The Good Humor Man is Jesse Duplantis

Since when did The Gospel of Jesus Christ become a laughing matter? What is so funny about suffering for Christ? Yet Jesse Duplantis Stakes his entire Ministry on humor. I think he really enjoys playing the fool. He likes to get a good laugh only when is Ministry supposed to be funny? He might be better served playing the Court Jester for Kenneth Copeland his buddy and pal. To be fair some pastors inject a note of humor in their messages but it’s not the whole message of humor that Duplantis utilizes. He prances up and down his platform acting silly and playing out a roll of tomfoolery. I just don’t understand his approach yet his congregation laughs along with them encouraging him to do even more silly stuff. I’ve seen him serious. In the end Jesse Duplantis is laughing all the way to the bank and he has lots of money in that bank at his congregations expense. I wonder how much he’ll laugh when he one day stands before Jesus?

What Republicans and Democrats can Learn from Korah- 1

I’m sure you heard the phrase, Korah’s Rebellion? This story unfolds in Numbers 16. After 38 years in the wilderness Koran and his friends started to argue about why Moses and Aaron were in leadership positions. And they stirred up quite an argument about this. After all the initial Journey was supposed to have taken 11 days. In effect though they were not questioning Moses and Aaron’s leadership but that of God.

Korah was important enough to be mentioned in the book of Jude citing his Rebellion there. His other companions there in Jude or Balaam and Cain. That Rogues gallery were also in conflict with God. In our political system whatever party is in power, the other party tries to obstruct in whatever they can despite the majority of who the American people wanted in leadership. Sounds similar to what was happening in Numbers 16.

Koran and his associates were swollen up in Pride as they felt they were worthy of leadership. Instead they would soon be swallowed up themselves.

God intervened and killed 250 men that were following Korah and his friends. This should serve as a lesson for Republicans and Democrats alike. And I will take of that and more in part 2.

Signs and Wonders- Epilogue

What does this tell you about signs and wonders A Wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign. So why does everyone want to see a sign to believe? What does that have to say about your behavior?

This should be the Pentecostal motto. That is what they believe in. But what should they believe in?

Faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN. Pentecostals would have a difficult time believing that. The New Apostolic Reformation would have a conniption fit. The Elijah List would go crazy. The Extreme Prophetic Movement would be having an extremely painful bowel movement. And the Oneness Pentecostals would throw in the towel. So what were the signs and wonders for?

The signs and wonders were to confirm the word. Guess what? We now have the completed canon of scripture. We don’t need to confirm it anymore as we have it. So why the need for signs and wonders today? It will be a plain miracle for some to believe that today! Does the name Pentecostal come to mind?

Why is California Being Punished?

Wildfires do not only start by matches as God also uses lightning Sky to ground contact. As dry as California has been a lightning strike can start an Inferno and has. California has legislature pending to ban internet ordering of Bibles. They also have legislature pending to not allow counseling by church’s against homosexuality. They have Sanctuary Cities in defiance to the law of the land. The state is a liberal mess. And, yes, God does use weather as a punishment.

God is over the weather!

And the clouds are the dust of his feet from Nahum 1:3. The Lord has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm. Was California ashamed when they had committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed, neither did they know how to blush. They have rejected the word of the Lord so what wisdom do they have? The wisdom of how to face destruction. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their Wicked Ways then will I hear from heaven and heal their land. I haven’t heard America repent at all. If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah how could he pardon America for all of their sins including making homosexual marriage law? Think about it.

Why a Catholic Priest TODAY Isn’t Biblical

1st Timothy 3:1-8 provides the New Testament description of a pastor. A priest disqualifies himself immediately for he is not the husband of one wife. For the most part priests are celibate. Plus there is the scripture you see here as well. If a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of the church of God?

They could argue saying they manage their celibacy. That argument falls to the ground though because ones own household includes a wife and children. That comes prior to his responsibility to his flock and is in fact a prerequisite. Is his wife and are his children in subjection to him? How can they be when he’s has none of each?

Finally, a pastor must have a good reputation to those who are outside the church. Again, a priest is outside the bounds of scripture. The Catholic Church was just plagued by a sexual abuse scandal of altar boys for over a sixty year period that marriage might have greatly reduced that is if Catholics followed bible doctrine. Worse still those sins were and are still being covered up today by a deceptive church leadership. What kind of testimony is that to both those outside the church and within?

They’ve had a weak testimony from outside and within the church for some time now. Consider this.

Eroded authority of church- cast doubt on infallibility of pope. Made the church look foolish- how can they claim to be the ultimate authority if they can’t even keep their own house in order?

Welcome to abominational denominational land RCC. You can’t even keep order over your own church.

