Are YOU Addicted to Astrophile?

Are you in ASTROPHILE? When you come to this website you learn a few new words. It means a person that loves stars or astronomy. Many people joined NASA for their love of the stars and Heaven’s. These people study about the Stars and planets but they don’t worship them and that is the danger. We are not to worship the host of Heaven.

Astrology is different from astronomy as one is the study of stars and planets while the other is a danger. Crystal balls, fortune telling, horoscope readings, and palm reading are dangerous to the Christian faith. Stay far away from them. White witches tend to use crystal balls. One of my employers used to have a crystal ball and when she showed it to me I asked where you put your fingers and thumb. She angrily rebuked me telling me that wasn’t a bowling ball. crystal balls are nonsense as is astrology. When people call on a psychic to learn the future do you really think the psychic will tell them anything bad? That would cut off the money flow. Stay away from this dangerous practice.

Therefore if you want to study astronomy you are on safe ground even though you’re gaze is up with the Stars. As for astrology leave that for the fools at heart. By the way, the Enoch calendar has Four Seasons each 13 weeks long.

The Astrology Crystal Ball

In Isaiah 47:13 God challenges the astrologers, the stargazers, and the monthly prognosticators to stand up and save them from what God has intended for them. Most people know what astrologers are but what about stargazers and monthly prognosticators? One newspaper in the Midwest has a column called stargazers which most people know as a horoscope. They aren’t as harmless as you think they are. Monthly prognosticators can map out your life by the Stars. I’ve actually seen one of these work and they seem to know a lot about the person they were investigating. That last one is a very apt word in that monthly prognosticators do research on people before they meet them. In that way they have a lot of surprises for them as they map out their life by the Stars. All these things God was warning the People of Isaiah’s Day about. The next verse is very telling. They shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame. And if they can’t deliver themselves, how in the world are they going to help you? Maybe we need a crystal ball to decipher that? I’ll take that up in part 2.

And my horoscope said I was going to have a very good day?