The Body of Christ versus Acts 29- 1

The largest danger to the Christian faith is found here. The Bible +. For the Mormon faith it is the Bible + The Book of Mormon, the pearl of great price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. For the Roman Catholic it is the Bible + Apostolic Authority, the catechism, the Apocrypha, and tradition. For the Christian Science faith it is the Bible + science and health with key to the scriptures. For the New Apostolic Reformation it is so Bible + Apostolic revelation. And on and on it goes. Each faith seems to need something extra to go along with the Bible in order to be acceptable to that Crew. Some View scripture to be the writings of men despite scripture to the contrary. All scripture is god-breathed. No prophecy of scripture is privately interpreted but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. This tells me that the origin of scripture is the Triune God. Do not add to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. Why does the Bible need any help from all those other things? It is to fit each of their belief systems into a snug little box of their own making. Most of them claimed to be the only true church. That actually marks them out as a cult. In 1st Corinthians 1:10 the Apostle Paul says, I beseech you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you. But they all don’t speak the same thing and there are many divisions among them and such is the problem. More in part 2 so stay tuned.



  Last year when the Mormon First President was in Rome he signed a  seal of agreement with Pope Francis as has Rick Warren, Islam, and Buddhism. The one world church is slowly forming via Chrislam. It would be most interesting to learn what’s actually stated in these seals of agreement.

What does the Bible say in response?

Opening the Denominational Box

The denominational Church box has been opened all with man-made founders and each with their own identifying name. I’m glad I attend a bible-based church with no denominational ties and no denominational founder. In fact, that’s just what the Apostle Paul suggested by Holy Spirit inspiration. Now what do we find flying out of Pandora’s Box? The only true church, magic underwear, the book of common prayer, The Book of Mormon, science and health with key to the scriptures, the Watchtower, infant baptism, paid Ministry, acceptance of homosexuals, and the list goes on and on. Paul said we should all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions Among Us. Did the denominational church ever go astray? Human founders produce Church flounders.

Catholicism and Voodoo Makes Strange Bedfellows

What is the fastest way out of a joint Roman Catholic and Voodoo service? A mass Exodus. And there should be a mass Exodus out of this Union!

After corrupt elections in 2000, foreign aid was cut off. Highest HIV and tuberculosis rate in hemisphere (population is decreasing due to HIV) 99% deforestation – and rains have washed away most of the rest of the soil. Massive 2010 earthquake – 300,000+ dead.

Now this connection does not surprise me. Voodoo and Pentecostals do have a lot in common. What is one defining point between the two?Surprise! surprise!

Paganism. Shamanism. God Light Association in Japan. Gnostics. Coptics of Egypt. Voodoo. Hindu Gurus. Fakirs of India. Mormons. Just to name a few.

There is a connection between Voodoo and both Catholicism and Pentecostalism.

The Megachurch

You just had to ask those Mormon missionaries where Jesus was born didn’t you? And they told you in Jerusalem. But the star is leading to Bethlehem? Little Wonder why we will be about 2 years late.

A Different Gospel

A different gospel. If we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel then what we have preached let him be accursed. That is what the Bible says. Read Galatians 1 for more. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, and all Pentecostal churches that believe in an Acts 29 are accursed for presenting a different gospel that perverts the gospel of Christ. They are like the little boy in Oliver as all they want is some more. I once visited a United Church of Christ which taught that the Holy Spirit should be known as the force that is with you. Holy Star Wars Batman. The church is giving way to a lot of different spirits over the years. The Holy Spirit expressly says that in latter days some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils which is found in 1st Timothy 4:1. Avoid any church that gives you a different gospel from a different spirit.

Knock Knock!

