Paganism Catholicism 3

Last time that I was with you I alluded toTammuz from Ezekiel. Oh, yes, Dr. Ludewick with you again. Tammuz was not very redeemable even by Catholic standards. Who was Father of Tammuz? NIMROD!Examine all the connections he has with Catholicism? Even Purgatory and Infant baptism? I can think of one particular Catholic now beginning to weep to Tammuz upon these revelations.The Catholics even have the date of Christmas wrong. The flicks of sheep aren’t out at night around our Christmas season for its too cold in Israel at that time of the year.  They’re inside with the shepherds. Christmas is best understood to be in the fall. 

Look at the similarities? Enough for now as there are too many Catholic ears bleeding! See you soon! 


Does anyone with an ounce of discernment really negate Paganisms strong influence on Catholicism? It is here we have an honest Cardinal that verifies Paganisms influence on the RCC. You begin to see a bizarre connection between the Two. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH DEMONS. In truth, the RCC is consumed with paganism. I will have even more in part two. 






Catholic Tomfoolery

Catholics like to transform more than wafers and blood in the Eucharist. They also enjoy transforming pagan holidays into so called Christian ones. Is it any surprise that the oldest church would take on pagan holidays with their magic transformation process. Never mind that the wafer and blood in the Eucharist maintain the same before and after the partaking of them. What Catholics are set on practicing is mesmerism. Even here the sun god is present. I wonder if the organist plays in the background, Inca, Inca do? Why don’t Catholics care that what they are doing isn’t biblical? Christ was sacrificed ONCE for all according to Hebrews 10:10. When Christ on the cross said, IT IS FINISHED, Catholics don’t believe Him for they serve another Jesus- 2 Cor. 11:4- from definitely another gospel and from a far different spirit. Many priests are closet alcoholics and for what they have to put up with, I don’t blame them. They were admonished by bishops and above to lie if they anything about priests molesting children. The church was more interested in protecting themselves than the children of their flock. Tend my sheep went right out the window.

Pagan Land View on Limbo and Purgatory

Shall we examine a comparison of Roman Catholicism and mythology? When a Catholic dies the angel of death takes him to the pearly gates. Saint Peter, still not knowing the gospel, sends him to purgatory. I’m the gatekeeper of the pearly gates. I let others in but not myself? I wonder why? In purgatory he is judged. At the Bema Seat of Christ where all in the body of Christ go we are told what crowns we shall receive. The Catholic version is similar to the Pagan version. Remember Satan did say in Isaiah 14:14: I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH. By the way, there is no mention of the Great White Throne Judgment here. Oh well, that is scriptural.