Palestinian State Never Existed

The Palestinian State never existed and without the help of Israel and the United States would not exist financially today. Why doesn’t another Arab state take them in assist them financially? They are where they exist to be a perpetual thorn in the side of Israel. Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel which President Trump recognized. Our embassy is now located there.

The Great White Brotherhood in America

413flfIyKcL._SY400_ I thought that the great white Brotherhood sounded familiar to me. Elizabeth Clare Prophet was involved with them. But with her false Prophecy of the end her followers left her in droves. Like JZ Knight, she had intercourse with familiar spirits which are much like the ascended masters.IMG_20180217_102923Familiar spirits and Wizards were forbidden in the Bible. Intercourse with them carried the death penalty. The ascended masters are nothing less than a myth. They do not exist. But when we pray to things such as this, we open up a Pandora’s Box of demonic powers. Why not just pray to God or Jesus with your problems? Here is a Video about these ascended masters.

Super Rick Joyner Bad Prophet

Rick Joyner is under the misapprehension that prophets today don’t have to be 100% correct in there prophecies such as the ones in the Bible are. That is a Lie from the pit of Hell. Prophets today, if they are true Prophets, would be a hundred percent correct. But there is no need for prophets today because there is still yet Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. The text in question, Amos 3:7, relates to Israel and not Rick Joyner. I have an article for you to read today about how Rick Joyner operates. super Joyner Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3.

Mark Taylor: In His Own Words

Many people have asked me just how I come up with all my prophecies. There is a secret to this you know. First I like to sample some of Jim Bakker’s survival food Chile. With that as a side dish I like to add 5 dill pickles. Now if you’re wondering what this has to do with prophecy bear with me a moment. I wash this down with Jim Bakker’s purified water. During the night watches or to the Layman, sleep, I come up with my prophecies. Being a former fireman I have some insight into fiery moments. After all it was my only real profession and I only gave it up because I wanted to be rich. Back to the chili. It burns in my stomach like a hot iron and I come up with these wild prophecies and I credit them all to severe heartburn and acid reflux juices. At those times I prophesy like heck. For example, my Trump prophecies came after a session with fire hot chili that even five fireman could not have prevented. Without Jim Bakker survival food I have no Visions whatsoever and cannot prophesy like most normal prophets do. Without Jim Bakker’s chili I would still be a normal fireman. Jim has made me abnormal. I was going to try his bean burgers to see if that would help me prophesy more but all I got out of that was a severe gas attack. Jim Bakker’s food can provide you with a whole scale of opportunities to be abnormal. My Trump prophecy book came by inspiration of fire hot chili. Most people have inspiration by the Holy Spirit but since I am abnormal I get mine through fire hot chili. It sticks to my innards the same way that chili sticks to your cooking pan like Glue. I wanted you to all know my prophecy Secret. And how I get my inspiration. Nanu nanu. For all you Layman out there that comes from Dork & Mindy. What does it mean specifically? As a prophet I can tell you this, I have no idea whatsoever but it sounds cool to say.

Catholic Abracadabra Mysticism

Again I get a Frito Lay potato chip? My abracadabra transformation magic is out of whack. Maybe I need Tommy John surgery? What he really needs is confession for the soul that the Eucharist is just a poor oft repeated magic act. A real wafer thin doctrine. American Catholics need gimmicks to keep the faithful in the pews. Catholics claim to be the spiritual universe but maybe they made a wrong turn near the Mormon planet Colab? Or maybe they got wrong directions from Scientology’s Xnu? I will create as I speak is what abracadabra means in Hebrew and Aramaic. Pentecostals have been using this for years under the name it claim it formula. What about those that appoint themselves apostles? Abracadabra again? Children may have the best take on this as to them it is called fantasy. Fantasy religion? Hmmm? Jeremiah 3:10 says, My people Judah have not come to Me with their whole heart, but in pretense. When I became an adult I put away my childish things. Have you?

The Rapture versus The Second Coming


The chief difference between the Rapture and the second coming Christ is one occurs in the air and the other on Mount Zion. Christ never comes to the Earth for the rapture. There are many people that do not believe in the calling out of the church or the body of Christ but it is plainly taught in the Pauline Epistles. Again the misconception comes in that some believers are not aware of the two programs. The body of Christ is raptured to heaven whereas Israel and unsaved Gentiles will be going through the time of Jacob’s trouble otherwise known as the tribulation. It will be the worst time ever on the planet Earth. Those that survive the tribulation well enjoy the 1000-year millennial Kingdom where Christ will return on Mount Zion and execute perfect Justice. Belgian Bible students and Christadelphians believe this will be for them as well as others. They desire a kingdom on Earth. In Genesis 1:1 it states that God created the heavens and the Earth and in Revelation 22 God says there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. Each program comes in twos. The Pauline Epistles speak of a Heavenly Kingdom which the body of Christ will inherit. There will also be an Earthly Kingdom for Israel. That is how the Bible outlines eternity.

