False Prophet Mark Taylor: ” God Told Me “

Mark Taylor is a false prophet. He is also a doom and gloom prophet. A very telling point is that he often appears on the Jim Bakker Show which in my opinion makes his credibility a big fat zero. He is the prophet that said Trump would be president unfortunately he got the wrong year 2012. The Bible tells me this is a false prophet. These phonies often use the term, God told me. Ezekiel 13 would counter, you say the Lord says, WHEN I HAVE NOT SPOKEN. Why would God speak to any prophet that appears on the Jim Bakker Show? Jim Bakker is a liar and a fraud. Everyone today says the Lord is coming soon and perhaps he is but we are to be sober and vigilant in this time. I don’t think God likes his name being used in vain. No one knows the day or time but God knows. Mark Taylor has predicted that the Lord will come sometime during Trump’s presidency. Let us examine that point. Trump has selected for his spiritual advisors Paula White and Ken Copeland two of the biggest Crooks in religion. Trump attributed Paula White with leading him to the Lord. This is the same woman that┬átells her congregation to give a month’s pay or God will curse them. This is Trump’s spiritual advisor? Copeland is just as bad. If Trump listens to these people I would doubt that he has an ounce of discernment. These ministers are not God’s spokesman. They in fact are deceivers and the Bible does warn us about that. Imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. Mark Taylor also falls into that camp. When he speaks on the Jim Bakker Show it helps propel Bakker’s marketing of survival food and gear. I see Mark Taylor as a Balaam prophet. Balaam was a prophet for gain and he always wanted to hear what more the Lord would say to him. All these people fall under this indictment, Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.


Catholics are Extra Biblical

Like the Mormons, the Catholics have plenty of extra biblical works including the Catechism, papal authority, tradition, and scavengers of history. Mormons and the Restored Church say they have apostolic authority as does the New Apostolic Reformation which claim theirs began anew in 2002.

Christian Science with Key to the SCRIPTURES backs up the Bible for those of the Christian Science Faith. Cults all seem to need something plus the Bible. My church uses the Bible alone. For example, examine the scavenger of history Catholics. Their Faith didn’t begin whole in the first century but mine did. In fact the gospel was only in the mind of Jesus until He revealed it to Paul by way of Revelation. In truth, the Apostle Paul began the church movement not Peter. Peter received the keys to stand outside the gates of heaven. Did he ever get in?

The Catholics claim to be the oldest church so if they like numbers Paul wrote 13 books to the 2 books that Peter wrote. Who had the pen of a ready writer? Maybe the Catholics ought to be studying Paul more than Peter and the four verses Mary spoke?


Its. not the will of God if it goes against the word of God. Catholic dogma has a way of something that it does not mean.In actuality, it all comes down to the word of God between the commandments of men. When that occurs, the word of God declares worship of Him is in vain. It may well be full of sound and fury, but the end result is that it signifies nothing. When Catholics do such things, they disguise themselves as apostles of Christ when in the end they are manipulated by Satan. Christ recognized that in Matthew 16 when Peter rejected the real Gospel of Christ for something else of this world causing Jesus to respond with, Get thee behind me Satan. How many points here are backed by scripture? How about the last one?It’s when Christians become Bereans and take no ones word for anything, but search the scriptures daily to see if these things are so from Acts 17:11. That’s why I left the Catholic Church. My father never told me why he and my mother left years before. I can’t understand how whole families desert their daughter? Who in their right mind would want to get into that?

Why do False Leaders Flourish?w

Do you want to know the real reason false teachers flourish in the church today? It is because of YOU. You support them by sending them money and you do so because they keep you entertained and away from your Bible. They are more interested in entertainment than biblical truths. For the time will come that they will not endure sound Doctrine, because they have itchy ears, they will Heap up for themselves teachers that will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to myths. Biblical illiteracy is the cause for false teachers flourishing in the church. Until we realize that they will continue to flourish and enrich themselves.

The Blindness of the Roman Catholic Church- 1

A Catholic that I know fits this verse to a T. He will reject any scripture that does not fit his preconceived notion of a Catholic doctrine or teaching. In a series of articles I will be doing shortly I will mark those teachings from the Bible that he’ll ignore. The key passage is Galatians 2:7-9.

Here, Paul carefully lays out the mission from the beginning installed by Jesus Christ Himself. This list includes Peter Saying he was not to go to Gentiles which Galatians 2:7-9 endorses. Catholics believe their preconceived notions and will not allow any other learning in. You will see this firsthand as we continue and advance in this series.

Next, dispensational theology and how it fits into the picture.

Prophet Sadhu Sundar-Selvaraj

This character is the latest to guest on the Jim Bakker Show. Hold onto your hats as this fellow recently said that God brought him to heaven to consult with Abraham about a Revelation 13 prophecy. A lot of Prisons wear orange jumpsuits and I think this guy escaped from a funny farm. All of Bakkers guests hear from God directly or visit him on a regular basis. Bakker himself hears from God regularly. Now I understand why Jim Bakker doesn’t use his Bible much anymore now that he has God on a short leash. The New Apostolic Reformation, of which Bakker is a part, have extra biblical Revelations all the time. His former PTL Ministries outside of Charlotte have largely been taken over by his buddy Rick Joyner who also communicates with God on a regular basis. The school of prophets come out of Jim Bakker’s Ministry almost daily as if they had a switchboard connection to heaven. And the masses buy it as if they had no biblical discernment whatsoever. I’m amazed that people fall into this garbage. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn also got a send off from Jim Bakker’s television program. One of my favorite verses in Jeremiah matches up well with the New Apostolic Reformation. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and my people love to have it so and this is from Jeremiah 5:30-31. All of these people better here Ezekiel 14:10. The punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired. It would seem that inquiring Minds enjoy hearing the babble that comes from the New Apostolic Revelation more than hearing the words of the Living God found in the Bible. This is a very sad commentary on the Christian faith.

