The Elimination of “Past Feeling”

When you become past feeling it’s as if your conscience has been seared with a hot iron. Every thought of your heart only seems to be evil continually. The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin. Once your soul has been cleansed seek out lost souls who were as in deep despair as yourself. Attempt to win them over to Christ as you have been. The Harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few. Those who have been lost with almost a dead conscience once revived can lead others to Christ. They know what lost people have been going through. Just as they once thought, the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. Now you who were once past feeling having been restored by the blood of Christ can effectively witness to others bogged down in the same mire. Throw them the lifeline which is in Christ Jesus.

The Jewish Talmud About You

If the Jews hated Jesus, how do they feel about Christians? Despite what you read here we are still to pray and witness to Jews. And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Now the tough part, while there is blindness in part, witness to Jews  about Jesus who came and died for them. Be persistent in your witness. 




An Open Letter to Believers in India

From my internal statistics I have learned that many people from India are now reading this website. I know that the major religions in your country are Hinduism and a growing number of Islamics. As I understand it Christianity is now third in your country. Therefore the potential harvest in your country is plentiful for the word of God to grow and flourish. The only way that you can solve the labor problem of finding people to witness the gospel is to witness the gospel to them. Recall the early days in Acts where the disciples spoke boldly the word of God. In the first 9 chapters of Acts you would be surprised as to how many times the word boldly is mentioned. Never be afraid to witness the gospel. Of course the gospel I’m referring to is in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. It is the gospel that saves. That Jesus died for our sins according to the scriptures, and that he was buried, and then he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. That is the gospel that saves. If you spread that gospel the Harvest will increase. And you yourselves grow in the grace and knowledge of out Lord Jesus Christ. if you do that your harvest will be plentiful as well. So go boldly out and Reap a Harvest in India for the fields are white for Harvest.

What Does “Past Feeling” Mean to You?

Do you know of anyone that is past feeling? It seems like whatever they do they show very little conscience as to what they are doing. What amazes me is on how many Born Again Christians are seen on public television in various denominations. Some mega churches have enormous numbers of people attending. With all these people attending church why do the problems of society continue to grow? It seems that we keep our Christianity within the four walls of the church. Outside that safe atmosphere we are either too afraid to witness to others or we just don’t care to. In the area of witnessing our faith, are many of us past feeling in that regard? The only other response is that we ourselves are not growing spiritually. Are you growing spiritually?

Spiritual Blindnessa

Have you ever thought about being blinded? How would it be to not be able to see a new day? Or to see your loved ones? What would it be like to not know the gospel? I know a Buddhist who does not believe in the devil. However just because he doesn’t believe in the devil doesn’t mean there isn’t a devil. In fact it is that very same devil that is deceiving you without you even knowing it. He has you so busy in trying to improve your own life through meditation that you don’t even know your soul is lost. That is how the devil works. The devil has unbelievers and agnostics in his snare. They have been taken captive by the devil to do the Devils will. And the Devils will is to keep you as far away from the gospel as possible. Men love Darkness more than the light and they do not come to the light lest their deeds be exposed. What these kinds of people really need is a light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe you can deliver that light to them? What do you say?

Making Disciples

Making disciples is an investment in someone’s Eternal future. Witnessing Christ should be something every Christian wants to do. The reason we don’t do this is much of our Christianity is Expressed within the four walls of the church. That seems to be a Christians safety zone. Jeremiah said in Chapter 7 that you can’t live like hell 6 days a week and then come and worship Christ on Sunday as if nothing were wrong. Making disciples means an investment of your time in to the lives of others for their Eternal good. Too many Christians are couch potatoes. They would rather watch The Big Bang Theory instead of helping others grow in Christ. Again making disciples is an investment into another person’s life. As for your own Christian walk?

Try this napkin on for size and determine if it fits your lifestyle. In the long run it will make you even more effective in making disciples.

Secretive Christians

Do you know any closet Christians? I get them all the time in my comment section. They don’t go by their real names as they have Code names. I was discussing spiritual things with Lander 7 and I kept asking him about what denomination he was with and his reply was always that he was just there to discuss Christian things. He was kind of mousy about it and had no spiritual boldness. While in his closet he was very Arrogant with me. But I knew nothing about him and he wanted to keep it that way because we were on the internet. So was I and I responded to him with my real name and my background. But he was afraid to reveal any of that to me. He’d act spiritual except for his arrogant Behavior and kind of a superiority complex. He wanted to remain a mystery to me. I wasn’t sure if he was ashamed of the Gospel?

After a Time he went back into his closet where he felt safe again. What a weak witness and testimony he had. I believe this is what they call the new Christian?

