Yoga for Catholics

A middle aged Catholic woman was so excited about leaving her parish the other day, that I asked why she was so happy. It will be International Yoga Day, and I can get a cleansing now. Cleansed from what? If you knew what goes on in that parish, you wouldn’t have to ask. She waved off any follow up questions and danced down the street with glee.

Why would anyone want to open up their minds to demonic spirits which is what happens in Hindu Yoga. Well, I guess they open your mind up in parishes to when they sprinkle incense all about. Maybe even your nasal passages. If you desire something that will cleanse you and clean you out forget all about yoga and try for some yogurt instead. If I knew what went on in that parish? Hmmm? Maybe she was just molested by a priest?


First Chrislam Temple ln Berlin Germany

house-of-one-world-religion-of-chrislam-berlin-germany Pope Francis has been quite busy lately Gathering Buddhist and Hindus to the Vatican City. In America, Rick Warren says there’s no difference between God and Allah. In Washington DC the National Cathedral will hold its first Islamic service. And in Berlin Germany the first Chrislam temple will be built. Where is Mr. Gorbachev to tear that Temple down? Several denominational churches have already embraced Chrislam. Is this the beginning of the new world order? Pope Francis seems intent in bringing all religions under Rome. Stick around for further updates on this Rising concern.


The Rosary came about in the 6th century and is just another relic picked up in history by the RCC. It came through a vision of Mary by St. Dominic who was listening to a song about him in the background by Debbie Reynolds. 

And look who else uses them? Islam probably for how many people ISIS has killed that day, Buddhist and Hindus, and even the Baha’i. Now what exactly does the Roman Catholic do with them?

I will take up that in Part Two.


Coming out of Hinduism and spreading to denominational churches, especially Pentecostal ones, is the Kundalini spirit. Even Native tribes in America are incorporating this into their rituals. It is not the Holy Spirit of the Bible. The Holy Spirit leads to truth and not disorder and sheer craziness. You will find none of this with the Holy Spirit operating within you. The Kundalini spirit is an artificial spirit from a doctrine of devils. If this seducing spirit is in your church now find another church immediately.

The Coming of the Antichrist

Many Antichrist have arrived already that denounce the deity of Christ and His pre-existence. They are merely another Jesus that 2nd Corinthians 11:3-4 describes.

Do any of these name sound familiar to you? The coming of the Lawless one is according to the work of Satan with all power, signs, and lying wonders. I see this in evidence almost everyday now. Evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. These are the times we live in. And what about this?

Did you know that Satan’s last name is Wilby? Isaiah 14:14 says, I will be like the most high. Mormons say that man can become a god. In fact, obedient Mormons believe that they will have a planet on their own with Spirit children who will worship and pray to them. That is utter blasphemy. Don’t be fooled by Antichrist types. These days a lot of them are coming out of the woodwork. Be watchful for the true Son of God!

Breaking Down Mysticism- 1

All of a sudden everywhere you look Mysticism is there. Buddhists and Hindus always have had it, Catholics have used it for centuries, and now it is creeping into the denominations across the lands. What is Mysticism?Mysticism boils down to one word, experience. In the Old Testament it is said that Laban learned by experience. In Hebrew the word experience means the pagan parallel of prophecy. Today you find Pentecostal churches claiming to learn By experience. That gives birth to all kinds of weird things happening in the church. Two churches have made hay on the word experience and they are the Pentecostals and Catholics. Pentecostals have dreamed up their own experiences such as slaying in the spirit, oinking in the spirit, and even throwing mystic charges through the air. Sort of a long distance slaying in the spirit.

I will focus on the Catholics in part two.

The Difference Between Petros and Petra- 1

What is the difference between a pebble and a rock?

Petros or Petra? For each of these words there are multiple forms of definitions. Here, though, I am searching for the meanings of Peter and rock.

Shall we examine Matthew 16:16-18? In these three verses Peter is known as his real name, Simon Peter, Simon Barjona, and finally Peter. Three names in three verses all revolving around the same man. The Lord To clarify whom He was addressing. THOU ART PETER. Catholics claim Peter is the rock in question because of all the other apostles he knew who Jesus was.

