Pentecostal Preyers

There are many foolish Prophets among the Pentecostals. Instead of being Holy Spirit fed, they follow their own spirit and have seen nothing. Instead they follow a different spirit which has nothing at all to do with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads to scripture whereas the different spirit is fueled by feelings. Feelings have nothing to do with truth. That is why Pentecostals Whip It Up into an emotional Frenzy where they believe they can get away with just about anything. The Pentecostal gimmick that they use the most is, Thus saith the Lord. The prophet Ezekiel takes that up here. You’re saying, the Lord says, when God has not spoken. That to me is close to blasphemy. People are being snookered into thinking that these people are speaking for God when they aren’t. That is why they’re prophecy rate is about 20% accuracy. If it was truly from God, it would be one hundred percent accuracy. Why can’t the Pentecostal audience see through this charade? God tells them because they have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies indeed that God is against them now. The Pentecostal audience should consider Ezekiel 14:10. The punishment of the prophet SHALL BE THE SAME as the punishment of the one who inquired. Consider well!

A Different Gospel

A different gospel. If we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel then what we have preached let him be accursed. That is what the Bible says. Read Galatians 1 for more. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and all Pentecostal churches that believe in an Acts 29 are accursed for presenting a different gospel that perverts the gospel of Christ. They are like the little boy in Oliver as all they want is some more. I once visited a United Church of Christ which taught that the Holy Spirit should be known as the force that is with you. Holy Star Wars Batman. The church is giving way to a lot of different spirits over the years. The Holy Spirit expressly says that in latter days some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils which is found in 1st Timothy 4:1. Avoid any church that gives you a different gospel from a different spirit.


 Andrew Wommack is the latest to jump nto the Abracadabra ministry phase although he would publicly deny it. The RCC  have been using it in their Eucharist Mass for some time though they also are unaware of it. Abracadabra is actually two words in Hebrew which means I will create as I will speak.  Hmm? Where have I heard that before? THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT!  You know, the Name it, claim it bunch. Abracadabra is consuming more and more ministries each day. Especially the Catholics.

Signs & Wonders- 3

Se#333_&€@#&*##6331111111114111411114111131114&&42&&133&12333333333313&&&&&33&&&2&&&&&2 6th period of signs of Wonders is now in our present day and time. The Pentecostal movement knows this but does not seem to care. They have called this time, a time of trouble instead of the Biblical words for it. The time of Jacob’s trouble. It is on our doorstep right now. This period of signs and wonders is under the control of the devil. Have you ever wondered why those in the church are getting worse and worse? Imposters will 1135| dgrow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. That is on our plate right now. The new Apostolic Reformation, the Bethel Church, and IHOP know it and they are taking full advantage of it. As long as they can trick people into thinking that the power comes from them instead of the devil, they will continue to pull off this farce. Just look at some of our videos with these leaders and you can see the satanic influence in them. Go to our video category and check them out personally.

I need the signs and wonders movement especially the dollar sign! I predict the dollar sign going south with more investigative reports like this.

Abracadabra Magic

MJ+2014+abracadabraabracadabra-did-you-know-the-difference-between-abracadabra-and-avada-13328649 Those that use the word abracadabra probably don’t even know they are. What they do know is they are speaking words into existence apart from the Bible but believing them to be from the Bible. That is what magic can do. But please read everything in our boxes today because they are ever so relevant to what is happening in churches today. Pastors are using magic words without even realizing that they are. They need our prayers.e6d1082bb8c060801a7749b96c43ddba

Who was the First Saved Pentecostal?

John 20-29 Blessed Are Thy Who H I’m not talking to Revival on Azusa Street which many believe was the birth of the Pentecostal faith. There was someone that superseded all that. Does doubting Thomas come to your mind? Like many Pentecostals today, Thomas had to see to believe. Jesus replied, blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed. I believe Thomas to be the first of the Pentecostal faith.51ytwwhT6SL._SX425_

Thomas had to see to believe. What about you? Do you need signs and wonders to believe or is the gospel presentation enough for you?

Signs and Wonders- Epilogue

What does this tell you about signs and wonders A Wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign. So why does everyone want to see a sign to believe? What does that have to say about your behavior?

This should be the Pentecostal motto. That is what they believe in. But what should they believe in?

Faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN. Pentecostals would have a difficult time believing that. The New Apostolic Reformation would have a conniption fit. The Elijah List would go crazy. The Extreme Prophetic Movement would be having an extremely painful bowel movement. And the Oneness Pentecostals would throw in the towel. So what were the signs and wonders for?

The signs and wonders were to confirm the word. Guess what? We now have the completed canon of scripture. We don’t need to confirm it anymore as we have it. So why the need for signs and wonders today? It will be a plain miracle for some to believe that today! Does the name Pentecostal come to mind?

