The Body of Christ Versus Acts 29- 3

Of course Jim Bakker was talking about his program being over for the day. With his fellow Two Stooges, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and former fireman Mark Taylor, his program provides more false prophecy than any other program including Sid Roth’s That’s Supernatural. Taylor in particular seems to have God on a string where he hears from him everyday. These three men have done more to harm biblical prophecy then anyone else I can think of. They are part of the New Apostolic Reformation. Supposedly in 2002 the apostolic office was restored with no biblical support for that whatsoever. If it was restored it would not have the batting average this one does. The prophecy accuracy rate of the New Apostolic Reformation is about 22% accurate. The Bible?

Woe unto the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. Just because they say, the Lord told me, that doesn’t mean that God told them anything. Accuracy is the key. Was the prophecy accurate? If not, the prophecy was of their own making. Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies, therefore I am indeed against you says the Lord from Ezekiel 13:8. The presumptions Prophets Jim Bakker, Mark Taylor, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn should be run out of town. Instead people love them. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and God’s people love to have it so from Jeremiah 5:30-31. Yes, the falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. And we are in that apostasy right now. Stay tuned.

How did the Election Prophecy by Mark Taylor Turn Out?

Mark Taylor predicted Republicans would sweep the house and the Senate. He was half right as they did win the Senate. But to be able to have his prediction come true on the house, he would have to sign on as custodian there and sweep the floor to make his prediction accurate. What does the Bible say about those that made false prophecies?

Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. Mark Taylor more times than not follows his own spirit and sees nothing. But he has a daily television program and he has to look like he’s a real prophet. Maybe his crystal ball is out of order? This guy is a first class shyster.

Jim Bakker Stooge Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, an ex-fireman predicted that Donald Trump would be president during the second term of Barack Obama. When he got that wrong, he predicted Trump would win against Hillary Clinton. 50% accuracy even though he said that God told hime that Trump would win the first time. God doesn’t bat 50%, He bats 100%! Taylor was made famous on the Jim Bakker Show and now some movie company is making a movie about Taylor. Taylor now is promoting his new book about Trump prophecies. He believes that Freemasonry and the Illuminati have somehow made people hate Trump. He left out Creflo Dollar for some reason? Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. I wonder how much survival food Bakker is making out of Mark Taylor?

Why Does ANYBODY Listen to Mark Taylor and Why?

What kind of hold does Mark Taylor have on people today? This is the so-called prophet that has God on a string supposedly. In his first ever prophecy he predicted the Trump presidency but don’t get excited here. He predicted it in 2012. Again this is an incorrect prophecy. Close doesn’t count in prophecy. Every single Prophecy in the Bible is 100% accurate. Mark Taylor’s prophecy are approximately 22% accurate. So why do we listen to him? His prophecies often come in poetry and very bad rap. He seems to have them everyday. The New Apostolic Reformation believes that God restored the Apostolic office in 2002. There is no scriptural evidence to back up that claim and anyone could have given it. It just makes their movement sound silly and highly subjective. Mark Taylor used to be a fireman and maybe he should go back to that. Because as a prophet of God he is lacking reliability and scriptural evidence. He Maybe full of Sound and Fury But he signifies absolutely nothing. With how he operates he would be a perfect used car salesman today.

False Prophet Mark Taylor: ” God Told Me “

Mark Taylor is a false prophet. He is also a doom and gloom prophet. A very telling point is that he often appears on the Jim Bakker Show which in my opinion makes his credibility a big fat zero. He is the prophet that said Trump would be president unfortunately he got the wrong year 2012. The Bible tells me this is a false prophet. These phonies often use the term, God told me. Ezekiel 13 would counter, you say the Lord says, WHEN I HAVE NOT SPOKEN. Why would God speak to any prophet that appears on the Jim Bakker Show? Jim Bakker is a liar and a fraud. Everyone today says the Lord is coming soon and perhaps he is but we are to be sober and vigilant in this time. I don’t think God likes his name being used in vain. No one knows the day or time but God knows. Mark Taylor has predicted that the Lord will come sometime during Trump’s presidency. Let us examine that point. Trump has selected for his spiritual advisors Paula White and Ken Copeland two of the biggest Crooks in religion. Trump attributed Paula White with leading him to the Lord. This is the same woman that tells her congregation to give a month’s pay or God will curse them. This is Trump’s spiritual advisor? Copeland is just as bad. If Trump listens to these people I would doubt that he has an ounce of discernment. These ministers are not God’s spokesman. They in fact are deceivers and the Bible does warn us about that. Imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. Mark Taylor also falls into that camp. When he speaks on the Jim Bakker Show it helps propel Bakker’s marketing of survival food and gear. I see Mark Taylor as a Balaam prophet. Balaam was a prophet for gain and he always wanted to hear what more the Lord would say to him. All these people fall under this indictment, Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.

