The Megachurch

You just had to ask those Mormon missionaries where Jesus was born didn’t you? And they told you in Jerusalem. But the star is leading to Bethlehem? Little Wonder why we will be about 2 years late.

Are Career Sinning Ministers Biblical?

This lady in particular seems horrified at putting sinning ministers into the pulpit.

Do the following ministers have a good reputation to those outside the body of Christ? Benny Hinn after taking Paula White to Rome, Jim Bakker and his affair with Jessica Hahn outside of marriage not to mention his homosexuality, Jimmy Swaggart and his affairs with prostitutes, Ted Haggard and his homosexuality, Bill Hybels and his sexual assaults of Staff members over the years, Doyle Davidson when he took another man’s wife for his own, David C Pack for excessive spiritual abuse in a previous Church, and Todd Bentley for drug abuse. All these pastors are still preaching despite not having a good reputation to those outside the body of Christ. They don’t even have a good reputation within the body of Christ. If they repent they can still teach after spiritual discipline but they can no longer lead a church. 1st Timothy 3:1-7 provide the guidelines for church leadership. The aforementioned pastors do not follow that guideline and worse still their congregations support their abysmal Behavior. All these pastors literally snub their noses at scripture. Career pastors are not biblically correct. They follow their own rules not those of the Lord. They can still have a Ministry in church but not in leadership. So why do they?

Bible Famine

Romans 10:17 says, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Many churches today have topical sermons with very few, if any, quotations in Scripture. They are the ear tickling sermons. Have you ever heard of Seeker sensitive churches? A pastor who just resigned last week due to sexual misconduct was in charge of a Seeker sensitive Church. That means the pastor asked the congregation what they would like to hear preached. He wasn’t concerned with what they needed to hear preached. That is why there is a famine in the land today. Many pastors no longer refer to the Bible in their sermons. The why is simple. They choose not to have sound Doctrine in the church. They want to hear smooth things that do not interfere with the way they live. Today you find that a good bible-believing church is very difficult to find. You won’t find large congregations but what you will find is spiritual growth. Personally I would choose spiritual growth over a full congregation that is pablum fed. What about you?

Congregational Diagnosis

what is the diagnosis for congregations that sit under false teachers? It is called itching ear syndrome and Q-tips will not solve the problem. We tend to gravitate to preachers that tell us what we want to hear. Some Pastors even cater to that nonsense. Bill Hybels, Robert Schuller, and Rick Warren all went out to their communities to ask them what they wanted to hear preached. Can you believe that? For the time will come, and has, that they will not endure sound Doctrine. This is where itching ear syndrome comes in. They will Heap up for themselves teachers that will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to Fables. It is those in the congregation that seek out churches that offer little by way of true faith.

get out of the way. Speak to us smooth things prophecy deceits. Cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us. Can you believe that? They’re telling God to get out of their way! The majority of these congregations are unsaved people trying to fool themselves into believing they’re saved. They need our prayers.

My ears are itching but this feels ever so good. I won’t tell you what this really means.

Mega churches Should Pay Taxes

I don’t believe the separation of church and state ever envisioned a mega church. I still don’t believe small churches should have to pay taxes. Small churches don’t have their pastors buying Jets or owning Mercedes, Large mega churches have enormous budgets.

Mega churches pay their pastors outrageous salaries exceeding 1 million dollars a year. Nepotism is rampant in those churches where family members are paid enormous salaries. I’m not talking about the pastor that makes $30,000 a year and has to pay for a small house. I’m talking about the pastors that have mansion and swimming pools.

Those bastards are laughing all the way to the bank and many of them could own Banks. Joyce Meyers once had a parishioner give her money for an entire house and later when she needed some help she wrote Meyers and got a response like this. That’s went welfare is for.

This is why mega churches need to pay taxes. If they paid taxes all the rest of the taxpayers would only have to pay 3% taxes. The separation of church and state never figured on mega churches.

New Thought- 2

Mysticism now enters the picture. Before long, the possibility thinking disaster came out of this movement along with Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, and Bill Hybels. Some areas of Pentecostalism came out of this. New thought is a downward progression to disaster. I will conclude this series in part

Seeker Sensitive Church- 1

Seeker sensitive churches and Purpose Driven Church were both Disciples of Dr. Robert Schuller. Schuller many times boasted about Bill Hybels and Rick Warren seeking his advice on how to build their churches. Schuller himself went out to Orange County to find out what the people wanted to hear preached. Forget what God wanted preached as Schuller was a man pleaser. Galatians 1:10 says, if I still please men I would not be a servant of Christ. That is what Schuller initially shared with Hybels and Warren. They have each expanded that vision as Hybels operated a seeker sensitive Church like Robert Schuller had where as Rick Warren started a Purpose Driven Church. All three had mega churches at the time. Now Hybels has stepped down due sexual misconduct and the Crystal Cathedral has been sold to the Roman Catholic Church. Rick Warren remains in charge of his church. There is a new Robert Schuller on the Block since Dr. Schuller passed away about a year ago and his name is Joel Osteen. Osteen is even worse than Mister possibility thinker was. I will pick up in part 2 with Joel Osteen.

Tepid Pastors and Illiterate Congregations

mega-church This is Joel Osteen’s Church in Houston Texas. He is a tepid pastor at best. And a tepid pastor would yield ice cold congregations. Pastors like Osteen have no idea how to preach the word of God.You rarely hear sin mentioned from his mouth. This pastor does not preach about homosexuality, abortion, or drunkenness as they don’t fit his happy feel good sermons. His sermons don’t Inspire his congregation to read their Bible. The word of God says desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow. But you can’t grow in a church like Joel Osteen’s. God said in Revelation that a tepid pastor God would spew out of his mouth. Tepid is another word for lukewarm. Osteen is not alone in this. Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, and the late Dr. Robert Schuller went out to their congregations to find out what they wanted to hear preached. Can you believe that? From whom much is given, much is required. That Unholy three abrogated their trust given to them by God and preached a watered-down gospel. Until congregations demand biblical preaching the situation will get worse and worse. But tepid pastors will never give their congregation good sermons because in their mindset they want them continually as babes in Christ. God help the Church of Jesus Christ today and that should be the prayer of every person in the body of Christ.