The Patriarch of Christadelphians

The patriarch of Christadelphians are the Unitarians with sprinkles of transcendentalism and mysticism mixed in. It is not a great place to be theologically wise. Unitarians believe that Jesus Christ was a man and not God. Christadelphians also do not believe that Jesus is God. How did they explain Isaiah 9:6 where Jesus is called The Mighty God Everlasting father? As such, neither group belongs in the body of Christ. Neither adheres to the doctrine of Christ and as 2nd John 9 says, whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. Pure and simple! So all the smoke and mirrors that Christadelphians and Unitarians produce is actually worth nothing for without Christ you can do nothing. Unitarians and Christadelphians are the resources of Satan as in John 8:44. They may need our prayers and the unction of the Holy Spirit which both groups deny.

World War 3 ?

Israel attacks Syria today killing four Iranians. In response Iran says they will wipe Israel off the face of the map. The threat has occurred before many times. Here is a video about what Israel has done to protect itself. If Israel were attacked it is only natural that the United States would center jjihat