Ted Haggard Back Preaching

According to scripture Ted Haggard can no longer be a preacher because he does not have a good testimony to those outside the body of Christ. At the same time he can be a teacher if he has truly repented. But according to scripture he can no longer Pastor a church which he has decided to do anyway. He’s now the pastor of st. James Church in Colorado Springs.

Christ is indeed forgiving but there are consequences to sin. If he had never been a pastor there might be room for him to become one but since he was a pastor there are prohibitions in Scripture that deny him to lead a Church. Plus he now says he does not believe in faith alone as Ephesians 2:8-9 describes. He takes what was written for Israel in James over the gospel of grace. Another reason why he should not be in the pulpit is that he now believes in faith and works. He has turned his back on grace alone not of works lest anyone should boast.

Worse still Haggard now believes in homosexual marriage. He also says that he is now bisexual and that is also something scripture forbids. That is what he said he repented of along with his use of drugs. Haggard does not belong in the pulpit. He preaches for what the Bible is against. Again he has been taken captive by Satan to do his will. He needs our prayers.

Boys Home Manager and Priest Arrested in London

Why does it take so  long for CATHOLICS to Come to justice? This boy was the victim and he committed suicide at 26. Now arrests are made? You can read about it here.READ      


I laud President Trumps notion to send the US military into Mexico to rid the world of its drugs. However if President Trump were as discerning as he is with threatening, he would discern that drugs are still a major problem in the midst of the Great Tribulation.

He would know that this time is a time described in the Bible as a period like the world has never seen before. Unrepentant use of drugs is still occurring in Revelation 9. The Bible tells us this. Oh, he would win a few battles but not the war. Only Jesus Christ will win that war yet future.

i personally think our President has done an adequate job under intense persecution by the Democrats and the biased media. I think the President is trying to curry favor at whatever cost a drug war would bring. In chess it would be a great move to take the focus off the impeachment and onto a war on drugs. But in the end, It will fail. Why? Because the Bible says that victory will only occur when Christ returns to the earth, the 2nd Coming. Be ready! 


Catholic Tomfoolery

Catholics like to transform more than wafers and blood in the Eucharist. They also enjoy transforming pagan holidays into so called Christian ones. Is it any surprise that the oldest church would take on pagan holidays with their magic transformation process. Never mind that the wafer and blood in the Eucharist maintain the same before and after the partaking of them. What Catholics are set on practicing is mesmerism. Even here the sun god is present. I wonder if the organist plays in the background, Inca, Inca do? Why don’t Catholics care that what they are doing isn’t biblical? Christ was sacrificed ONCE for all according to Hebrews 10:10. When Christ on the cross said, IT IS FINISHED, Catholics don’t believe Him for they serve another Jesus- 2 Cor. 11:4- from definitely another gospel and from a far different spirit. Many priests are closet alcoholics and for what they have to put up with, I don’t blame them. They were admonished by bishops and above to lie if they anything about priests molesting children. The church was more interested in protecting themselves than the children of their flock. Tend my sheep went right out the window.

Catholicism Worships a False Mary

The biblical Queen Mary had drink offerings poured out to her. I remember my first night with the salesian order. At the dinner table they had wine, whiskey, scotch, and beer. When I asked for a Coke they looked at me like I was strange. I settled for water. Catholics are boozers and these were the leadership Catholics.

This Mary, like the Roman Catholic Mary, is an idol to the people. They provoked God to anger. I have a video why are the Catholic Mary is not the Mary of the Bible.

The queen of heaven was worshipped without the husband’s permission. And this is one of the titles that Catholics give Mary. Listen to the video for the other reasons Catholics worship a counterfeit Mary. It all fits. Drunken Catholics pay homage to a plastered Mary statue.

Priest Homosexual Resigns

Now the other dreaded shoe has dropped. With child molestations still a simmering sore, now priests are having sex with adult members of their flock. Sadly, the homosexual problem isn’t going away anytime soon as now priests are seeking out adults. A Lexington, Kentucky priest has resigned after having sex with two members of his congregation both males.

Last summer a Cardinal said that homosexuality is found in nearly every parish in the USA and will soon get the coverage that children got.

Messianic Mess

If the letter of the Law kills, why do Messianic Jews hold so tightly to the Law? The Restored Church of God tries to keep the Law yet the Bible itself tells you can’t. If you break just one of the laws then you are guilty of them all. Do you know that cults are born out of this Messianic Mess? Pray for God to right the hearts of the Messianic Jews.


The Rosary came about in the 6th century and is just another relic picked up in history by the RCC. It came through a vision of Mary by St. Dominic who was listening to a song about him in the background by Debbie Reynolds. 

