Great White Brotherhood in Australia

16106028_1765540007099219_420972 Australia has been plagued by the great white Brotherhood since the 1960s. The ascended masters were big in the United States around that time too. These are supernatural beings much like the superheroes of today. Australian pray to these beings and also meditate to them. They are supposed to evoke healing powers. Black magic is also used in this cult. I would counsel the Australians the same way I would in the United States.slide_3-4Those verses from Deuteronomy cover every aspect of spiritism which the great white Brotherhood is all about. Instead of praying to Mystical beings pray to Jesus Christ to heal you from these abominations. I would welcome any comment from anyone in the great country of Australia.

The Great White Brotherhood in America

413flfIyKcL._SY400_ I thought that the great white Brotherhood sounded familiar to me. Elizabeth Clare Prophet was involved with them. But with her false Prophecy of the end her followers left her in droves. Like JZ Knight, she had intercourse with familiar spirits which are much like the ascended masters.IMG_20180217_102923Familiar spirits and Wizards were forbidden in the Bible. Intercourse with them carried the death penalty. The ascended masters are nothing less than a myth. They do not exist. But when we pray to things such as this, we open up a Pandora’s Box of demonic powers. Why not just pray to God or Jesus with your problems? Here is a Video about these ascended masters.