Witchcraft in the Church

What is Witchcraft? Witchcraft is the art of getting one’s will turned to yours. The Bible gives us three words that describe the occult: Witchcraft. Divination. Sorcery. These are the pillars of Demonology.
Greed and manipulation sounds very much like the tactics of the Pentecostal Church. The ministers live like millionaires while their parishioners are middle-class or poor. What is wrong with this picture?

A Course in Satan

supposed miracles This video is against A Course in Miracles which is a channeled work of Satan. This is very short and

sweet.english The place where this book belongs is in the garbage.  UPDATE:  Marianne Williamson has removed her entire staff From the  race for President. Apparently she is resigning from the race.


The One Catholic gambit has always been you can’t go wrong on Aramaic except where abracadabra has been, for it was there first. There is no connection to the rock Peter except by speculation and definitely no comparison to the RCC.  In truth, it should have been called the Abracadabra Roman Catholic Church.  In that way you don’t need the  Catholic Canon. Or the Catechism or anything else. You have the ever so trusty Abracadabric Aramaic to see you through. What a friend!

Zodiac and the Bible: Part 2

Are the 12 signs of the Zodiac for Christians? Absolutely Not! The Bible continually warns against astrology and the Zodiac. Horoscopes and psychics are not for the body of Christ. Psychics Will be rare in heaven But Very well done in hell. . In 2nd Kings 23:5 the word for planets means the 12 signs of the Zodiac in Hebrew. This is what King Josiah rid the land of along with astrology. Despite the clear warning in scripture the Roman Catholic Church still worships The sun god. What Josiah rid the land of Roman Catholics relish. In Catholic Schools out fundraisers they often have a fortuneteller. What nonsense! Forsake these worthless idols Then return to the living God.

Zodiac and the Bible: Part 1

Mazzaroth is found in the book of Job. It is the first of two instances mentioning the concept of the Zodiac. If you examine Strongs Concordance you will find this. Christians have no Business dabbling In the Zodiac. What accord has light with darkness? From 2nd Corinthians 6:15. In part two, I will provide even more compelling evidence.

Another Gospel Called A Course in Miracles

Evangelist David Hunt of the Berean Call out of Bend Oregon is answering a question on his radio program about A Course in Miracles. This is a book that was dictated to the author by familiar spirits. Proponents that promote this book are Marianne Williamson and Oprah Winfrey. Let’s listen in on David Hunt as he tries to answer the question about the authority of the Course in Miracles.

The Bible on Psychics And Necromancy

What an excellent verse to describe the dangers of necromancy and who they consult. They’re asking Council of wizards and familiar spirits which is forbidden in the Bible.

The Bible says you will be defiled by these spirits. I’ve often wondered why people put such great faith into psychics? Since you pay for the service and they want you to come back they will not have bad Visions about you. Should we seek advice from the dead over that of the living?

The Bible calls these occult practices. That is a realm of demons and God says he does not want us to have fellowship with demons. I know of some Christians that actually seek out psychics for advice which blows my mind. The answers are in the Bible. I know of a Mormon man who speaks to the Dead through a mirror on the wall. The evil queen did that in Snow White. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It sure ain’t the ones that try and use this practice. I would stay far away from psychics and those that practice necromancy.


 Why do Catholics pray to their dead including to the saints and Mary? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living? What happened to King Saul when he tried that at En Dor? There is another name to this practice. It is called a consulter with familiar spirits  and it carries the death penalty with it.

That is what the Catholics are doing daily. And make no

Mistake about it as Sauls death came as a result of an intercourse with familiar spirits. Pray that living Catholics will abandon this horrific practice.     

Joseph Smith is a Fraud

YOU TRAVEL LAND AND SEA TO WIN ONE CONVERT, AND WHEN HE IS WON, YOU MAKE HIM TWICE THE SON OF HELL AS YOURSELF. Those are the words of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 23:15. This is the master plan of the Mormon church founded by the fraud Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is an expert at selling snake oil. Can you believe he tried to make Corrections in the King James version of the Bible? In Genesis 1 every time it says God he replaces it with God’s. Mormons believe that our present God was made god through a council of Gods. Consider the following carefully. Would any rational person believe this garbage? The Book of Mormon is another gospel, not the gospel of the Bible. If these two are best friends I’d sure hate to see their enemy. The Book of Mormon, according to Elder LeGrand Richards in the book a Marvelous Work and a Wonder, is said to have been created by familiar spirits. In the Bible and in the Book of Mormon familiar spirits are evil spirits. Maybe Joseph Smith should stick his head in that hat again? And keep it there !


When the Bible makes reference to witchcraft it means anyone who is involved in some form of the occult. Form of the Occult can be… DIVINATION — Seeking to know the past, present or future by astrology; horoscopes; channeling; tarot; etc. SORCERY or MAGIC(K) — Seeking to control or manipulate reality for ones own purposes. Including animal or human sacrifice to accomplish that end. SPIRITISM — Seeking to communicate with the dead or other entities through a medium. Including animal or human sacrifice to accomplish that end.
I will have more on Wicca soon and even a dose or two of witchcraft. Stay tuned!

The Many Paths to God Gospel of Oprah Winfr

Oprah not only believes this but on her own network endorses and teaches A Course in Miracles along with Marianne Williamson. Both women are in the the New Age movement. I have this video today of Oprah Winfrey. the Oprah Bible In this video, TD Jakes also believe there’s more than one path to God.

To what you call God? Whosoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God and that is from 2nd John 9. What does that have to say about Oprah Winfrey and her Eternal course?

The spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart for the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils from 1st Timothy 4:1. Oprah herself has said she has spirits that talk to her. Those are familiar spirits that have seduced her. She is no less than a medium and mediums are rare in heaven but in hell they will be well done.

By her own admission Oprah teaches many paths to God in opposition to Bible truth and The Great Deceiver Satan controls Oprah Winfrey leading many to hell with her. Follow her not!

Necromancy Practiced by Roman Catholics


I am trying to reason wwith a Roman Catholic who believes that he can pray to Mary now though she is still dead in a place called Hades but on the paradise side of it. She’ll be there until the Rapture of the church. Necromancy carries with it the death penalty and no bones about that at all.

There’s enough skeletons coming out of Roman Catholic closets today without asking for more. Where is prayer to Mary found in Scripture? There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. Catholics want there to be to with the second one being Mary. That is a Lie from the pit of Hell.

JZ Knight does this with  her familiar spirit called Ramtha who was supposed to be as 32,000 year old Warrior. She supposedly Channels him. I wonder if she is a Roman Catholic? Maybe Kent would have better luck with the witch of Endor?

Great White Brotherhood in Australia

16106028_1765540007099219_420972 Australia has been plagued by the great white Brotherhood since the 1960s. The ascended masters were big in the United States around that time too. These are supernatural beings much like the superheroes of today. Australian pray to these beings and also meditate to them. They are supposed to evoke healing powers. Black magic is also used in this cult. I would counsel the Australians the same way I would in the United States.slide_3-4Those verses from Deuteronomy cover every aspect of spiritism which the great white Brotherhood is all about. Instead of praying to Mystical beings pray to Jesus Christ to heal you from these abominations. I would welcome any comment from anyone in the great country of Australia.