TD Jakes

TD Jakes is a Oneness Pentecostal and his doctrine is from the pit of Hell. As you can already see for yourself his teaching on the Triune godhead is totally wrong. This is the man that put Paula White in the ministry. They both are greedy for money and play the opposite of Robin Hood. They take from the poor and give to the rich; themselves! I think I’ll have some of these phony televangelists join a sewing Circle because they love to talk about sowing. I call what they practice seedy faith. Has TD Jakes ever read Matthew 6:24? You cannot serve God and money. Jake’s is destitute of the truth because he thinks that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself! Good advice from scripture. Withdraw yourself from TD Jakes!


The Bible And Exposing Error and NOT Beyond

IMG_20180228_084259 I have another website called Big Bass Lake and Beyond. The Beyond on that website is my life’s work which was beyond Big Bass Lake. Here at The Bible & Exposing Error there is no Beyond the word of God. Cults, however, would not know how to exist without going Beyond the word of God. They do so with extra sacred works of Their Own or by tradition. And even though the Bible speaks against both of those areas it falls on deaf ears to those that abuse it. Catholics have their tradition plus the Apocrypha, the Mormons have 3 extra standard works plus extra biblical revelation, the New Apostolic Reformation has extra biblical revelation plus even more nonsense than that, and the list goes on and on. Proverbs 30:6 says, Do NOT add to his words,lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. How much simpler can you get than that? The Beyond people will only get worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

64% of Roman Catholic are Democrats

If 64% of all Roman Catholics in the United States are Democrats how can they support a platform that is pro-abortion, Pro homosexual, against School prayer, and pro-immigration the legal or otherwise? They go against the principles of the Bible and yet call themselves? How can this be? The Roman Catholics have always been for the working party which is largely a democratic viewpoint.

Despite this quotation Kennedy never would have been elected without the 62% Roman Catholic democratic party members. I’ve asked the question before outside of Catholicism how any Democrat can call themselves a Christian with the party platform they support. I will now ask the Roman Catholic the same question. How can you support a party that is so anti-christian? The Catholic Democrats booed God at the last convention. Can you believe that? Little wonder why the Roman Catholic Church is called a cult.

Laban: The First Pentecostal

It’s deeper all right; deep in apostasy. Do you know that Laban was the first Pentecostal? It is said in Genesis 30:27 that Laban learned by experience! Was this the Pentecostal experience? In Hebrew the word for experience is divination which is the Pagan parallel to prophecy. To the Jews divination was not something you wanted to be or have. Here is another way Genesis 30:27 reads- Scripture itself testifies that experience is akin to divination, a practice banned by Israel. Banned by Israel but accepted by Pentecostals? Laban thought he was blessed by this. Blessed by divination? I think not. The Pentecostal experience is the same thing as Laban learning by experience or as the Hebrew language would put it learned by divination. Divination was a pagan practice and the Pentecostal experience today is also a pagan practice. The roots of Pentecostalism go all the way back to the beginning of new thought. Ernest Holmes who many Pentecostals hold in honor was one of the fathers of new thought. It was a form of mesmerism that was being taught. And this is the foundation that the Pentecostal Church stands on today. Pagan mesmerizers. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesied falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and my people love to have it so. That is recorded in Jeremiah 5:30-31. Today thousands are flocking to Pentecostalism. for wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many go in by it. But narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life and few find it. I hope all those that are Pentecostal read this article for your Eternal salvation. Your gate is not in divination but truth.

Is the Palestinian State fictional?

B4bxCjwIIAEALRdbig_thumb Should there even be a Palestinian state? A Palestinian state as it exists today is the benefactor of both the United States and Israel. A few days ago president Trump suggested pulling financial support away from the Palestinian state. The honest reality is that the Palestinian State exists today as a Perpetual Thorn in the side of Israel. If the Islamic World truly cared about the Palestinian state any number of their countries can absorb them. They could then be supported by Arab countries. Without the support of the United States and Israel the Palestinian state could not exist. The UN Security Council consistently backs the Palestinian state to no one’s surprise. What nation on the Earth would permit a terrorist state to be located right next to them? When will the United States wise up? We pay the vast support of both the Palestinian state and the United Nations. Why?

