Bel and the Dumbbells that Followed Him

maxresdefault This Apocrypha story reads a little like The Emperor’s New Clothes. A king in Daniel’s time was daily sacrificing to a god called Bel. He would take food and wine and put it into a cavern where the false gods stayed. Daniel warned against this practice but the king would not heed him. Daniel smelled something fishy about the whole thing. So he sprinkled ashes over the floor of the cavern. The next day when the king came to remove his seal from the cavern he noticed Footprints all over the cavern. He and Daniel found a trapdoor that led to a chamber below. The king captured those that were making him look like a fool. He had them put to death. The Prophet Jeremiah made note of this in Jeremiah 51:44.20257 Not a bad story even though it was taken from the Apocrypha. Belgium Bible students and Christadelphians would have fallen for this to as they are not very discerning concerning the word of God. Bel has swallowed them up as well.

The Wonderous World of Chiasm

The Bible s Chiasm. NTS 446. Repeated Patterns in Reverse Order. Christ s Redemption. Christ s Rule. Man s Rule Lost at Fall. Man s Rule Restored at Millennium. Creation in Genesis 1–2 is repeated In the Restored, New Creation in Rev 21–22. Man was created to rule over the fish, birds, and land animals (Gen. 1:28) but he gave over his rule over to the god of this world, Satan (2 Cor. 4:4) However, this rule is restored during the 1000-year reign of the saints (Rev. 20:4-6) But Christ is the central Person of history: both as Lamb (Redeemer) and as Lion (Ruler of all creation in the line of David) New Creation. Creation.