Prophecy Partially Fulfilled

This is a prophecy verse for Israel. One day is to the Lord as a thousand years. After two days God will revive Israel. Many scholars believe that prophecy has been fulfilled when Israel became a nation in 1948. After 3 days he will restore Israel. That third day is yet future and scholars believe that will occur after the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom. Israel has yet to go through the Great Tribulation followed by the 1000-year millennial. Only one-third of Israel Will Survive the Great Tribulation according to Zachariah the prophet. It will be the remnant of Israel. This is a rather exciting prophecy and we are living in the partial fulfillment of this prophecy with much more to come. As the Psalmist says, pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

What does the prophet Zechariah have to say about the time of Jacob’s trouble? . Two thirds of Israel will die in the Great Tribulation. What of the other third? Out of all of Israel God Saves a Remnant for Himself. And after centuries of rejection he will hear his people say, The Lord Is Our God sweet music to his ears. And what of the church, the body of Christ? Prior to the time of Jacob’s trouble they will be raptured to heaven. Unbelieving gentiles will remain with Israel to go through the time of Jacob’s trouble. Zachariah 13:8-9 covers this time period.

Jesus Came to His Own and His Own Rejected Him- John 1:11

In Jesus Christ’s entire earthly Ministry, He only ministered to two Gentiles. Romans 15:8 says, Jesus Christ ministered to the uncircumcised or to the Jewish people.The first

In Matthew 10:3-6 Jesus sent his disciples to the lost sheep of the House of Israel and not to the Gentiles or Samaritans. Those were his Specific Instructions to the 12.

Please note that his ┬áministry was primarily to the Jewish people including the Gospels. He called one Gentile woman a dog in Matthew 15. Can you imagine the reaction to that today? He’d be called out on every Network. But Gentiles in his day were often called a dog. In fact in the Jewish Talmud Gentiles are referred to as less than a pig. Some Jewish people believe that yet today. Not very complimentary to be sure.

In my next posting on this issue I will turn to the Gentiles and their program with God. What you have seen here today is Israel’s program to God which runs from Genesis to the middle of the book of Acts and then again from Hebrews through Revelation. The body of Christ references from Romans to Philemon.

United States and Israel

Presently the relationship between the United States and Israel is excellent. Israel feels they can defend themselves adequately but they are glad that the United States has their back. But will this always be the case?Sometime soon the body of Christ will be raptured to heaven. How will the United States then respond to Israel? Zechariah 14:2 says that in the end times All Nations will come against Jerusalem. That includes the United States of America for without the Christian support the United States will not be backing Israel. Thank God that the almighty will be backing Israel.

The Christadelphian LIE Revealed by Their Own Document!

From their own publication here is absolute proof that Christadelphians said that Christ would return in 1866. 1866 They get around that prophecy by stating that he returned invisibly. Maybe they mistook him for Casper the Friendly Ghost? It’s unusual in that they reject the Holy Ghost because he is invisible yet state that Christ’s return in 1866 was by invisibility?

Maybe they have special glasses that they can see him or maybe they borrowed the Seer Stone of Joseph Smith? Do you see the deceit here? WOE TO THE FOOLISH PROPHETS WHO FOLLOW THEIR OWN SPIRIT AND HAVE SEEN NOTHING from Ezekiel 13:3. I can only think of one prophet that the Christadelphians used to get this prophecy.

Has the Antichrist Revealed Himself?

I do maintain that the Antichrist is alive and well today although up to now his identity has been concealed. The Bible specifies that he will be the one that will build the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

No, John Hagee, notoriously set upon setting dates. Or might he actually be right here?

Barack Obama is not the choice because he was outwardly against the state of Israel and especially Benjamin Netanyahu.

Eczema that last point in the coming of antichrist. Who of late has boasted about building the Third Temple? If this person is the correct one then the Pentecostal Church in America has made a major mistake among the many they already made. Could this man be the Antichrist?

Examine the characteristics of the Antichrist carefully. How many lineup with Donald Trump? Food for thought so what do you think? Donald Trump has speculated that he may very well build the Third Temple. Yes indeed, food for thought.