Signs & Wonders- 2

The keywords here are confirming the word. Today we don’t need to confirm the word, we have it! Again, the audience in question is the eleven disciples. Not you and not me. I want to keep this scripture in context. The 11 confirmed the word through the accompanying signs. Since we have the completed Canon today we do not need to confirm it. In my next post, I will show someone who does not believe this. Remember though, with all scripture, we must look at the audience whom it is directed to and keep it in the context that it was written.

Whoops! It looks like I got caught with my pants down again. Maybe I can fool the people with Indian signs next time?

Signs & Wonders- 1

The Pentecostal Church and the New Apostolic Reformation believe in signs and wonders. They not only believe in them but they make money out of them. It should be noted that Jews request a sign. I didn’t know we had so many Jewish Pentecostals? Benny Hinn does a lot of healing on his programs but for some reason I’ve never seen Benny drink poison or handle deadly snakes? Some of the people that Benny Hinn heals don’t even need healing to begin with. Todd Bentley goes so far as to say that you can’t be an apostle if you can’t heal. But what Bentley can’t comprehend is the sign of the times. In all of history there are seven periods of signs and wonders. Moses did them first followed by Elijah and Elisha. Next in line came Jesus Christ followed by the apostles. In the millennial Kingdom signs and wonders will return. Period six of the signs and wonders movement is what we are in now. The majority of the Pentecostal people believe we are in the last days now so this text of scripture is most appropriate. That would mean that the signs and wonders of todcczx=ay is Satan inspired. I don’t know how you can get away from that. And that is what we are seeing today by Pentecostals and the new Apostolic Reformation. I will have more in my next post.

Pentecostals Taking Catholic Members by Storm

The Amazon Synod  shows that Pentecostal churches have overtaken Catholic Churches 64% to 46%. That doesn’t surprise me because the gasbag faith is as unscriptural as the RCC perhaps even more. They take extreme license with Scripture especially in the arena of spiritual gifts and healing. Both groups utilize the abracadabra effect. I will speak into existence what I create.  The

Pentecostals have the edge with young people with their wild music approach. That is where Catholics can’t keep up. Where is a new singing nun when you need one?

Vatican Going Broke

Each year since the child molestation story broke some four years ago the Catholic treasury has gathered less and less income. That on top of the current Vatican financial scandal and poor real estate deals could have the RCC in financial foreclosure by 2023. Complete parishes are closing due to molestations which is not all the Catholics fault as the Homosexual Agenda has targeted that church, among the Southern Baptist and Pentecostal Church USA, with bringing them down. Where all three lacked was there lack of spiritual discernment.

BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT. The Eucharist was celebrated with the same hands that alazacadamned the wafer and the sexual parts of children. How could any agency cover up an abominable crime like that? WILL YOU COMMIT ADULTERY AND THEN COME AND STAND IN THIS HOUSE WHICH IS CALLED BY MY NAME AND SAY WE ARE DELIVERED TO DO ALL Of THESE ABOMINATIONS? From Jeremiahs temple sermon in Chapter7.

As for the Roman Catholic and Pentecostal churches in particular, NEITHER YOUR SILVER NOR YOUR GOLD SHALL DELIVER YOU IN THE DAY OF THE LORDS WRATH.

Creating a Theology Around a Human Being

The Pentecostal Church squeezed a theology and doctrine out of poor Jabez. They took  his words,  ENLARGED MY TERRITORY, and changed it into what they wanted it  to say or mean faster than a speeding bullet.Jesus said, YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY from Matthew 6:24 right smack in the middle of the sermon on the mount. To which Jim Bakker said that he had never seen that verse before he got to prison. Paul and Jan Crouch abused the gospel with their Prosperity Gospel and they used Jabezs prayer to the hilt.


Did you hear that as you read it? Those that pushed the prayer of Jabez did so for profit. They are abusers of Scripture. Some offend the character of Jabez while others do so with Peter which I will take up soon. Withdraw yourself and not your money!




Catholic Communion

I have no difficulty how the Catholics interpret John 6 in regard to Christ. But the wafer and wine does not change molecularly one bit even though the priest mutters bippity bobbity boo or whatever. It stays the same. But that’s not the bottom line to communion. That ONE sacrifice is repeated over and over again by the Catholics. They should connect with the Pentecostal Experience in Orlando, Florida, where they crucify Jesus three times a day.

How is that any different than what the Catholics.  do? One notable difference is their experience is done commercially. Jesus Himself offered one sacrifice but that wasn’t enough for the RCC and Pentecostals. Why isn’t that enough for the Pentecostals and Catholics? Do they fall under this indictment when they oppose Scripture?