Context and Audience

In all three of these passages of scripture who is the audience in question? That answer must be in context. All three passages are directed to Israel like it or not.Every book in the Bible with the exception of the Pauline Epistles and Jonah and Nahum are directed specifically to Israel. To take it out of context is mis-handling the word of God.Again the audience in question in these passages is Israel. Of course there are some who claimed that Israel is the church today. To do so means to deny context and audience. I take the Bible literally as it was meant to be. Scripture twisters do so to their own destruction. Take every scripture in context and knowing whom the audience is that the scripture is directed at.

Messianic Mess

If the letter of the Law kills, why do Messianic Jews hold so tightly to the Law? The Restored Church of God tries to keep the Law yet the Bible itself tells you can’t. If you break just one of the laws then you are guilty of them all. Do you know that cults are born out of this Messianic Mess? Pray for God to right the hearts of the Messianic Jews.

Works Based Salvation for Jewish Believers

In my previous post I shared with you why the body of Christ has nothing to do with the seven churches of Revelation. This study does relate to that one. Some Mormons have argued about a contradictions in the Bible between James 2:17 and Ephesians 2:8. I would like to clear up that contradiction. Ephesians 2:8 States that we are saved by grace alone, not of works lest anyone should boast. James 2:17 would seem to contradict that. By the way, Mormons also have a works based salvation.a@A

Faith isn’t enough? That sounds like a Works salvation formula and it is! I want to draw your attention to James 1:1. Let’s clarify who the audience is here. James 1:1 States clearly that this epistle was written to the 12 tribes of Israel. Nowhere does it refer to the body of Christ. You have to understand who the audience is that scripture refers too. All of the Old Testament, with the exception of Jonah and Nahum, was written to Israel. The four Gospels was written to Israel still under the law of Moses until the cross. The part of Acts that connected itself to Peter was still under the law. In Acts 15 there is a dispute between Paul and Peter about this very issue. Remember that in Galatians 2:7-9, James, Peter, and John were sent to the circumcised or the Jewish people. Paul and Barnabas were sent to the Gentiles or the uncircumcised. Thus the book of James is written to the 12 tribes of Israel. I hope this clarifies the issue. Perhaps one day I will do a series on the Book of Revelation to clarify this even more. Peter, James, and John wrote to Israel. The doctrine to the body of Christ is found only from Romans to Philemon or the Pauline Epistles. By the way, Jonah and Nahum were addressed to Nineveh. When you read scripture it is vital to understand who the audience is.

The Roman Catholic Big Bang 1

Three lies= Strikeout! The Vatican Replacement Theology is their Big Bang Lie. The audacity! In effect, the Catholics have rewritten the Bible to suit themselves. They have rejected the word of the Lord, so what wisdom do they have? Occult wisdom and they use it often. They need their catechism to back up the Bible. Really? How can you surpass being thoroughly equipped?How can a church lead by lying for over 40 years about sexual molestations?

Do you know that Catholics would like to be called Christians? Why would they like to join the denomination abomination? They are already a part of it. A wide assortment of churches including all branches of Lutherans already support Replacement Theology. Did the reformation ever really occur? Next time some ways to counter this dangerous movement.

Does God Ever Say NOT to Pray For People?

You might find this an unusual study for when would God tell us not to pray? For starters how about Jeremiah 7:16? Do not pray for this people nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to me for I will not hear you. God said this because his people would not hear him. Again in Jeremiah 11:14 God admonishes us not to pray for this people because they would not obey him. Instead they were giving allegiance to false gods and where have we heard that before? Lastly in Jeremiah 14:11 God again says do not pray for those people. This time he stated that they liked to wander away from him. So when they fasted or sacrificed to him God would not accept their offering. God wanted them to rely on him and not themselves or false gods. Isaiah then had some things to say about this topic. In Isaiah 1:15 God says he will not hear them in prayer because their hands are full of blood. His people were doing evil before him and he told them to wash themselves and make themselves clean. Often times in Scripture we hear that God is a jealous God and he wants worship only to him. Like today, his people are lost sheep always going their own way instead of his way.. Over the centuries that seems to have not changed much. The last instance in the Bible When God says not to pray for the people is in Isaiah 59:1. God told his people that their iniquities have separated themselves from him. They had trusted in empty words and lies. He looked for the light but found only Darkness. And he looked for justice and found none. This chapter of Isaiah ends with his Covenant with his people which is an Everlasting Covenant. People that believe themselves to be spiritual Israel should remember the last verse of Isaiah 59. He said the spirit that he had put upon them and The Words which he had put in their mouth would not depart from them. God has an Everlasting Covenant with Israel and presently they are in his woodshed. It is now time for the Gentiles to hear him. Romans 11:26 says that hardening IN PART has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and then all Israel will be saved. Unfortunately to know God they will have to go through the Great Tribulation along with unsaved gentiles. Only one third of Israel will come through that fire according to Zachariah the prophet. But is that so strange? God always has a Remnant people. Remember his words in Matthew 7,:13-14. God says that many go in the pathway of Destruction but the narrow gate which is difficult only a few find that. Again we find the remnant people. Let’s hope that we will never hear from God when he tells us that he will no longer hear our prayers. We have Israel for our example so let us learn from that example. Praise the Lord!

