Precious Spiritual Children- 2

There are many religious philosophies that we are to be aware of because they contain empty deceit. It is after the traditions of man and after the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ. How often do we follow tradition? How many Traditions does your church have? And what is the Bible have to say about tradition?

The Roman Catholic Church, for example, relies heavily on Apostolic Authority coming from the Vatican City and the Pope. The New Apostolic Reformation in 2002 restored the apostolic office themselves. They were self-ordained much like David C Pack of the Restored Church of God made himself an apostle. In Revelation Jezebel ordained herself a prophetess. Maybe I can ordain myself as Superman? All this is ridiculous and pits Apostolic Authority against scripture. Judaism regards the Torah or the first five books of the Bible highly but not quite as high as the Talmud which is Jewish tradition. Tradition can be classified as a philosophy written by men. Whether you believe it or not the Bible was not written by men per se but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. Christadelphians and Bible students also follow their own traditions which supersedes the word of God and each Congregation of those bodies believe differently as there is no uniform Doctrine. Just like in the Book of Judges when everyone did what was right in their own eyes yes. I follow the word of God and place very little impetus on tradition.

I will conclude this series in part 3.


This is a must see video on this topic Vatican sex scandal. The video states that in 2013 the Vatican set up a conference to combat this issue but like many promises on the Roman Catholic Church this conference was never set up. To the Discerning world this shows the sincerity of the Catholic hierarchy in dealing with this crushing issue. They have been more concerned with the monetary cost this is causing the church over that of the children that are being molested. Can you believe that? This worldwide plague is current and many of the charges current. The United States now is investigating this crime in 47 States. Thousands of children had been misused not only by the offending priests but those in the hierarchy who have covered this up for so long. The Pope I knew all about this for you before situations arose where he can no longer keep it in hiding. Now he is being forced to deal with it. A Godly Man would not to be forced to do anyting but this shows that the papacy is corrupt.

The Body of Christ versus Acts 29- 2

Evangelist Mike Bickle is wrong again. He looks for a massive Church Revival in the coming months. Here is part of a letter Bickle wrote. So what’s wrong with this letter? Again, it’s all part of Acts 29 the continuing hogwash.

Mike Bickel blames the church for the wrong emphasis. He has that part right but he doesn’t have the answer. The answer is found in the Bible.

Before the man of sin can be revealed, that being the Antichrist, the falling away has to happen first. Anyone that can’t see that happening right now is blind. The falling away has been happening for about 20 years now and will get worse not better. We are falling away from Jesus Christ and his teachings for that of Our Own. One of those teachings is Acts 29 which is not found in the Bible. The Restored Church of God like the Catholic Church  believes in an Apostolic Authority. To be in that camp you had to be present when Christ was resurrected according to Acts 1:20-21. David Pack was fired from One Church for Spiritual abuse and then turns around at the Restored Church of God and anoints himself to be an apostle. Convenient. He later said that he was Elijah the prophet. The Roman Catholic Church believes in Apostolic succession as well. Each Pope however bring their own agenda to the table often times disagreeing with the agenda of former popes. God said, I am the Lord. I do not change. This is all part of the falling away which is happening to the church now. You have affirming churches affirming homosexuals and transgenders not to mention all the Cults. Acts 29 it’s supposed to be the continuation of the Bible but the Bible needs no continuation. The church will continue to fall away until the man of sin is revealed.

That event is yet future. I will have more on this series soon. Stay tuned.


The Mary of the Bible would denounce the Catholic version of her in a heartbeat. Mary, the mother of Jesus was full of humility and obedience. She was not sinless, that is a Catholic addition. DO NOT ADD TO HIS WORDS LEST HE REPROVE THEE AND YOU BE FOUND A LIAR- Proverbs 30:6.

The Catholic Mary is akin to a stuffed turkey, full of things that should not be there. AN ASTONISHING AND HORRIBLE THING HAS BE DONE IN THE LAND, THE PROPHETS PROPHECY FALSELY, THE PRIESTS RULE BY THEIR OWN POWER AND MY PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO- Jeremiah 5:38-40.

She is not a co redeemer as that is the role of Christ only as of 1st Timothy 2:5. She is not an intercessor, as that is what the Holy Spirit does as of Romans 8:36. Her womb was home to Jesus Christ. The infant. That is where her task ended. Instead she is stuffed and stuffed with false doctrines, dogmas, and teachings out of Rome.                 FATIMA!

The Catholic Whore and still getting more! 


The thump you just heard was Kent falling down when he heard  that abracadabra PRECEDES transubstantiation  one century making the ABRACADABRA Church equal in origin to the RCC. An ancient amulet in the form of the trinity speaks to healing. On the other hand, transubstantiation speaks to some meaning of the wafer and wine being transferable to the actual flesh and blood of Christ.