And look who else uses them? Islam probably for how many people ISIS has killed that day, Buddhist and Hindus, and even the Baha’i. Now what exactly does the Roman Catholic do with them?

I will take up that in Part Two.

The Last Days Pleasure Principle

Are you into the Pleasure Principle? Are you a lover of pleasure over that of being a lover of God?

Do you feel like gambling today? I wouldn’t take a Gamble on losing Jesus Christ for the passing pleasures of sin. What will it profit you to gain the whole world if you lost your soul in the balance? You can’t take it with you, you know. Silver and gold won’t mean a thing in the final assessment of your soul.

How well do you stack up to these things because the ultimate question is coming.

How you answer that question determines your final destiny. I am would give nothing in exchange for my soul and I hope that is your platform as well.

The Bible and Gambling

The second example of gambling is found at the Cross of Christ. What would be involved in gambling there? The Roman soldiers used to play a game at the Pratatorium called King for a day. They played the game with lots which were similar to dice. Some say they were made of sheep bones. The winner of the game was feasted with wine, all the food he could eat, and music. There was only one catch to this game and that was that the winner was crucified at the end of the day. Much like Jesus was crucified at the cross. If you will recall they placed a crown of thorns on his head and wine to drink. At his feet the Roman soldiers gambled for his clothes.

In all of this prophecy was being fulfilled. What had happened here was prophesized in the Psalms.

They had cast lots for the clothes of Jesus. And Christ looked down on them. If Jesus looked down on gambling, so should we.

Use your dice for a table game instead. Gambling is a waste of God’s resources.

The Lies of Jimmy and Francis Swaggart

Does this look like a 81 year old woman to you? I have a video about this woman who was supposed to have knee surgery done on both knees at the same time in 2012. Francis Swaggart This video shows the lies of this ministry couple who wanted you to believe that she had knee surgery on both knees. instead she was getting extensive plastic surgery on her face. So why the lie?

Frances Swaggart could not accept herself as she was so she went into a hospital for plastic surgery on her face to make her look young again. The Bible says charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting. Frances Swaggart could not accept this so thousands of dollars were spent to make this 81 year old woman young again. What kind of Hearts do the Swaggart’s have?

You have to think that the Swaggart’s want you to look at the outward appearance instead of the heart of an 81 year old woman. This couple is deceptive and Jimmy Swaggart should never have been allowed to return to ministry after his affair with prostitutes.

Jimmy Swaggart is trying to justify his corruption. A pastor must have a good testimony to those outside the body of Christ and he does not 1st Timothy 3:7. Why the cover up in the first place about Francis having two knee replacements? Why not just tell the truth about her plastic surgery? She still wanted charm and beauty which the Bible labels as deceptive and that is what this couple is deceptive. They have no business leading the church. They make their own rules apart from the word of God.

Swaggart lied about his wife having plastic surgery just as he lied about himself having sex with prostitutes. What does the Bible say? It says that Swagger lacks understanding and that he has destroyed his own soul. That’s why lying comes so easy to him. How can someone that has destroyed his old soul lead a church?


Last time I talked about the side effects that the alcoholic faces but here are what they sound like. ” Woe is me. Why is this happening to me? I feel so miserable. It was Johnny’s fault. He told me just one more. I’m going to get Johnny for this. I’m so sore. And so tired”. If you’re an alcoholic, does this sound like someone you know? We have found the culprit. The one who is responsible for this whole night and if you look in the mirror this morning you will see who it is. It is the one that lingered long at the wine. And now the one that has drunk wine whines. Poor little me. Our friend here was happy enough last night when he was getting drunk but he’s not so happy now. I will have more in my next article about what happens next. Are you a wine wino too?

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Have Demonic Roots?

Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and his wife Lois often went into what they called The Spook room to use a Ouija board and hold seances. Some believe the 12-step program came out of these sessions. The higher power in Alcoholics Anonymous could be anything. It’s a philosophy of whatever fits the package. The Bible calls philosophy empty deceit. In Alcoholics Anonymous you are always an alcoholic. In the body of Christ the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses you from all sin. Not some Sin, but all Sin including alcohol. Those in alcohol anonymous must not believe that because they continually say they are alcoholics. They believe they have one foot in the mire and one foot on the rock. Christ wants both feet on the rock. And you don’t have to go into a spook room to find your answers. The Bible says, I do not want you to have Fellowship with demons. Alcohol Anonymous was built on the Foundation of fellowship with demons. Demons want you stuck in the mire. The Bible says there is therefore no condemnation to those who walk in Christ Jesus. Which do you prefer?