Spiritual

I’ve often wondered why the Catholic Church lacks discernment. I think it’s because they base their whole faith on peter Being the rock. This is the same Peter that rebuked Jesus Christ about his gospel. Jesus Christ then told him that Satan must get behind him. Peter was also told by Jesus Christ not to go to the Gentiles in Matthew 10 and Gal. 2:7,8,9. Peter had a habit of not obeying the lord. He later Denied Jesus Christ 3 times After saying he would not. If we deny Jesus, he will deny us. Not a very good representative for the church of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul was the representative to the Gentiles and Catholics can’t understand that. The Lord himself commissioned Paul to be a chosen vessel to the Gentiles in Acts 9. No Discernment in studying the Bible. They Cannot compare spiritual things with spiritual. Even in their mangers The Catholics have the shepherds and the Wiseman their at the same time. As a spiritual person myself I cannot be judged by anyone especially by those with no spiritual discernment.

A “Spirited” Conversation with Christadelphians- 4

I would like to introduce the invisible rabbit Harvey to all the Christadelphians out there. Harvey has retained his visibility for the second. Now onto serious matters. Since the Christadelphians have a difficult time with the Holy Spirit in either Testament I offer this proof of his existence.
The Holy Spirit and the Blessed Trinity The Holy Spirit in the Bible. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. Creating the world. Giving life to Adam & Eve. Bringing life to the world. Keeping the world in existence. Forging a covenant with the Chosen People. Revealing himself to Moses. Helping the Israelites to keep the Law. Inspiring Israel’s kings to rule in God’s name. Anointing Israel’s prophets. Sustaining the Israelites during the exile. Promising the coming Messiah. I think this is enough for this series and I hope that the christadelphians absorb all this information.