N’ar John Silver

N’ar matey’s I have returned. I heard me counterpart is now being led by the spirits. I heartily agree. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Whats that? You mean led by the spirit? I smell something afoul in the air. N’ar, it must be that Mike Bickle Bounder. I’ll make him walk the plank. What’s that? They do that at his church already? Zounds? Is that true? One of me buckos just told me that my name is on a modern-day restaurant, whatever that be? Long John Silvers and they sell fish and hush puppies. In my Sunday best I wear hush puppies so why would I want to eat them? These modern times are perplexing? Squid you say? That oughta grab the bounders! What’s this here buckets? Jim Bakker survival food? Looks like something for the head of my ship. Pour it down and flush it down. These modern-day NAR bounders are strange. I should run them through before they go too far. N’ar, do you know how I came to be known as Long John Silver? My out house was a wide one. I hear those Nar people are fond of booty like silver and gold. Maybe I can make some Headway with those bounders? Cast off the lines and set sail for America. Nar Here Comes the original N’ar!

Satan Endorses A Course in Miracles

This is the woman who said a spirit by the name of Jesus spoke to her and dictated this abominable book called A Course in Miracles. The New Age movement Queen Oprah Winfrey endorses this book. I have a video for you today on this book and the woman who created it seen here.

She is a Jewish atheist psychologist. What a mix for a witch’s concoction! Here is the video. exposing A Course in Miracles If you’re a Christian, stay as far away from this satanic book as you can get despite Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement. She too is an agent of the devil.

This book was dictated by a familiar spirit and every reference to a familiar spirit in the Bible is from an evil spirit. It is the same spirit that created the Book of Mormon according to Elder Grand Richards when he said, When prophets of the Lord speak they always have a familiar spirit. Even in the dictionary from The Book of Mormon it states that familiar spirits are evil. LeGrand Richards went on to say that those very same familiar spirits created The Book of Mormon. The same ones that created A Course in Miracles.

The Catholic Epistles

James, Peter, and John? They are largely responsible for the Bible from James thru Revelation or to Jewish believers whom they were sent to serve. They were sent by Jesus Christ in Matthew 10:5, 15:24, and Acts 19:11. Galatians 2:7-9 makes that abundantly clear. Acts 9:15 makes it clear that Jesus Christ sent Paul to the Gentiles. That is also made clear in Galatians 2:7-9. You will never find the term Body of Christ in the Catholic epistles.

The Pope and the Sexual Abuse Scandal

The pope has responded to the sexual abuse scandal of molesting Altar Boys and Girls for decades. Here is what he had to say.

I can’t believe that he attributed those actions to the devil. He knew about this for the last 30 years and only now he’s saying the devil made them do it?

I’m not sure that the pope has ever read Ezekiel 18 which is the doctrine of personal responsibility. The soul that sins shall die and I don’t hear anything in that verse giving Satan the authority to make us sin. In those days people were saying they sinned because of their parents iniquities. God told them they can no longer say that. The soul that sins shall die. Maybe the pope should read that text of scripture? All the pope is really doing is passing on the sins of the Roman Catholic Church on the devil. For thirty unchecked years or maybe even longer? The pope knew what was going on because his subordinates  were passing around offending priests knowing full well what they had done. The pope is merely  passing the buck in a very lame excuse. Shame on him! How many priests and bishops knew what was going on and assisted offending priests move to another parish.? How many knew but said and did nothing to protect innocent Lille boys?

The Face of Justice

Habakkuk provides us a pretty dim view of Justice but without Christ in your life you will always have problems finding Justice. It will evade you continually. You see in Christ we have peace. The world tosses us tribulation or troubles and pressures. In Christ we are to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world. Too many believers are come on over’s as they want to become part of the world. Christ told us to separate ourselves from the world but we don’t and Justice never prevails. It is a fact the wicked surround the righteous. When that happens Justice is always perverted. During the time of Christ’s Reign on Earth in the millennial Kingdom there will be perfect Justice. It won’t be blind anymore. It will know where it’s going for Christ will administer it perfectly. Until then we will have to be content with Blind Justice. For that blindness will never disappear until Christ is Lord of your life. So now you know how to get perfect Justice in Christ. Everything else falls to the ground harmlessly.