Taiwan Shoe Church

If you want to put your best foot forward you might want to attend Taiwan’s Shoe Church. Even if you are a heel you are welcome here but only if you’re planning to get married. This church will be for weddings only. I have a link to this church in Taiwan. the shoe Church Needless to say, this is a tourist attraction. It’s Made of Glass and steel. You don’t have to go to Oxford to attend here and even loafers are welcome. Oh yes, if you’re planning to get married here you might want to wear blue high heels just to match the decor.

Catholic Myths- 21 Buddy Prayer Candle

Last night I lit a candle for my buddy George and put it at the end of the table. I want to say another prayer for him tonight. Oh my God! Look at all these candles! Last night it was just mine. How am I going to find George in all this mess? What if someone blew His candle out? He’s going into surgery right now. And I don’t have a candle. Oh my God! What am I going to do? What did I say? There’s a lot of candles here tonight. I’ll just blow one of them out and light a candle for George.

Hey! I have a novel idea for you. Why don’t you just say a prayer to God without a candle? Use the direct method. A draft could have burned out your candle? Besides I’ll save you some money and you can use those other candles for birthday candles. Just simply pray to God for George to be alright. I know it’s not the Catholic way but it’s God’s way.

Transgender Issue: According to God

Caitlyn Jenner is a poster girl for this movement once being Bruce Jenner. Unfortunately our genetalia is given at Birth by God and should not be changed.

What God created he blessed. Who is Man to challenge that creation?

The Bible has no place for three genders. That is how man has perverted the scriptures. But the Bible is not through with the Sexes yet.

How often do we see this violated today? Of course this is under the law of Moses which if you are part of the body of Christ you do not have to follow. That was for Israel and not the body of Christ. But the creation is prior to the law of Moses and under grace.

If you’re still part of the law of Moses this applies to you. There are some of the Restored Church of God that would fall under this law as with those in the Hebrew Roots movement. No where in the scriptures is transgender tolerated. That was a sadistic creation of man. Transgenders are telling God that he got it wrong. That in itself is an abomination.

The Bible and Tattoos

If you take this one scripture against tattoos to heart, then you’d have to agree with other mosaic laws such as stoning a child if he curses at his parents. Besides the Old Testament laws are not for the body of Christ today. The following would be more applicable.

Are you showing off your tattoos to be seen by others? Are you spraying graffiti on your Holy Temple? Are you acting like all the other unsaved people? Is your whole desire to be seen by-

I do not believe tattoos should be worn by those in the body of Christ. Many in the occult would disagree with me and that’s fine with me. We are to separate ourselves from tehe world as believers. Those that wear tattoos do so to show themselves off. They are a work of art to these folks. Those that want to be a friend of the world make them Selves an enemy of God. Friendship with the world is enmity before God.

He make the perfect airplane control tower person for Kenneth Copeland Airlines.

Susanna Hinn: Do You Need a Holy Spirit Enema?

After you watch this clip of Susanna Hinn you’ll have an even better understanding of Benny Hinn. She uses mantras much like New Age movement people do. In Matthew 6 Jesus said that should not be done. The holy spirit enema was too much. That is what is called suppository preaching which can take a lot out of you. She should be about expository preaching to women only as she is not a preacher by any way shape or means. Susanna Hinn exposes herself to being a false teacher just like her husband.

Where You Can Worship The Most High On High

No, this isn’t Independence Day the movie. And it’s not a flying saucer either. This is actually a church where you can worship God on high and I do mean on high. This is rather an impressive church building and I’m sure it gets a lot of second looks. This is located in the United States but I’m not quite sure where as someone sent me an e-mail with this attachment and I thought I’d share it with you. If it has a pipe organ it must have taken a lot of work to install it.

Jim Bakker is Concerned About Your Bowel Movements

The man on your right keeps regular with prunes and instead of your soul, Bakker is concerned about your end time bowel movements. Yes, you heard me right and this video is all about that. Jim Bakker in this video Jim Bakker gets right to the seat of the problem. Now I’ve heard everything!

Are the Roman Catholics Gluttons for Punishment? Transgenders?

With all the problems of the Roman Catholic Church is having with the sexual molestation scandal it is unbelievable that they now want to deal with the transgender issue. It should not be an issue at all. Genesis 5 is quite clear that God created man and woman to be together. God would not make something that was imperfect. He also did not make the homosexual as that is a choice. Transgenders are a choice to as if God made a person a boy that is what God intended him to be and the same would be true with a girl. Psychology is someone to blame here as that itself is an imperfect science. So what you have here is an imperfect science telling a boy or a girl that they are imperfect. What God has put together let no man put asunder. Transgenders are people that are unsatisfied with how God created them. If God created someone to be a boy or a girl that is what they are. Personal choices are getting in the way of God. We ought to obey God rather than man. The Catholic Church seems to want to be all inclusive despite what God says to the contrary. Galatians 1:10 says that if we still want to please men we are not a servant of Christ. Which is it to be?

A 7-year Old Boy Pipe Organist

A pipe organ is not the easiest instrument to play and yet in this video you will see a 7 year old boy play like a master. 7 year old boy He will play a couple of hymns and then an arrangement from Johann Sebastian Bach and finally he’ll be in a basketball game to top things off. This particular Organ has four keyboards and foot pedals and this kid plays it flawlessly.