Dispensationalism vs Covenant Theology

Israel is not dead in the sight of God. Romans 11:25 says, blindness or hardness IN PART has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in AND THEN all Israel will be saved. Presently and to this day Israel has been hardened by God. Once the fullness of the Gentiles has come in the body of Christ will be raptured to heaven. At that point God will again return his attention to the nation of Israel. The all Israel that will be saved will be one-third of the nation according to the prophet Zechariah. In Chapter 13 of that book, two-thirds of Israel will die in the time of Jacob’s trouble otherwise known as the Great Tribulation.

Roman Catholic Myth Makers who Won’t Rightly Divide the Word of God

Since the Roman Catholic Church began they have accumulated myth maker teachers that have turned people’s ears far away from the truth and turned aside to fables of their own making. Part of their Fable telling is from their catechism. Then look at their boastful chests as they say they are the oldest Church in the world. Isn’t Pride from the Devil? Paul said, that the only boast he had was the Cross of Christ in Galatians 6 20. Then the Catholics have their fantasy of the church beginning at Pentecost. I have a video for you about that today by Richard Jordan who detests the denominational Church as much as I do. In the future I will bring you more off of you fantastic world of Roman Catholic mythology.

The End of the Law of Moses

the-law-the-sabbath-was-abolishe Judge Roy Moore lost an election in Alabama. He was famous for having posted the Ten Commandments in his court room. Why? He was a Christian. The Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross of Christ so why does he want to un-nail what Christ had nailed there?- Colossians 2:14.Following+Law+Of+Moses+Not+RequiThe body of Christ does not need the Ten Commandments as we have the Holy Spirit to convict us of our sins. If righteousness came through the law then Christ died in vain. The law was our Schoolmaster to bring us to Christ but after Christ is come we are no longer under the law. The Bible is crystal clear on this point so why don’t Christians get the point?lg-orig_orig

Emergent Leaders Define Their Faith

I would like to present to you today several leaders of the Emergent Church Movement to allow you to see for yourself. Some contrast with the others to make this statement surreal- Its not the Bible you believe in but yourselves. First up the founder of this group Brian McLaren.Now you know what they do and don’t believe. Stay tuned.

You say, the Lord Says, when I HAVE NOT SPOKEN

Who believes in universalism besides the Emergent Church? How about the Roman Catholic Church? Or the Restored Church of God, the Hebrew Roots Movement, plus the New Apostolic Movement. They all believe that God speaks to us APART from the Bible through extra biblical revelation. In other words just about anything could be spoken into scripture to justify almost any doctrine. That is what is called MYSTICISM. God says to those who practice Mysticism, BECAUSE YOU HAVE SPOKEN NONSENSE AND ENVISIONED LIES THEREFORE I AM INDEED AGAINST YOU- Ezekiel 13:8. Scripture tells me that God is against those who practice Mysticism. So why do they? I will that up next time.

The Roman Catholic Abominable Lie: Part 1

The Roman Catholic Church does not know how to rightly divide the word of truth. In so doing they have substituted themselves for Israel turning Israel into the Roman Catholic Church. Eureka! That is how they get Peter to be the rock that Christ will make into his church. The Gospels were written to the Jews. Terms like the Mystery and the body of Christ are only found in the Pauline Epistles. Israel has an everlasting covenant with God. And God is not through with Israel yet. sExamine the list of ongoing revelation by the Roman Catholic Church. This is only a partial list. That last one is how they brazenly replace Israel with Catholicism. It now becomes the Vatican Replacement Plan. As to scripture almost anything goes and does as Catholics are doing exactly what Peter warned against. Wresting scripture to their own destruction. I will have more in Part Two.