The Body of Christ versus Acts 29- 1

The largest danger to the Christian faith is found here. The Bible +. For the Mormon faith it is the Bible + The Book of Mormon, the pearl of great price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. For the Roman Catholic it is the Bible + Apostolic Authority, the catechism, the Apocrypha, and tradition. For the Christian Science faith it is the Bible + science and health with key to the scriptures. For the New Apostolic Reformation it is so Bible + Apostolic revelation. And on and on it goes. Each faith seems to need something extra to go along with the Bible in order to be acceptable to that Crew. Some View scripture to be the writings of men despite scripture to the contrary. All scripture is god-breathed. No prophecy of scripture is privately interpreted but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. This tells me that the origin of scripture is the Triune God. Do not add to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. Why does the Bible need any help from all those other things? It is to fit each of their belief systems into a snug little box of their own making. Most of them claimed to be the only true church. That actually marks them out as a cult. In 1st Corinthians 1:10 the Apostle Paul says, I beseech you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you. But they all don’t speak the same thing and there are many divisions among them and such is the problem. More in part 2 so stay tuned.


Lakewood Doctrine Duffer

Have you ever noticed Joel Osteen without that trademark smile of his? You can always see him holding his Bible up but rarely opening it to quote a verse. He is not an expository preacher and I doubt if he even knows what that is. He preaches like Dr. Schuller did but remember what happened to him at the end with his Crystal Cathedral. He wound up suing his church at the end. Will the same thing happen to Osteen?

Gays and Lesbians are God Haters

homosexualityGays and lesbians claims that 48% of them are Christians. They must have a different Bible than mine. Romans 1:30 says that lesbians and gay people are haters of God as one of the many characteristics against their lifestyle. Revelation 21:15 says that outside heaven are dogs. The Greek word for dogs is sodomites. In the Old Testament homosexuals are known as sons of Belial. Sons of Belial do not know the Lord. 1st Corinthians 6:15 says, what Accord has Christ with Belial? Homosexuals and lesbians are not Christians.IMG_20180227_151243And if they follow this gospel they are said to be accursed.

You Cannot Serve God and Money

IMG_20180226_032214How does Joel Osteen reconcile his wealth with Matthew 6:24? You cannot serve God and money. Yet, he does anyway! Osteen is not alone at this. There are hundreds of Prosperity preachers out there. Ordinary People support these hucksters. They take their money and run or fly in their high-priced Jets. They are literally laughing all the way to the bank at your expense. According to the Bible a pastor must not be greedy for money. The Prosperity Gospel stays away from the New Testament and uses prosperity verses from the Old Testament. The reason why is simple. The word prosperity is not found even once in the New Testament. What it all boils down to is that the people that support them are biblically illiterate. They have no discernment whatsoever. These pastors that bilk their congregations have a warm place in Hell reserved for them. Since IMG_20180226_085636Prosperity preyers love the Old Testament so, hear these words from Zephaniah 1:18. Neither there silver Nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s Wrath. And that is the end game for those of the Prosperity Gospel.

I Stand on the Word of God: What about You?

Recently I have engaged in “comment” debate with Brooke and Amanda who hold anti biblical views about homosexuality and politics. I have tried to show them the biblical viewpoint of each which they both rejected. They seem quite content to hold on to their humanistic viewpoints and they attacked the Christian standard. How did I view that?/ I stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Amanda and Brooke stand on sinking sand. Which would you prefer?

Peter Wears the Dunce Cap

Three times in Mark Jesus told of his coming death to his 12 disciples Peter among them. The same Peter that’s some Roman Catholics believe was given the church even though he didn’t understand what the gospel was at the time. Like the others he was in the dark. Peter even rebuked Jesus over this. Got tired of wearing the dunce cap I suppose.

At this time the 12 disciples were a little dense. They had no idea what Christ was talking about just like my friend Kent doesn’t. Well I gave him a question about what the gospel is and he had no idea and I had to show him 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.

Peter is the church and doesn’t understand the gospel message? Don’t fret because Paul does know it as Christ gave it to him directly. Who is that in the corner now? I think I saw the Apostle Peter pouting. No that isn’t Peter but it is Kent.

The Democratic Party is Anti-Christian


This is the two party platform as to what they believe in. The Democratic party is pro-choice. God is pro-life. Therefore the Democratic party is not in compliance with God. How do we know this to be true?

If it had been up to the Democratic party Jeremiah would not have been born. Listen to the word of God. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. What about what Psalm 139:16 has to say?

How does the Democratic party line up with this verse?

If you’re a member of the Democratic Party and you are a Christian that means you are against God when you favor abortion. We ought to obey God and not men. How can any Christian Democrat call themselves Christian when they are part and portion of the murder of innocent babies. If you’re a Democrat, you’re putting leaders in that support pro-choice which is anti-god according to the scriptures.

If I were you, and you being a Democrat, I would think about what God has to say about abortion before you enter the voting booth.

LYING Day Saints

Examine the statistics for yourself. Then go to our category section on Mormons and browse through the entire list of errors that they practice and then ask yourself how anyone could join this cult as Christians? Mormons come into this world as spiritual babies and leave it as gods who will populate their own world with more spiritual babies. Indeed, Mormons are God makers. The Bible says that they will know that they will neither marry or be given in marriage in heaven. The body of Christ has no marriage in heaven or spiritual babies. We are too be Heirs of God and Joint heirs with Christ. Never in any part of scripture are we to be set up as gods of our own world. That is blasphemy. The reason why some people believe that Mormons are Christians is because they are biblically illiterate. They base their statistics on feelings. They see the Mormons as whitewashed tombs but don’t see the inside of those Tombs that are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness. America needs to grow up spiritually instead of the deadheads that they are.

The Bible Speaks

This study on homosexuality focuses on the word Belial. I want you to focus on this word on each Passage. In judges 19 homosexuality is described as being great wickedness, an outrage, and a vile thing. Affirming churches bring in homosexuals active or passive however this study will show that there is no such thing as a gay Christian. Sons of Belial do not know the Lord.IMG_20180201_094541Some say that Jesus has nothing to say about homosexuality but in 2nd Corinthians he does. What Accord has Christ with Belial?IMG_20180201_094814


 Andrew Wommack is the latest to jump nto the Abracadabra ministry phase although he would publicly deny it. The RCC  have been using it in their Eucharist Mass for some time though they also are unaware of it. Abracadabra is actually two words in Hebrew which means I will create as I will speak.  Hmm? Where have I heard that before? THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT!  You know, the Name it, claim it bunch. Abracadabra is consuming more and more ministries each day. Especially the Catholics.