Ignorance Thy Name Is Kent

I have a reader by the name of Kent who is a staunch Roman Catholic. Or is he? He comments on almost every Roman Catholic post I do but he doesn’t read them. Or at least all of them. My internal tracking sources tell me that he rarely reads an attachment or listens to a video. Case in point was a recent article in my series on Roman Catholicism myths. The category was humor with a point. My three characters were the Pope, the Mormon first president, and David C Pack of the restored Church of God. Before I said David Norris is taking over I called these three men The Three Stooges. In his comment back to me he thought David Pack was my minister and the restored Church of God my home Church. I told him that I write a lot of articles against the restored Church. He even sent me an attachment on his comment but he did not read the article entirely or he would not have sent such a response. Kent is either extremely ignorant or incredibly stupid. I told him where my categories were and he could check out the restored Church of God category or the one on David Pack. I’m sure he didn’t do that.

I think what might serve Kent the best his to find another website that supports his points of view. He doesn’t even accept what his own Pope teachers. Please pray that God will Grant Kent a measure of forgiveness for his ignorance.

Mike Peters of the Indianapolis Church

This is Pastor Mike Peters of the Indianapolis Church who spends the majority of his time writing books, making tapes, and playing golf. He is the type of Pastor who if he hears a child crying during his sermon will walk out to the congregation and rebuke the child in the presence of all. If necessary he will paddle the bottom of the child in the presence of all with no one confronting him. I have seen him rebuke a woman in front of all to the point of Tears. To say that he has the autonomy of that service is most correct. He knows his Bible front and back and how to use it to his advantage in his congregation. They meet from house to house and on occasion rent a portion of the Indianapolis Zoo for their services which under the circumstances is quite appropriate. He allows no one to challenge him as his authority is supreme. I have seen him separate couples. To say that he has cultic tendencies is an understatement. I have made many attempts to contact him but he will not do interviews. What he will do is ask you to read his books or direct you to his website to purchase them. Most of the people in his congregation live extremely close to where he lives. Once the Indianapolis monthly publication went to his home to interview him. The street was full of people until he got out of his car and went to the door. He looked behind him and suddenly the street was deserted. He probably thought he was in the Twilight Zone. Peters would not answer the door. This is the type of Pastor that literally owns his congregation. And needless to say it is a very dangerous cult. If anyone knows more about him please leave us a comment.


I know a man who goes to AA meetings on a regular basis to commiserate with former alcoholics little realizing that the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin, including the sin of alcoholism. One of his arguments is that Jesus made wine. Really?

THREE MAJOR DIFFERENCES. Wine in Bible days had a much lower alcoholic content than our wines or alcohol beverages today. Ancient wines might have had alcoholic content from 5-6%; its dilution ratio with water was based on its strength; the stronger the drink, the more it was diluted. The result would be a beverage with low alcoholic content (1-4%). Modern wines have an alcoholic content far greater and produce intoxication much quicker.

I wonder how my friend will try and justify this?

Summit of Lies by Roman Catholics

With all the cover-ups in the Roman Catholic Church among the leadership where is the accountability? Catholics claim the levitical priesthood but in that priesthood there is a age of accountability which is 30 years old. They don’t practice that anymore as there is no accountability in the Roman Catholic Church. I have a great video on this subject which should raise some Discerning eyes. Pope Francis protects his Inner Circle. He would rather protect his brothers of the cloth than innocent children under his watch. The bottom line is that the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy does the exact opposite of the Bible. Let each esteem others better than himself. And have you noticed the pride in the Roman Catholic Church? Isn’t the devil the chieftain of pride? The two make for a perfect couple.

The Jesus Seminar

The Jesus Seminar has been around for a while and is a bunch of egghead Scholars that have denied the deity of Jesus Christ. I was a visitor at a Presbyterian Church where the seminary pastor was teaching and he was telling a group of 50 that some of the things that the Jesus seminar taught were accurate. I should add that the very next day the seminar denied the resurrection of Christ. The group that I attended did not object at all when the Seminary pastor said he agreed with some of their teachings. The group probably thought that since Jesus’ name was brought up, it must be okay. I raised my hand and said all their teachings were an abomination before God. An elderly lady on the other side of the room agreed with me. No one else was moved at all. On the way out of the church an even more surprising Revelation came forth. The older member walked out with me to the parking lot. She told me that she knew this church taught bad Doctrine but she had been a member for 20 years and wasn’t about to change. Incredible! Here are some of the conclusions of the Jesus Seminar. 2nd John 9 says, whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. That is the Fate of the Jesus Seminar people. What that group of Eggheads fail to realize is this.