Recently the Roman Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Church have been in the news about sexual abuse. What I would like to learn is why Catholic priests, who supposedly know the Bible, commit sexual offenses against children? They know the scriptures about homosexuality especially the Bishops. Yet instead of turning them over to authorities, Catholic Bishops would pass offending priests to other parishes. Where is the logic to that? What it did was to keep all this mess in the Catholic house only. After a Time it was revealed through the media and then the Catholics had to Scurry about coming up with some kind of excuse why they had not reported this to the authorities in the first place. They literally got caught with their pants down and didn’t know what to say. The Catholic hierarchy is concerned with the cost to this nightmare, but not as concerned with the children themselves.

The Southern Baptist Church is reacting to the tragedy faster. The authorities have been brought in right away. For a time Jehovah’s Witnesses also had sex abuse problems within their congregations. There is wide care speculation that the Mormons missionary program have some more problems. The two missionaries are together with each other for 2 years all the time. The Southern Baptists will be facing this head on unlike the Catholics who hid the offenders for years and actually passed them on to other parishes knowing full well they would offend again. It’s almost as if the Roman Catholics had no moral compass to deal with this issue. Remember when the devil knocks at the churches door it should be slammed in his face. That’s how most of the public handles the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Why didn’t Roman Catholic parents bring this to the authorities themselves to protect their children? Another good question. And why are Catholics dragging their feet on this issue? Maybe they like Satan knocking at their door?

LYING Day Saints

Examine the statistics for yourself. Then go to our category section on Mormons and browse through the entire list of errors that they practice and then ask yourself how anyone could join this cult as Christians? Mormons come into this world as spiritual babies and leave it as gods who will populate their own world with more spiritual babies. Indeed, Mormons are God makers. The Bible says that they will know that they will neither marry or be given in marriage in heaven. The body of Christ has no marriage in heaven or spiritual babies. We are too be Heirs of God and Joint heirs with Christ. Never in any part of scripture are we to be set up as gods of our own world. That is blasphemy. The reason why some people believe that Mormons are Christians is because they are biblically illiterate. They base their statistics on feelings. They see the Mormons as whitewashed tombs but don’t see the inside of those Tombs that are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness. America needs to grow up spiritually instead of the deadheads that they are.

Was Joseph Smith the Original Mister Peeper?

Joseph Smith was charged with fraud for hat peeping. He would put a Seer Stone into his hat and look into his hat and tell the future. He would use the same process to decipher reformed Egyptian into New King James English and people believe this? He was charged with fraud for doing this and then turned around and created The Book of Mormon in the same manner that he cheated people? I have a video but confirms this. hat peeper fraud Maybe Joseph Smith had just read Cat in the Hat and transformed it into searstone in the Hat? Or maybe Joseph Smith was just stoned? And the Mormon church rest their entire theology on this nonsense? He cheated people using the same searstone in the Hat trick by telling them their future. Maybe he had a vision of Golden Plates under golden arches at McDonald’s? He and Ronald McDonald would make good teammates. This convicted felon is the Keystone of the Mormon religion? It boggles the imagination!

The Mormon Cult

For just the reasons given here many Mormons are leaving the church. They are learning that the Mormon pattern does not fit into the Bible nor can it ever. Mormons have gone far beyond the Bible despite the warnings not to do so. Joseph Smith was a con man and arrested. Why would anyone put their trust in him? Anyone with a rational mind that is.


In our current generation, most faiths believe the BIBLE is infallible. With that said and done, they really don’t believe the Bible is infallible at all. The Mormons, for example, have the Book of Mormon, the Doctrines and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

But, not To be Outdone, the RCC has the Catechism, tradition which is really open ended, the Pope, and a partridge in a pear tree +too. Each cult and denomination add something to help them understand the scriptures better. What all these lack that the body of Christ does not is the operation of the Holy Spirit within them. THE HOLY GHOST WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH.

Who witnessed to the eunuch in Acts 8? Philip. Who took Philip To the meeting place? The Holy Spirit. When, the Spirit had accomplished the task He came for, both He and Philip were gone. Best yet, the eunuch understood what he was reading. And without tradition or a Course in Miracles to help him out. Baggage groups quench the power of the  Holy Spirit.