Catholics are Extra Biblical

Like the Mormons, the Catholics have plenty of extra biblical works including the Catechism, papal authority, tradition, and scavengers of history. Mormons and the Restored Church say they have apostolic authority as does the New Apostolic Reformation which claim theirs began anew in 2002.

Christian Science with Key to the SCRIPTURES backs up the Bible for those of the Christian Science Faith. Cults all seem to need something plus the Bible. My church uses the Bible alone. For example, examine the scavenger of history Catholics. Their Faith didn’t begin whole in the first century but mine did. In fact the gospel was only in the mind of Jesus until He revealed it to Paul by way of Revelation. In truth, the Apostle Paul began the church movement not Peter. Peter received the keys to stand outside the gates of heaven. Did he ever get in?

The Catholics claim to be the oldest church so if they like numbers Paul wrote 13 books to the 2 books that Peter wrote. Who had the pen of a ready writer? Maybe the Catholics ought to be studying Paul more than Peter and the four verses Mary spoke?

Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 1

Jesus said that Believers were to be set apart by truth and that includes Democrat and Republican believers. In Washington DC that’s a misnomer if ever I’ve heard one. This Democratic Party has done more harm to the United States in the last 2 years then any Democratic Party in the history of the United States. They are obstructionists and I hope the Republican Party remembers this if the Democrats take back the White House. So-called Prophet Mark Taylor doesn’t believe this will ever happen again but he is wrong. If you look at the history since Eisenhower was president every eight years or so whatever party is in power loses that and gets their turn at bat. I’ve never seen bipartisanship as bad as it is today. Who in their right mind would want to run for office and sit in either the House of Representatives or the US Senate and here on this back-and-forth bickering day in and day out? Who would want to go through the scrutiny that is put on politicians today? And with the very corrupt news media why would anyone want to run? Where are all the stories about how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are doing their best to unseat Trump? How come the Press has done little coverage on John Kerry’s negotiations with Iran despite the fact he is not working for the present Administration? By negotiating with Iran on his own is not that an act of treason? Why is there no press coverage on any of this? Whatever happened to Fair coverage of the media in America? Even television shows that have conservative characters have either been canceled or written out. One reason is obvious as to how our country is going. Every great civilization Has Fallen by a loose sexuality including homosexuality. The Democratic Party is for homosexuality, for abortion, and against School prayer. Unless things change and soon our country will be going down the toilet. Washington DC as a whole, including President Trump, better learn how to work together to solve the nation’s ills or our whole system is on the verge of collapse. Maxine Waters and her statements against Republicans that work for Trump should have been outlawed by Congress a long time ago and federal charges should be put against her. John F Kennedy would be ashamed of the democratic party of today. In Part 2 I will take on the Press of the United States.

Catholic Myths- 20 Apostolic Succession

Shall we examine the text together? The disciples got together and thought it was a good idea to pick the 12th disciple and it had to be someone who was familiar with them from the time of Christ’s Ministry 2 do today.

The time frame of their pick had to be from the baptism of John to the time of Christ’s Resurrection. Wait a minute! That means to choose an apostle today they had to be present during that time. That was a qualification point. Some believe the apostles chose to go by human standards with lots and they were a bit premature. Perhaps the Lord Jesus Christ wanted the Apostle Paul for the 12th? Paul was around during that time. The Catholics? The Restored Church of God? The New Apostolic Reformation? They were all Johnny come lateley’s. Besides the pick after this one would probably have not seen the resurrection. Apostolic succession had run out of time and was to be no more following the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here’s how the Catholics Define it.

Sadly none of these people want were around at the resurrection of Jesus Christ or when he went back up to heaven. Apostolic succession is not for our present age and here is a good reason why.

Somewhere transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ with the help of Satan. David Pack is a self-appointed apostle even though he got fired from a previous Church position. Jezebel transformed herself into a prophetess. That is why Apostolic succession is not with us today.