Tower to Copeland

Tower to Learjet, Tower to Learjet, come in please. This is Kenneth Copeland of the plane truth. Are you with Herbert W Armstrong’s bunch? I believe he publishes the plain truth. He spelled his plane a little differently besides he’s deceased. Let the dead rest in peace please. Tower to Learjet, are you coming in for a landing? No I think I’ll fly around a lot longer today. After all the ministry’s paying for the gas. And ain’t that a gas! Tower to Learjet, how did you swing that deal? You gotta know when to fold and know when to play them. By the way you can call me Sky King because I rule the skies. If I feel lucky I may even drag Jesse Duplantis’ weird jet. Tower to Learjet, weird jet? Old Jesse purchased one of my old Lear Jets for a paltry 4 million. It slips in second. Tower to Learjet, did you say he bought your old rear? Not rear, LEAR! Get your ears cleaned out. How’d you like to hear my latest song? Tower to Learjet, we’re losing our signal, thank God.

You know, old Jessie might like my rear? He’s kind of funny that way.

Government and Politics- 5

The word therefore is key here because it brings the previous four verses to an apparent conclusion. The second key word to this verse is must. It places a key emphasis on obedience to the whole matter of this conclusion. One must be in subjection to the person that God has put in Authority. There is not even one iota of wiggle room here. The populace must be in subjection to the authority that God has put in charge. Then God puts the clause in as to why. The first Clause is to avoid his Wrath. The his in question is not the authority’s Wrath but God’s Wrath which can be significant or worse. But then God provides us with a better reason. We are to obey for the sake of conscience. God doesn’t want us to feel bad for a poor decision or to not obey the authority. If we choose not to obey our conscience will be troubled in some manner for it’s only human to do so. God always wants us to make the right decision so our conscience is not in question. Is this happening today? Not really especially from the opposite party. They are voting as a block to withhold any support from the president. And the strange thing to the American people is that things are going pretty well right now. Remember how everyone thought that a Democrat would be winning the White House? All the polls had Hillary Clinton winning and the Press was saying the same thing. Well as Gomer Pyle might say, surprise surprise! Now all the polls are saying that the Democrats are poised to take the House and Senate. That doesn’t make sense because if Americans are happy with the authority, why would they not keep his party in power to continue the good times? Are these polls controlled by the Press to get rid of this president? Keep in mind what verse 5 says. To obey to avoid God’s Wrath which the Democratic Party might face in November. Scripture does not lie. If for no other reason the American public must cast their vote for the sake of their conscience and not for any political party. I hope you have enjoyed the series.


Government and Politics- 4

The president is the servant of God and an Avenger who carries out God’s Wrath on the wrongdoer. Wow! With a president like Donald Trump that carries with it a sledgehammer. Now he’s taking the security clearance away from former CIA operatives. The ones affected say he’s carrying out revenge against those who speak against him. When they speak against him they better be forewarned that scripture backs him up. The ruler is God’s servant for your good but if you do wrong be afraid. Those that speak against the president whoever he might be should expect presidential clout against them. That is within his powers. Even though this is a free country many politicians abuse their Authority. And yes even CIA operatives have a political agenda. However in this case there could be extra ordinary circumstances. As I’ve said before in this series this is an unconventional president. It is someone that the country has never seen before because he is not a politician. In some ways that is refreshing. He reaches out to his power base with his Twitter account and that is very unpresidential. But again this is not a very presidential president. Our country has never before had a businessman for a president. With each day something new develops it would seem. Yet there have been great things being done by this president. Again be forewarned that the president is an Avenger of God’s Wrath against the wrongdoer. And our president has a reputation for being a very scary Avenger. I take you back to Romans 13:2, that the president is there by God’s appointment and those that resist the ordinance draw Swift destruction upon themselves. And this country has just seen such an example with the CIA. My conclusion comes in part 5 so stay tuned until tomorrow morning.