The Artificial Holy Spirit

Yoga is a method to get in touch with your inner being. Why? Why do you want to get in touch with your inner being? Is it for Spiritual power? Like the 70? EVEN THE DEMONS ARE SUBJECT TO US! These 70 men were rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit and were soundly rebuked by Jesus Christ. Don’t rejoice in the power but Rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Are you practicing yoga for some kind of spiritual power? Why? Instead you are opening yourself up for Spirit possession by demons. The Pandora’s Box you’re opening is full of demons that can easily take over your body making you think it is spiritual. Yoga is a dangerous practice something almost akin to hypnosis. The difference is that you’re hypnotizing yourself instead of someone else. You’re opening yourself to demonic powers. Inner peace is found only through Jesus Christ. John 16:33 says, in me you have peace. In the world you have tribulation or troubles and pressures. But be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. The Peace of Christ passes all understanding including that of yoga. Satan loves blank minds that allow him to infiltrate your spirit. You are messing around with the spiritual hosts of wickedness.

Mormon Moments

According to 1st Timothy 3:7, a church leader should be blameless to those outside. Joseph Smith is hardly blameless. He was a con man and practiced polygamy.

Who would vote for a man like this? He makes Donald Trump look excellent.

Thank God for the Civil Rights Movement to make God change his mind. At least the Mormon God. But which one? The Mormon God was selected by a council of Gods. I wonder who selected the Council of Gods?

Which of these Mormon facts are true? Mormons are weird. Jesus forgives sins. Mormons are saved by faith. We are saved by grace, after all we can do. Unless you are Mormon you will go to outer darkness (hell). Witnessing Mormons.



How can we talk up here if there’s no air? That’s easy. We’re wearing our magic underwear!

Jeremiah and Habakkuk on Idols

Have you ever asked a block of wood to wake up? What about talking to a stone and asking him to rise up? If you have I can tell you one thing. The paramedics are on the way with a butterfly net. Now the Pope can get away with calling Stone, Mary Because he believes in the virgin mother. But if that’s his mother, I mean his real mother, that Pope is also stoned..That Pope would be better off talking to a tree and calling him father tree. At least that would be keeping with their tradition. But if he thought a Rock gave birth to him then he should be called Rocky in the head! You can see what nonsense all this idol worship is so why practice it in the first place?
Goodnight Gracie!

Roman Catholicism Justification of Errors

Here therein is a problem of the Roman Catholic Church as they attempt to justify their errors in any way they can. Do not add to his words lest God reprove you and you be found a liar. To add to their many layers of error the Roman Catholics adopted the Apocrypha.

In 1546 at the Council of Trent they Incorporated the Apocrypha into their theology to justify errors in Doctrine.

To show you the duplicity of Roman Catholic thinking they know the Apocrypha has errors but to justify their doctrines they turn to lies.

Roman Catholics know the historical inaccuracies of the apocryphal but they don’t care as long as they cover their false Doctrine. Who is the father of Lies? Satan the true leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

In an attempt to justify their lies to appease Satan they incorporate it into their theology.

Jesus and his apostles never spoke on any of these things. So why should we focus any attention on them?

Catholicism is the Great Satan

I actually like having Kent come here as he is the best poster boy for Catholicism that I know. In the last month or so that he’s been around 18 Catholics have responded to me that they are leaving the Catholic faith for they see it what it is now. A corrupt machine operated by Satan. They prey on little boys, coerce seminarians to become homosexuals like themselves, they say they’re the only true church and boast of that whereas Pride is one of the greatest sins and one that Satan would endorse. They say Blessed Be to Mary which is the same greeting Satan adores. They ask Mary to protect them as sinners when it is the Holy Spirit who convicts us of our sins. I pray to Mary as a mediator says Kent when Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. Even in church Catholics bow to statues of Mary. They not only worship her they adore her. The Catholic church is so full of error that I hope Kent continues to write here because he has become the greatest recruiter ever to remove Catholics from their faith by his insipid responses to questions. And then there is that 1%. Where is all the other Catholic Witness for their faith? Kent is the only one that has questioned my reports on Catholicism. You know why? Because since 1956 Roman Catholic membership in the United States has fallen by 65%.

Mind Control Cults

I would like to focus on the isolation aspect of this one. Many years ago David Koresh and the Branch Davidians kept to themselves until the very end. Everyone in that cults waited in the ashes of that compound that had been burned to the ground for David Koresh to rise from the dead 3 days later. It never happened and many left the faith after that. Koresh was a dominant leader to the point of being cruel but he had his followers under his thumb completely. Part of his tools was isolation from family and friends. The Church of Scientology operates much in the same way. Of course Scientology is not really a church. L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer prior to his founding Scientology. In the premise of that cult was a science fiction Tale so incredulous that I’m surprised anyone believed in it. When your isolated from family and friends your mind is more fertile to cult brainwashing and sleep deprivation is another way to accomplish that. I will look at another technique in my next post.