 So, how are there today priests? The abracadabra effect! Just like they do with everything else they can’t explain away. The  

Boys Home Manager and Priest Arrested in London

Why does it take so  long for CATHOLICS to Come to justice? This boy was the victim and he committed suicide at 26. Now arrests are made? You can read about it here.READ      

God Sends Strong Delusion- 2

devastating-lies-3-638The Restored church of God has as its leader David C Pack. Are you aware that he was dismissed from his former job as senior pastor? The charge was spiritual abuse. The qualification for an elder is that he has a good testimony to those that are outside. Pack got around that easily as he spoke into existence that he was an apostle, albeit a self-appointed one. 2nd Corinthians 11:14 says, Deceitful workers transform themselves into Apostles of Christ. That’s exactly what this man did as he spoke into existence something that had not existed before. He should be part of the word faith movement.Vfg He then went one step further and made a rule that no one can question his authority. That is a mark of a cult. God has chosen his delusion. And as Jesus said, if the blind lead the blind both will fall into a ditch. Those that disagree with him are shown the door. Let’s run that up on a billboard.Isaiah+66_4+7-18-2012+11-51-33+AM+1100x850In summary, this pastor was fired from a previous job and appointed himself an apostle that no one can question. How can anyone believe this is not a cult?

Catholic Sexual Abuse Again

Today Colorado released its report of the RCC molesting boys by priests numbered 600 children since 1950. I thought this material about the coverup by the RCC May help. A 30 year cover up program where the RCC knew exactly what was going on but instead of dealing with the problem they instead passed offenders around to other parishes. Now the churchd will listen when they are going bankrupt.How can any Catholic justify what happened to the lambs of their church by its leadership? More in Part Two.

Priest Homosexual Resigns

Now the other dreaded shoe has dropped. With child molestations still a simmering sore, now priests are having sex with adult members of their flock. Sadly, the homosexual problem isn’t going away anytime soon as now priests are seeking out adults. A Lexington, Kentucky priest has resigned after having sex with two members of his congregation both males.

Last summer a Cardinal said that homosexuality is found in nearly every parish in the USA and will soon get the coverage that children got.


How did Jesus react when the people were coming to make him the king? He went alone to the mountain again. I believe he had many spiritually rich conversations with God there. As to how he would view the Vatican City today I think he would be many trips to that mountain alone.

I think he would be sick to his stomach with the extent of the child molestationsq and the resulting decades long coverup. I think that the idolatry in Catholic Churches would cause him to say, Get behind me Satan! I believe he would be shocked with the financial scandal there. It wouldn’t make dollars or sense to Him. I am not a part of this world but you are! SERPENTS, BROOD OF VIPERS, HOW LONG CAN YOU ESCAPE THE CONDEMNATION OF HELL?

Vatican City Going Down the Drain of Immorality

Pope Francis has a deal on his plate for his final speech tomorrow at The Summit on sexual abuse. The Roman Catholic Church has been brought to its knees because of their lies and cover-up for decades. The leaders of the Vatican now admit that clergy abuse is worldwide and even includes the Vatican City. Here is the latest video on the conference on sexual abuse. Quite frankly, because of their scores of years oF SILENCE, they just don’t know how to right the ship. The members of the Roman Catholic Church want zero tolerance on abuse. In the last 10 years the church has doubled up on those molested making them feel even guiltier by saying it was their fault. One Cardinal said maybe the church should change its opinion about homosexuality as if God’s sanctions it now. But do you know what that would do to the church? The walls would be a crumbling down. Already the leaders of the church have no credibility whatsoever.

Catholics Deny Justification By Faith Alone

It’s rather strange that for centuries only the priest could understand the Bible. It’s members were somewhat like their Apostle Peter who Jesus was always rebuking for not being able to comprehend the scriptures. The membership were little less than mindless zombies. They had to count on the priests getting things right.

Then sometime in history the RCC substituted themselves into the role of Israel Little counting on Romans 11:25. HARDENING IN PART HAS HAPPENED TO ISRAEL UNTIL THE FULNESS OF THE GENTILES HAS COME IN AND THEN ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED. There would be two Israel’s at that point. How did the Catholics substitute themselves for Israel? ABRACADABRA! HOCUS POCUS!

The mystical Catholics cannot comprehend the Mystery of Christ given by revelation to the Apostle Paul But they can understand all their Bipity bobbidy Boo magic. If they want something into their canon they just speak it into existence or ABRACADABRA!

And if they want something out of their canon they boldly pluck it out of existence. Currently the Roman Catholic Church is spending millions of dollars in child molestation cases, facing a schism over celibacy in the Amazon Synod and outright schism in Germany, plus a major financial scandal in Rome. This church needs to spend a lot of time in a confession box as if that would do any good in Satans church.

The Barrier of Apostolic Succession

Apostolic Succession is no longer with the church. It had a barrier to it. FROM THE BAPTISM OF JOHN HE BAPTIST TO THAT DAY HE WAS TAKEN UP FOM US. From Johns baptism until His ascension were the boundaries to apostolic succession. Matthias was the last Apostle. There was also a stipulation made in scripture concerning apostolic succession. The eligible men must have been a witness of His resurrection.

These two items, the border and the resurrection itself is part and potion of what to possesses to become an Apostle. The number was also limited to 12. Apostolic Succession terminated at the ascension of Christ into heaven.

Again, the words in the bracket are foundational. To become an Apostle you had to live between the time of John the  Baptist  AND the ascension and you HAD to be a witness of the resurrection. That eliminates everyone else.

That is why Catholics make tradition the equal of scripture so that they can justify their warped theology. Satan transforms these false apostles unto himself according to 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. Catholics are known to listen intently to the church fathers.