The Return of the “They’s and Them’s”

When THEY say peace and safety sudden destruction comes upon THEM and THEY shall not Escape. Who are the they’s and them’s In this passage? Unbelievers and Jews, the next few verses say, We are not in darkness that this day should overtake you as a thief in the night. God did not appoint us to wrath. Again, the they’s and the them’s are the heavy’s here. They are outside the body of Christ in darkness. God did not appoint the body of Christ to Wrath. The body of Christ will be Raptured to heaven prior to the great day of the Lord otherwise known as the Great Tribulation. Just as in 1st Corinthians 15:29, the they’s and the them’s are those outside the body of Christ. I hope and pray that doesn’t mean you?

The One Whom They Have Pierced

WOW! Prophecy in action. They will look on Him whom they have pierced. Finally! Eyes opened wide! The Jews will finally recognize their Messiah for who he is. This is one special event. John also wrote on this in his gospel. He gave them the good news which they perceived as bad news at the time. But the time is coming when all knees shall bow to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a wonderful day that will be. This verse sends chills up and down my spine. It’s a matter of recognition long overdue. I love the book of Zechariah because there is so much prophecy to come in it. If you get the chance read the entire book this week as you will be blessed.


But, The RCC doesn’t believe that Bible propaganda. They have a secret and it starts with the word- And all of a sudden, Israel becomes the Roman Catholic Church. That makes the wafer and wine Eucharist miracle appear as nothing in comparison. Now Israel becomes the Catholic. church. All this with scripture to the contrary. I have a question for the RCC. What about Romans 11:25-26?Does Scripture say, Blindness in full has happened to Israel? No, blindness in part has happened to Israel. If the RCC believe they are Israel they will not be raptured prior to the time of Jacobs Trouble which is reserved for Israel and the unsaved. It does say that. But what is meant by all Israel? Get out the parchment! Two-thirds of Israel shall perish in the Great Tribulation. But the third part, He will refine in the fire. Israel will then recognize Christ saying, the Lord is my God. That’s Israel all the way folks! Not the RCC. Unless they repent of their colossal lie they will find themselves here-

If Israel were dead, why all the unfilled prophecies for Israel yet future? Why have they been blinded in part until the fullness of the Gentiles has come In? Repent RCC!

More Jewish Prophecies

Yesterday I showed you from Hosea about the secrets of God to Israel by way of Prophecy. Much like these prophecies.Jesus+a+Zionist


Prophecy. Fulfillment. Shepherds. (3:15; 23:4) 1 Peter 5:1-4; Jn. 10:1-4. All nations united (3:17-18) Acts 2:1-4. Branch of Righteousness. (23:5; 30:9; 33:15-16) Luke 1:30-33; Rom. 1:3; 11:26-27; Rev. 22:16. Ruler from the people. (30:21) Micah 5:2; Jn. 1:11; Gal. 4:4. New covenant (31:31-34) Heb. 8:8-12; 10:16-17.


Understanding the Translation

Hebrews 9:27 says, it is appointed for man to die once. Two people in the Bible have not physically died yet. Does that shock you? How can people in Bible times still be alive today? Elijah was taken up by a whirlwind into heaven in 2nd Kings 2. He did not suffer a physical death even though he prayed for death in 1st Kings 19. That prayer has not yet been answered. That brings us to Enoch for he was not and God took him from Genesis. So when do these two people die? I believe they are the two witnesses in Revelation 11 who will die. It has to be these two because both have yet to die a physical death. So what does all this have to do with translation?q This text from Hebrews 11 uses the word Translate three times. Would that be something similar to what happens at the rapture? It very well could be. Enoch was caught up. Why Enoch? Because Enoch walked with God. What a wonderful statement. And it’s something we can all learn from. I actually prefer the word Translate to rapture because Translate is found in the Bible.

Delivered from the Wrath to Come

.This is the rapture that is described in 1st Thessalonians 4. The dead in Christ will rise first afterwards those who remain shall join with them in the air and be together with the Lord forever. One thing of note. This is not the second coming when Christ returns to the Earth. In the rapture he meets the body of Christ in the air never coming actually to Earth. Here in 1st Thessalonians 1:10 is another clear indication that the body of Christ will be taken out before the Great Tribulation. He has delivered us from the Wrath to come. God has not appointed the body of Christ to wrath but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. There are those that check out nearly every book in creation to make sure these things are so. I shall call that person Tom. Then there is David who knows where the truth is and the difference between David and Tom is that Tom intellectualizes everything. He has to see to believe when faith is the substance of things not seen.