Rejecting Jesus Christ

The majority of Jews today still reject Jesus Christ as their Messiah. Many Gentiles reject him as well. There is a cost to that rejection especially at this present time. I believe we’re getting close to the time of the rapture. Jesus said, as it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the day of the son of God. Every thought of his heart was only evil continually. A man’s heart is desperately wicked who can know it? The Lord knows our hearts and he knows who will accept him and who will not. Those who do not accept him will be going through the Great Tribulation or the time of Jacob’s trouble. One would think that after all his miracles, feedings, and signs that everyone will accept him. The Bible says, when Jesus was at the Passover many believed in him when they saw the signs which he did. But Jesus did not commit himself to them for he knew all men. Jesus knew that these people were only there for what I call the entertainment value of Christ. They were there for all the Wonders that he did. But despite all that his own people rejected him as do many people today. If we deny him, he will deny us. Some will not believe in him even when going through the horror of the tribulation hour. That’s hard for me to comprehend but it shows the hardness of a man’s heart. That heart can only be softened by accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. If you are one of those that are reading this right now consider your ways as the prophet Haggai once said. Consider your ways then choose Jesus who will give you eternal life with him. Please consider your ways in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Are you a Conservative Christian?

What side of the bread do you butter? The conservative side or the liberal side?

Remember what Christ said in Matthew 15:9, in vain do they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men. That my friends is the liberal side of the coin. That is vain worship as you’re only going through the motions and accomplishing nothing. Christ affirms that. Without Me you can do nothing.

After all the word of God is living and Powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword and is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

For liberals it’s not the gospel they believe but themselves instead. It’s like the last verse in the Book of Judges. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes which is a good definition of a liberal Christian. And they are carnal at best.

Amen and amen!

Discerning of Spirits

disual-giftsThe spiritual gift that I received from the Holy Spirit is the Discerning of spirits. Expose the unfruitful works of darkness. This was not an asked for gift. I am trying to exercise this gift as the holy spirit would want me to. Solid meat belongs to those who are of full age, that is those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both Good and Evil. When I first became a Christian I had an enormous appetite for the word of God. I not only read the word. I studied it. I went behind the English to the Greek and Hebrew. For example, the word exercised above means by habitual use in the Greek. The Bible commands me to continually test the spirits to see if they are of God. I do a tremendous amount of study on Cults and the Holy Spirit provides me with the ability to discern both the Good and Evil of a Doctrine. Exposing Christian error is next on my agenda and comes under the concept of warning the body of Christ. I cannot do a thing without the abiding power of the Holy Spirit. This is my gift to the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Why Do We Expose Error?

I expose error because scripture demands it. I have been challenged by Christadelphians and Bible students about exposing their evil. They deny the deity of Christ, the pre-existence of Christ, the personhood of the Holy Spirit, and the Triune God. These apostates need to be exposed. They preach a false gospel and Paul warns us in Galatians not to preach any other gospel lest they be accursed.

Those in spiritual Darkness attempt to intimidate this ministry but I move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit which is something they deny to their detriment. They deny the personhood of the Holy Spirit and yet in Acts 13:1-2 the Holy Spirit speaks. How can a force speak unless you were talking about Star Wars?

I know the Jesus Christ of the Bible not the one that Christadelphians and Bible students know. They know the another Jesus of 2nd Corinthians 11:2-4. That Jesus comes from another gospel and from a different spirit. This is eternal life that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent from John 17:3. Maybe that’s what the Christadelphians and Bible students need to do and focus on?

Mormon Hierarchy

af7c7a70ce30480f975792f5833d89d3 A Mormon missionary team came to my door and I invited them in. I asked them who the leader of their church was and they told me the first president. They asked me if I knew who that was? I decided to play along, I said George Washington. They shook their heads and said that he led their church. Oh, he rides around in that vehicle at the Vatican City. They shook their heads again. I said, isn’t that the Pope? One of the frustrated Mormon missionaries told me that the present first president was the leader of the Mormon church and that he spoke to God directly. I replied that the Pope says the same thing. How can you have two leaders that claim each speaks for God? They then said they had another appointment and left. They didn’t even leave a book of Mormon behind. I guess I offended them and I didn’t even have a chance to teach them the Bible. I think I really frustrated them. The sad thing is I couldn’t get a book of Mormon out of circulation.

When Jesus Said, IT IS FINISHED, Why Don’t We Believe That?

Why don’t we take Jesus Christ at his word? He said it was finished. Mormons say that we have been saved by grace through faith plus all that we can do. Where do you find that in the Bible? The Restored Church of God also believes in a works salvation according to the Book of James. Christadelphians and Bible students also believe this. Jesus said that if we deny him, he will deny us.

I just don’t understand why people don’t take Jesus at his word?

Don’t they believe the words of Jesus Christ? He said those words in great Agony on the cross. If nothing else that should convince anyone. Yet so many are skeptical and think they have to work their way into heaven. Paul said, not of works lest any man should boast. There is so much confusion in the church today when people think they have to do something to be saved. How would Christ respond to them?

Amen and amen!