Or did he? These are all wrong answers. Jeremiah was an interesting response because- Close But no cigar. Here was the answer and who said it. Simon Peter got the answer right. Or did he? It was revealed to Simon Peter by God. Just as Paul being recognized as the Apostle to the Gentiles by the resurrected Jesus Christ. On his own Peter had trouble putting things together as he did just a few verses later when Jesus revealed to them how he would suffer and die. Peter then rebuked Jesus for that type of thinking. Jesus replied, Get thee behind me Satan.In part two, conversation about the rock.

The Golden Thread

The golden thread represents new thoughts connections between east and west. On one hand you have a vague notion of Christianity and on the other hand Eastern religion including mysticism. The golden thread weaves in and out of Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Shintoism, and Hinduism. There is a church in my hometown that exemplifies this to a T. The church Within also adds Mormonism, Native American religion, and some aspects of Wicca. In my way of thinking the golden thread sounds more like opening Pandora’s Box. I’m surprised that Islam is not mentioned in new thought? How can you have a union of ideas with philosophies so different from one another? With new thoughts there are many Avenues to Eternity whereas the Bible says in John 14:6, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through him. Nobody! Thus. The golden thread has been severed forever by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Outside Heaven are Sodomites

Will those in hell be able to see those in heaven? Not to worry, the dogs mentioned here are not Bow Wows but rather sodomites. This is the best reference to indicate that homosexuals will not be in heaven lest they repent. Their inflamed natures will be set on fire in Hell Fire. Joining them will be sorcerers and whoremongers as well as murderers and idolaters including Hindus and Buddhists. This will be their Nirvana and enlightened state. Finally though there will be here those who love and make lies and even some religious preachers who told their flock the wrong thing. A key word here is the word without. In Greek it is the meaning of outside. Outside of what? I believe it to mean to be outside heaven. It will be similar to The Great Gulf in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. I believe hell will be able to see heaven and what they all missed out on because they could not accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior. Heaven will not be able to see hell and there are many reasons for that. There is no pain in the Eternal state and seeing people in hell would causes us pain. Thus we have come to the end of our countdown Through the Bible. I hope it has nourished your soul.

Roman Catholics, Emergent Church, and Mysticism

I have a video for you today about a human trinity of abomination that is growing by the day. Examine this Video carefully and learn of dangerous practices of these unholy three. Here we go again!

Yoga and Hypnosis

Yoga is really self hypnosis. The danger is what happens if you can’t come back? You are dealing with forces that you have no idea what they are capable of doing. In effect you are playing with the occult. There is a form of Christian meditation and it is called prayer. You can do that in a conscious state. But yoga takes you far deeper into a spiritual stupor. Buddhists and Hindus practice this form of yoga. The secret doors your intent on opening are to the occultic world. And demons can’t wait to grab hold of anything they can of your persona. What if demons induce you to kill yourself? That inner peace you’re seeking will be found in a coffin. You’re tampering with dangerous hosts of wickedness of the occult world. Abandon these dangerous practices and if you truly desire inner peace accept Jesus Christ into your heart. He will guard your hearts and minds from the very forces you’re opening yourself up to in yoga.

Meet Hare Krishna

My name is Hare Krishna But you can just call me Hare. If you love Mantras, This is the place for you. You might even call us Hip Hinduism. Krishna Is our divine spiritual entity and Our mantras are for him. Roman Catholics were like us at one time as they did not eat meat on Friday. We don’t eat it at all. After Vatican 2 bugged out on us. But like us, Roman Catholics love mantras With their rosaries. Will you dig it? Like rabbits, we are reproducing like crazy. Come join us in the mantra. I know the Bible frowns on vain Repetitions but that doesn’t stop us or the Roman Catholics From practice in them. We’re big into meditation too. We always have good fortune and if you don’t believe me you can rub any of my 4 feet for luck. By the way, Roman Catholics reproduce like crazy too. I wonder if the pope will join us? Crazy!i