The RCC was destroyed in the  year  1500 in its first major split.  It broke apart from The Greek Orthodox Church. And it’s never been the same since.

Not to worry. We have the Abracadabra Encyclopedia Insurance Guarantee that what we do is right.As usual we just add in what we want.  And,Bingo! Sorry, that’s a word we support our gambling operations with. Catholics wanted to go into statues and idolatry and for a time there three popes in operation at the same time! And ever since 1524, they haven’t  FORGIVEN each  over. The sin of schism hangs ugly over their heads to this very day. What they have become are two denominations. We had to get off the stick and partner with abracadabra again. What about Scripture?

14 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Now we might have a problem with that text that even abracadabra can’t fix? Hmmm?













Catholic Tomfoolery

Catholics like to transform more than wafers and blood in the Eucharist. They also enjoy transforming pagan holidays into so called Christian ones. Is it any surprise that the oldest church would take on pagan holidays with their magic transformation process. Never mind that the wafer and blood in the Eucharist maintain the same before and after the partaking of them. What Catholics are set on practicing is mesmerism. Even here the sun god is present. I wonder if the organist plays in the background, Inca, Inca do? Why don’t Catholics care that what they are doing isn’t biblical? Christ was sacrificed ONCE for all according to Hebrews 10:10. When Christ on the cross said, IT IS FINISHED, Catholics don’t believe Him for they serve another Jesus- 2 Cor. 11:4- from definitely another gospel and from a far different spirit. Many priests are closet alcoholics and for what they have to put up with, I don’t blame them. They were admonished by bishops and above to lie if they anything about priests molesting children. The church was more interested in protecting themselves than the children of their flock. Tend my sheep went right out the window.

What’s Wrong with Mary?

Have you noticed yet just what is wrong with Mary? Or even baby Jesus for that matter? Don’t they look a little sickly to you? They don’t appear to look like Israelites at all. They’re so pale and white. If I didn’t know any better I’d think we had met the Mormon version of mother and child. You know, white and delight some.Did you know that Israelite women and men have a darker skin color than those in America? Could it be that Mormon racism has spread to the Roman Catholic Church? I wonder if Mary would still be revered if a black woman? THERE IS NO BEAUTY THAT WE SHOULD DESIRE HIM. That would take out a great many denominational portraits all of which has Christ as a handsome man and most white. Why do we do this? The Apostle Peter never once mentions Mary in either of his epistles. Why? I think American Catholics might be better served to direct those prayers to either Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

Yoga for Catholics

A middle aged Catholic woman was so excited about leaving her parish the other day, that I asked why she was so happy. It will be International Yoga Day, and I can get a cleansing now. Cleansed from what? If you knew what goes on in that parish, you wouldn’t have to ask. She waved off any follow up questions and danced down the street with glee.

Why would anyone want to open up their minds to demonic spirits which is what happens in Hindu Yoga. Well, I guess they open your mind up in parishes to when they sprinkle incense all about. Maybe even your nasal passages. If you desire something that will cleanse you and clean you out forget all about yoga and try for some yogurt instead. If I knew what went on in that parish? Hmmm? Maybe she was just molested by a priest?

Catholic Scisms

The Protestant Reformation could well have been caused by the Catholics still selling indulgences. At one of their many man made conferences that was changed and at Vatican 2 silenced. The Catholics have had four schisms in all. Each time that division in the ranks was over disputes with the Vatican.   Welcome to the world of denominations. By the way, within ten years I will make a prediction of a fifth schism of the United States Catholics breaking with Rome. A look at That schism soon.


If you feel like throwing up right now you are excused. No where in scripture does it state that Mary went up bodily into heaven. In fact it did not become Catholic dogma until 1950. Babies clinging to Mary is gross beyond belief. Granted, her spirit and soul are in heaven but the only physical human bodies there are Enoch and Elijah who have yet to die a physical death. Revelation 11 will be there time.

This a Catholic feast day much like Jeremiah 7 describes for their Queen of heaven. You might want to check that out?


Welcome to Catholicism Land, I am your host, Abra Kadabra. Mysticism is my game through the Roman Catholic Church and mesmerism one of my key tricks. For example, the RCC did not start in 33 AD as there is absolutely no mention of it in all of scripture. It is a carpetbagger religion picking up bits of perversion here and there through out all of history. A better start date around the time of Augustine. Catholicism is not the church.

They don’t submit to Jesus but they do to that beaded contraption the Rosary. Mesmerism. If you want to sample the RCC Mary check out Jeremiah 7 & 44 for their Queen of Heaven. When Jesus was with his disciples he was made known that Mary wanted to see him.

Turning to his disciples, Jesus said, YOU ARE MY MOTHER, MY SISTERS, AND MY BROTHERS. For all we know, Simon the Zealot May have been his spiritual mother?Nothing In Peters demeanor was pope like. Again, one of my few tricks under my sleeves. In the Bible, Peter never mentioned Mary but the rest of the Popes fawn over her like an idol. I will return soon with more magical moments with the RCC. I bid you farewell.

The Case Against Roman Abracadabra Churchianity- 3

Well, RCC? Are you ready to come clean? You had a pebble in your shoe that you thought was a church. But you were wrong! You were slick though. You take a verse in Matthew 16 and ABRACADABRA, you have the Catholic Church. The Rock is Jesus Christ. Peter was but a pebble in comparison. I like that text from Deuteronomy 32. The Catholic Rock is not like our Rock. How about a comparative chart with the RCC on the left and the body of Christ on the right.Catholics represent churchianity. Examine the two lists and the differece is clear. That Catholic foundation of sinking sand is showing itself again!

Wouldn’t it be a kick if the pebble Catholic Church turned out to be the Lutheran Church? No, I guess not.

Now that could be a little bit of Catholic? Maybe that’s what a priest says to change the communion elements?

The Apocrypha 2

Right off the bat we have a grievous error. Alms does not purge away all sins. Only the blood of Christ can do that. Simon the Sorcerer thought he could purchase the Holy Spirit with money. Peter said, Your money perish with you.

Judith is full of historical errors. 2nd Maccabees doesn’t even line up historically with 1st Maccabees. Of the two 1st Maccabees makes more sense.Catholics grabbed what was good for their doctrines while ignoring the errors. In their heart they know the truth of how they have added to the scriptures. While some of them are good for reading, they are not canonical. Just as the Catholics are not spiritual Israel although they like to pretend that they are. 23% Of biblical prophecy is for Israel yet fulfilled. Israel goes back on God’s timetable in Romans 11:25.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary to Scripture- 4

I must confess that Catholics are meat eaters because they are full of fantasyland baloney in much of what they believe. The Catechism represents the doctrine of men to them. IN VAIN THEY WORSHIP ME TEACHING AS DOCTRINES THE COMMANDMENTS OF MEN. Catholics also offer us their version of New Math here. They try to squeeze Mary into that Equation time and time again. Lets do the scriptural and admit that the Mary system is flat out wrong. Kent: But What If Jesus doesn’t respond to us as the only Mediator and we just don’t know what to pray for. Mary then?The Catholic Mary needs to retire and return to the biblical Mary.