The Body of Christ Versus Acts 29- 3

Of course Jim Bakker was talking about his program being over for the day. With his fellow Two Stooges, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and former fireman Mark Taylor, his program provides more false prophecy than any other program including Sid Roth’s That’s Supernatural. Taylor in particular seems to have God on a string where he hears from him everyday. These three men have done more to harm biblical prophecy then anyone else I can think of. They are part of the New Apostolic Reformation. Supposedly in 2002 the apostolic office was restored with no biblical support for that whatsoever. If it was restored it would not have the batting average this one does. The prophecy accuracy rate of the New Apostolic Reformation is about 22% accurate. The Bible?

Woe unto the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. Just because they say, the Lord told me, that doesn’t mean that God told them anything. Accuracy is the key. Was the prophecy accurate? If not, the prophecy was of their own making. Because you have spoken nonsense and envisioned lies, therefore I am indeed against you says the Lord from Ezekiel 13:8. The presumptions Prophets Jim Bakker, Mark Taylor, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn should be run out of town. Instead people love them. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule by their own power, and God’s people love to have it so from Jeremiah 5:30-31. Yes, the falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. And we are in that apostasy right now. Stay tuned.

King Josiah and Jim Bakker

I am sure in this study that Jim Bakker was about to do was to equate Donald Trump with the King. However King Josiah had to enforce the people to serve him. He had to enforce righteousness. Josiah made all the people obey for all his days as king. The Prophet Jeremiah was largely silent during the reign of King Josiah. He knew that the king enforced righteousness. What was the prophets response? The people obeyed King Josiah in pretense or deception. Jeremiah knew it wasn’t heartfelt. They did it because they were told to do it. Much like evil Kings enforced unrighteousness. And whatever Jim Bakker says you can be sure it won’t be what I just covered. Josiah became king at the age of 8. His first Royal Decree must have been, ice cream for everyone. Just kidding. At 16 he began obeying the Lord but it took him 10 years to get rid of all the horrible things that his father had done to Israel. 10 years would be two and a half presidential terms. Little Wonder why our presidents can’t make lasting change in even two terms. President Trump is no King Josiah. King Josiah’s heart was right with the Lord but his people were used to practicing evil. A change in a person’s heart is what brings real righteousness. And that is what the Prophet Jeremiah was trying to point out. Heartfelt righteousness is what God wants for all of us. He doesn’t want it enforced upon us. I wonder how Jim Bakker managed to twist this text to his advantage?

Put a Muzzle on Lori Bakker

Jim Bakker fake crying. What are you complaining about? I have to hear that continual uh uh uh for my entire show. Pretty soon I’ll be offering a Jim Baker muzzle for free.

Lori Graham Bakker

“Amen uh uh uh oh my uh uh uh. Yes Jim uh uh uh uh. Yes I once had 5 abortions. Uh uh uh uh uh”. I once saw a guest on the show put an imaginary gun to his head during one of her many uh sessions on the show. I’ve never heard so much intelligent talk out of her mouth before. Lori Bakker is the perfect uh uh machine. The best thing that show could do to increase ratings would be to muzzle her. And maybe a spare one for Jim too. Plus a final muzzle for Tammy Sue especially when she gets up to sing. I would think that the Jim Bakker Show is equal in ratings to the test pattern on most Networks.

Jim Bakker vs Jesus Christ

This is Jim Bakker speaking to you from Morningside. Today I understand that Jesus Christ will be making one statement but first I would like to talk about my survival food that you will be needing in the dark times ahead. If I were you I would stock up with the seven year plan. Ben Franklin said that we should be prepared. Boy Scouts say that too and I should know because I was once a den mother. Be prepared for what’s coming. Now I know my food is overpriced and doesn’t have the best taste but it will sustain you through the Great Tribulation. Now I Think Jesus would like to say something.

Wow! That blows my whole gig! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before? Just like in my first Advent I had never seen Matthew 6:24 before. I think Matthew was against me. Sufficient for the day is the troubles there in? Do not worry about tomorrow? Ben Franklin says we should plan ahead! What am I to do?

This is outrageous! How can I counter Jesus’ words? What about all those words I studied in prison? Could I be wrong and Jesus right?

The Three Spiritual Stooges

IMG_20180219_001938 These three pastors should be ashamed of themselves. Were they at all ashamed, no, neither did they know how to blush. 2nd Corinthians 2:17 says, We are not, as so many, peddling the word of God. If you don’t like the word peddling, how about making merchandise out of you? Bakker sells survival food, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee peddle their books, and all three make a tidy profit. These are corrupt men and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself. Yourself, and not your money.

God Doesn’t Send us a Spirit of Fear but Jim Bakker Does

If God doesn’t send us a spirit of fear who does? Well it could be the prince of the power of the air or even Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker’s Show on television is constantly warning about things to come that rarely happen. He brings on Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to con us with one of his frequent books and other guest speakers that love to speculate. Plus every 10 minutes you get a commercial about his survival food. Thinking about his survival food makes me fearful. His food is expensive when you consider shipping and handling on top of what he charges for the food. God gives us love, power, and a sound mind. Jim Bakker gives you fear, Reliance on his ministry, and an unsound mind. The best thing you can do when Jim Bakker’s Show comes on is channel surf.

