The False Prophet Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was recently asked how many false prophecies he had given in his book The Harbinger. That may well be an accurate number, rabbi. Cahn is also a sensationalist and why the body of Christ give this man any credence is beyond me. He predicted a shaking in the economy before 2016. There was a shaking all right as he began quivering when another of his prophecies failed to come true. Bible prophecies have a 100% accuracy rate. Cahn’s accuracy rate is about 30% which should tell you something. Yet his followers remain loyal to him proving indeed that there’s very little discernment in his flock. Jesus would put it another way. If the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. And his people love to have it so. He puts on a good nickel-and-dime show and Jim Bakker puts him on whenever his ratings drop. Maybe Jonathan Cahn and Jim Bakker should read Matthew 23:8. Call no one on earth rabbi.

2 thoughts on “The False Prophet Rabbi Jonathan Cahn”

  1. Thank you. His expose on the Koran and who are the Muslims or Islamist shocked me for his lack of giving folks the true history of Islam – as given by Hilaire Belloc in his book The Great Heresies.
    I am Christian Catholic. I read Jonathan Cahn’s Bookt he Oracle and was amazed , but my discernment about his preaching I find some of it shallow and some of it faulty. For the most part Christian’s were always are the Jews in their diaspora and so was Jesus in the Eucharist just as God was in the cloud in the Jews sojourn in the desert every day for 40 years under Moses leadership. I haven’t written Jonathan yet about this but I will.


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