Even priests do not understand what they are doing. Yet if they use any mystical incantation they are drawing on something they cannot explain. If they follow abracadabra, they speak into existence the very things of John 6.  I create what I speak. Pentecostals do that with Name it, Claim it. The Restored Church of God for apostolic succession. Without the word of transfer. It makes everything appear contrived.

DO words really have meanings?  OF course they do. Yet words that are found in spirit and in truth. Do you recall the people worshipping to the tomb of the unknown God? THE ONE YOU WORSHIP WITHOUT KNOWING, HIM I PROCLAIM TO YOU. But Catholics have no idea what they are practicing and they admit that. The one you worship WITHOUT KNOWING. MYSTISISM! Bang the drum slowly. 

Mary Weeps Because of Catholicism Abuse

Mary was not sinless and the Immaculate Conception lie of the Roman Catholic Church has her soul weeping in Paradise. They have abused her . Here is a video about the abuse of Mary. When Catholics have statues of her and pray with them next to them they are abusing the second commandment.

It it an abomination how the Catholics has elevated Mary to co-redemptrix. There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. When will Catholics follow scripture and not their add-ons like the Catholic catechism? Maybe when they do Mary’s soul will cease her weeping. Pray that the Catholic Church will cease abusing Mary the mother of our savior Jesus Christ.

The Reprobate Hillsong Church

The Hillsong Church has gone completely reprobate as they have an active homosexual leading the choir, support abortion and homosexual marriage, had a nude preacher at a woman’s conference, and Don’t Preach much from that old book about Moses. Yet like so many other false churches today they bring in the masses. And speaking of masses they conduct Roman Catholic Services perhaps because they Shield pedophile ministers. It makes me wonder why they would even support Roman Catholic masses? Catholics are against abortion and supposedly homosexuality even though 80% of them are homosexuals speaking of the leadership. How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him But if Baal then follow him and that is from 1st Kings 18:21.


Have you seen the Catholic vision of purgatory?Some call it Fantasyland. Others Abomination Land. Ah? Burning incense to the queen from heaven which God hates from Jeremiah 44. A Pope devoting his life to Mary? Can you believe that? Johnny Paul! Wasn’t he Opies pal at Mayberry? Go ahead Gomer, say it!  SHAZAM! But the Popes Johnny Paul didn’t like kids at all except to take part in abusing them. So sad.


Is the North America Man Boy Love Association still involved with the RCC? For the most part, no. The oldest church has finally discovered the spiritual gift of discernment. Some priests are still involved with but the number is less than 1%. The number of bishops involved is about 4%. They are the ones who moved offending priests around for up to 40 years. And, with those low numbers they’re Still doing it.

HOW could the RCC BEEN SO ASLEEP AS TO ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN? If you believe NAMBLA hasn’t changed and rewritten it’s playbook are naive or stupid.

Jim Bakker Survival Food

This stuff should be called pale Fiesta. It looks good when it’s made on television but here’s what it looks like in real life.

This stuff will really stick to your ribs because it sticks to the pan and the spoon. I would hate to have to wash the pans after this stuff is in it. Now I know why they call them SOS pads. Is that save our stomachs? And this stuff isn’t cheap! It’s very expensive. Not only do you have to buy the food but the shipping charges are outrageous. But then you have the leftover container which Bakker’s says you can use for a commode. The real outrageous thing is why anyone is listening to Jim Bakker in the first place who swindled people out of millions of dollars at Heritage USA. He had sex with a prostitute and went to prison and still didn’t learn anything. This prophecy accuracy rate on television 20%. The man is a fraud and people are still buying into him. Men destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself and not your money. Jim Bakker has to know that he is cheating people. It makes me wonder if he really believes in eternity because his won’t be in heaven. It’s the same way with Jimmy Swaggart who cheats people and lies to them continually and then has tears in the pulpit ant people buy that. Incredible! Here is a video of that survival food of Jim Bakker


Methods such as aversion therapy use nausea inducement or electric shock to steer one away from homosexual thoughts in conversion therapy. The US and Europe have tried these along with the old standard drugs.

I’ve personally conducted Bible study on a one to one basis. I take homosexuals that are willing through verses in the Bible dealing with the sin. We start in the Old and move right through the New Testament.   I let the client respond to any verse. Each session is bathed in prayer.

I find there is a time to stop and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Conversion Therapy is not of Christ. It is a form of torture.  Try talking to those willing in a spirit of love and gentleness. More states need to outlaw Conversion Therapy. 

Return to the Days of Yesteryear, the Hebrew Roots Movement Rises Again

How would you like to be like with Jewish people today complete with wearing their types of clothes? How would you like to emulate Rabbi Jonathan Cahn? Return to the hollow days of yesteryear, the Hebrew Roots movement Rides Again. I have a video for you today on this movement where you can learn how to be a Christian Jew. The Hebrew Roots movement sounds very similar to the Restored Church of God who also believe in the Old Testament Supremacy. They enjoy being in the old Covenant and have no respect or desire to follow the New Covenant. This is a very dangerous group and I would stay far from it.