Abracadabra Ministries

All these Ministries are Abracadabra ones as they believe they can speak anything into existence including apostleship. These are what you might call self-made ministers. They make up things outside the Bible. They all believe the Bible is insufficient for our day. That is why they have to have all these extra things weaved in despite no biblical support for their practices. Many speak in tongues without an interpreter and they could care less. These people are clouds without water. They are like whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful outwardly but inside they are full of all uncleanness and apostasy. They should be avoided at all costs. They also want you to send them money continually even though Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money. They want to make a liar out of Jesus. Jesus also said lay up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven not on the Earth. They twist the words of Jesus to get what they want. The majority of them are unsaved people.

Catholic Myths- 12 Purgatory

The only reason the Roman Catholic Church accepts the Apocrypha is to cover errors in their Doctrine.

The Apocrypha was added to the Catholic Bible in 1546. Why not when Peter was Pope? They had to find some justification for the doctrine of purgatory. Roman Catholics are brainwashed into believing hogwash. Obviously Purgatory wasn’t in their belief system for 1,546 years and then POOF and there it is. There’s a lot of mysticism in Catholicism. Here’s a report on 2nd Maccabees and purgatory. Did you know that 2nd Maccabees isn’t even accurate historically?

The only reason that Roman Catholics added 2nd Maccabees to their Bible was to justify their abominable Doctrine of purgatory.

If these books are historically inaccurate how can you trust anything in them?

Catholic Myths- 9 Calling Man Father

These verses take care of the Jews and Catholics but all other denominations aren’t out of the hot water either.

You are not to use the title Reverend either for God. Denominations sure make a mess of things. By the way, the pope finally read Matthew.

He is doing better though as he’s only down about three mistakes a week. The majority of Catholic clergy are called father which is biblically incorrect.

I hope that is clear enough for most Catholics. Kent though will find something wrong about it as he is the most negative Catholic I’ve ever met. And what about the first Pope? No, not Peter but Diotrephes who loved to have the preeminence. Who in Rome is called your eminence?

Catholic Myths- 7 indulgences

When Christ said it is finished, Roman Catholics reply, not quite finished. For following baptism they receive Grace so they need something else after confession is made to appease God. It is almost like buying eternity. Galatians 5:4 says, he who attempts to be justified by law, He Has Fallen from Grace. Catholics have a hard time with that verse. After all they are a works based salvation. I have a video for you today about Catholic indulgences which you might find interesting. Purgatory fits into all this to but I’ll let the video handle that one. Purgatory does remain on our Catholic myths itinerary. Stay tuned.

Catholic Myths- 6 The Rosary

I can almost envision Kent wearing one of these around his neck and counting the little beads as he prays clutching his Rosary tightly. Is the rosary like a talisman? Is it like a good luck charm? Is it similar to a horseshoe? Well, like other things in the Roman Catholic Church, it arrived on the scene around 1099 a d. Up until that time the Roman Catholics would just have to pray like everyone else. You might notice the cross hanging from the rosary. I personally do not wear a cross or any kind of jewelry. I prefer others to discern the cross like life I lead for Christ. The Catholics are more showy and they have to have something that sets them apart thus the Rosary. I wonder what color Kent chose for his? Probably blood red? I can just see this man clutching the prayer beads tightly as he prays. Mary Mary my true love, Come a swooping like a dove. Of course preceding that is the Hail Mary. Thus he is invoking the power of the Rosary making it nothing less than an idol. Clasped hands aren’t good enough for a Catholic. They always want some more. Kent once told me that he loved 1st Corinthians. Instead I wonder if he just adored Corinth which was chock-full of idols.

Catholic Myths- 5 Mary is the Queen of Heaven

This is the kind of Mary backfire myth. Catholics most readily accept the title Queen of Heaven for Mary but this is the one that sends them into conniption fits. Why?

Because God doesn’t particularly like this Queen of Heaven for she is against Him. She provokes God to anger. I can see the Roman Catholics now waving their hands trying to block that image out. Kent is on his fifth Hail Mary to block all this out. But it actually gets worse.

What kind of cakes did the Roman Catholics make to worship Mary? Oh yes, even though scriptures says they Do Worship Mary here, the Roman Catholic false Doctrine is stinking like that rotten egg of theirs. What kind of cake was that again? Why devil’s food cake of course!

Catholic Myths- 4 Is Mary a Mediator?


There is that nun again praying to The Apparition of Mary. I guess Jesus and the Holy Spirit were busy?


have a hard time with that one mediator especially since it’s not Mary. Many Catholics have her as a co-redemptrix. Of course the Bible doesn’t support that. It does support this.

Wait a minute! Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both mediators? Wouldn’t that be two then? Sorry Roman Catholics as you are wrong again. There are three that bear witness in heaven. The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one according to 1st John 5:7. But getting back to that nun praying to an apparition of Mary?

Hey Catholics! If Mary was so important why wasn’t a whole book given to her like to Esther and Ruth? Maybe you should get your rosary out and find out why? In either of his epistles, Peter never once mentions Mary. Why is that?