NAR, my name is Long John Silver and I’m here to talk about a few varlets.Do you know these pirates? Yogi Cho I encountered when my ship was anchored in Korea. He talked about him meeting Jesus dressed as a fireman. His church is vast. It was probably Mark Taylor in. His first incarnation. 

Bill Johnson is another wolf in sheep’s clothing allowing music with the worlds beat into his church and then dazzling them with parlor tricks to keep them in sway. He bears watching but from a distance. I get seasick being up to close.

Heidi Baker is a shrew and acts crazier than a drunken pirate. She withers on the floor making me think she is daft. A woman without sense. I’ve got to get back to my ship and report all this to my crew. They may declare a mutiny when they hear my findings. NAR, I shall return, no, that’s not a threat, but a promise.

A Jonathan Cahn Maybe Prediction

How many prophets are speaking for God today? Well how about Daniel or Ezekiel or maybe even Zachariah? Oh, you mean those modern ones like Mark Taylor, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, or even John Hager? How did last years Blood Moon prophecies turn out for Hagee and Cahn? The Jim Bakker Show trots out prophets nearly every day. But these guys are rather vague about their prophecies? Micah wasn’t in 5:2. Point black correct. Taylor sometimes gets his prophecies in rap. Nothing like a hip God.

So why do we harp on every word from false prophets? The prophets prophecy falsely and My people love to have it so- Jeremiah 5:31. Why? This is also directed at the prophets of today. I heard Rabbi Cahn offer supportive words to President Trump but then he mingled Trump into biblical prophecy. This time he was was compared to King Jesu. What happened to the King Cyrus ones? Could Cahn have some things right? Absolutely! But the majority are vague prophecies that are making these men rich. Matthew 6:24 says You cannot serve God and money. Bakker said in one of his books that he had never heard that verse before. No one has God On a string. And why spend all this wasted time on those you know are false? If prophecy interests go to the Bible. Therein you will find about 27% Unresolved prophecies that are 100% accurate?

The False Prophets Show

The Jim Bakker Show has the distinction of producing more false prophets than any other show on television. He seems to have the kind of prophet that is less than 50% accurate. In contrast the Bible and its prophet’s are 100% accurate. Bakker has spawned false prophets like Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Mark Taylor. These Prophets must have a switch line to God and have the Almighty at their disposal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bakker’s Prophets are a bunch of crooks. Worst still for them they have to eat some of Jim Bakker’s survival food and state for the record that it is palatable. It is so full of salt that it matches the percentage of Bologna coming from the Jim Bakker Show by way of Prophecy. All that plus Lori Bakker doing her best impression of a bobblehead. If all that were not enough, you get to see some of the latest survival gear. You might need to put some of that on while watching the Jim Bakker Show. If you can survive an hour of Bakker you can survive anything. With one exception and that is eating his survival food. I asked Jonathan Cahn recently how many correct predictions both he and Mark Taylor had over the last two years.

Mark Taylor Seems to Have God on a String

Mark Taylor is a false prophet as he predicted Donald Trump will be president in 2012. He won in 2016 so he only missed it by 4 years. But a true prophet of God has 0% misses. He also has predicted that the Supreme Court will have three of its members caught in some kind of Swindle and removed from the court. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet and most likely will not happen. He seems to have an open switchboard with God. The Bible would have this to say about Mark Taylor.

He is a foolish prophet as no prophet in modern times predicts as often as this fireman does. He also uses his so-called gift for-profit selling books much like Simon the Sorcerer did with his parlor tricks. Taylor follows his own spirit and has seen nothing. He was promoted on the Jim Bakker Show and now is running Hog Wild with almost daily predictions. Next time you see him on television change channels to something more educational like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Why do People Watch Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Mark Taylor?

Cahn and Taylor have a prophecy accuracy rate of 23%. Jeremiah and Daniel are 100% accurate. Why do we watch fakers? How about an example? That would be against the constitution which limits a President to two terms. Plus Trump would be in his 100s when he retired from office. These are sensational and doomsday prophets. They get rich by their lies. God doesn’t speak to Cahn or Taylor. How accurate were either with their blood moon prophecies last year? God says he is against false prophets so why do you follow their every step? God is against the very prophets you follow. I know of only one false prophet who knows what he is.