Catholics DO worship MARY by giving her inappropriate names such as queen of heaven. Mary only speaks four times in the Bible and is mentioned by name 5 times in Matthew,  one time in Mark, 12 times in Luke, one time in Acts, and zero times in John or Peter. Peter never mentions her even once in his two epistles. 

But examine how much artwork and statues are found of Mary in your churches! BREAKING NEWS! Roman Catholics need to comprehend that Christ is no longer an infant but the Son of God. Oh, a quote from the great and powerful Catechism that supports Mary as co- redeemer  of GOD.  Abracadabra! More Mary infusion and confusion next time.





Catholics like to boast about them being the oldest church so that must make them right. Do we say the same thing about a rotten old egg? Believe you me, the Catholics would refine and resign that old egg so that it would smell delicious. They specialize in redesigning words and concepts to make them say what they want them to say. It’s rather amazing to behold but they actually dwell in Imagination Land.

There they create and recreate everything under the sun. This will be my last new post until about November 9th. The computer needs some work. Keep your comments coming as I will answer them all as soon as my computer returns. I will have two repeats daily until I return.

Do you know that I have it in good authority that the Catholics are about to designate Mr. Keebler the Cardinal of cash! It’s been said that he’s rolling in dough!