Heaven’s Tammy Faye, my food has given me gas and it’s clearing out the studio. Lori? Well what do you expect? I’m 80 years old. Get me some Pepto bismo and stop saying uh after every word I say.

Jim Bakker Survival Food

This stuff should be called pale Fiesta. It looks good when it’s made on television but here’s what it looks like in real life.

This stuff will really stick to your ribs because it sticks to the pan and the spoon. I would hate to have to wash the pans after this stuff is in it. Now I know why they call them SOS pads. Is that save our stomachs? And this stuff isn’t cheap! It’s very expensive. Not only do you have to buy the food but the shipping charges are outrageous. But then you have the leftover container which Bakker’s says you can use for a commode. The real outrageous thing is why anyone is listening to Jim Bakker in the first place who swindled people out of millions of dollars at Heritage USA. He had sex with a prostitute and went to prison and still didn’t learn anything. This prophecy accuracy rate on television 20%. The man is a fraud and people are still buying into him. Men destitute of the truth suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself and not your money. Jim Bakker has to know that he is cheating people. It makes me wonder if he really believes in eternity because his won’t be in heaven. It’s the same way with Jimmy Swaggart who cheats people and lies to them continually and then has tears in the pulpit ant people buy that. Incredible! Here is a video of that survival food of Jim Bakker

Prophet Sundar Wrong Again

Give a man a beard And some Israeli garb And you have yourself a profit. Well I guess I can accept that word too. For this prophet is out to make a profit.I have a video for you today about Sundar. You can see him often on the Jim Bakker show which should send up a great many red flags. Why do people continue to follow false prophets?

Jim Bakker Stooge Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, an ex-fireman predicted that Donald Trump would be president during the second term of Barack Obama. When he got that wrong, he predicted Trump would win against Hillary Clinton. 50% accuracy even though he said that God told hime that Trump would win the first time. God doesn’t bat 50%, He bats 100%! Taylor was made famous on the Jim Bakker Show and now some movie company is making a movie about Taylor. Taylor now is promoting his new book about Trump prophecies. He believes that Freemasonry and the Illuminati have somehow made people hate Trump. He left out Creflo Dollar for some reason? Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. I wonder how much survival food Bakker is making out of Mark Taylor?

The Lori and Jim Bakker Show

Lori, I think the show is called the Jim and Lori Bakker Show? No honey I changed it. Women are Rising in the church and this is my show now. But Lamb Pie? Jim, you’re about as old as Methuselah. Nowadays I just put the candles in the batter and the heat from the candles bakes your cake. Now sweetie, I’m sure you exaggerated to the folks out there? Ah huh! Lori, you know how I hate it when you do that. You’re like a mynah bird making fun of me. Jimbo it’s time to talk about the apocalypse. You’re right Lori so let’s open our Bible. No sweetums, I’m talking about the apocalypse when you eat that survival food of yours. It’s literally killing people with salt. But honey, that’s what got you your latest jewels? You mean that slop that we sell to the public? Who in their right mind would buy that stuff? ( off camera Tammy Sue wolfing it down) someone seems to like it Lori? Tammy Sue would eat three-day old moldy bread if you let her. Lori dear, I think you’re being unduly hard on Tammy Sue? James, to brainwash her all you would need is a damp cloth. Now Lori, you’re starting to get me mad. I think I need another round of those bean burgers? Just like I don’t need a new gas mask tonight my darling. Well at least I can use our food containers for a commode dearest one. Is that the secret ingredient to your food Jim? Now Lori, you know Zack is chomping at the bit to get back to being co-host? He’s chomping all right but not at the bit. He’s chomping down on that survival food and beginning to look like the Goodyear blimp. Well Lori, you ruined tonight’s broadcast. What do you have to say for yourself? Da da da da da, hey hey hey goodbye!

Jim Bakker is Due for a Shaking Himself

Jim Bakker Jim Bakker has been warning his congregation at Morningside about the big earthquake coming to California via the San Andreas Fault. He should be more concerned about the New Madrid fault in his area which is 6 times larger then the San Andreas Fault. This is how Bakker looked when he got the news about the San Madrid fault.Jim-Bakker--1280x720 WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL MY SURVIVAL FOOD? IT WILL NOT SURVIVE! AT LEAST IT WILL BE THOROUGLY MIXED BECAUSE ONLY THE FORCE OF A QUAKE CAN STIR THE STUFF.

Creating a Theology Around a Human Being

The Pentecostal Church squeezed a theology and doctrine out of poor Jabez. They took  his words,  ENLARGED MY TERRITORY, and changed it into what they wanted it  to say or mean faster than a speeding bullet.Jesus said, YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY from Matthew 6:24 right smack in the middle of the sermon on the mount. To which Jim Bakker said that he had never seen that verse before he got to prison. Paul and Jan Crouch abused the gospel with their Prosperity Gospel and they used Jabezs prayer to the hilt.


Did you hear that as you read it? Those that pushed the prayer of Jabez did so for profit. They are abusers of Scripture. Some offend the character of Jabez while others do so with Peter which I will take up soon. Withdraw yourself and not your money!