The United States and To the Republic for Which IT Stands

I would like to start this message with a few words from John Wayne. He speaks about the word Republic in his movie The Alamo. Republic Does John Wayne’s words add up to what you think about Republic? Why do some Elementary students understand what Republic is which is still missing in action with many adults? Perhaps the teachers explain the word better to their students. There is a great difference between democracy and a republic. United States was born to become a republic. Along the way we have stumbled into a democracy and now find ourselves bogged down in it. A Republic cares about individual whereas the Democracy does not. Many citizens care about property rights under a republic which we are supposed to be but a democracy doesn’t care about that at all. Can the United States change directions back to a republic? I sincerely doubt that because we are bogged down in a democracy and we don’t want to change. And to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Justice is also missing in a democracy. The floor is open for discussion on this topic.