According to the Bible What Can we Eat?f

This is a list of food that people aren’t supposed to be eating according to the Old Testament and Leviticus 11 which is about clean and unclean food. Specifically that was written to the Jew. What about Christians? Can we eat those Foods even called unclean by Leviticus?

Nothing is to be refused if it is received with Thanksgiving for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer including those Foods from Leviticus 11 called unclean. Every creature of God is good. Leviticus 11 was for the Jew under the law. If your part and portion of the body of Christ you are not under the law.

What about your pets? There is some information what is not good for dogs.

I didn’t see liver on that list and I used to feed my dog that under the table.

Eating healthy is good for man and Beast alike.

Put a Muzzle on Lori Bakker

Jim Bakker fake crying. What are you complaining about? I have to hear that continual uh uh uh for my entire show. Pretty soon I’ll be offering a Jim Baker muzzle for free.

Lori Graham Bakker

“Amen uh uh uh oh my uh uh uh. Yes Jim uh uh uh uh. Yes I once had 5 abortions. Uh uh uh uh uh”. I once saw a guest on the show put an imaginary gun to his head during one of her many uh sessions on the show. I’ve never heard so much intelligent talk out of her mouth before. Lori Bakker is the perfect uh uh machine. The best thing that show could do to increase ratings would be to muzzle her. And maybe a spare one for Jim too. Plus a final muzzle for Tammy Sue especially when she gets up to sing. I would think that the Jim Bakker Show is equal in ratings to the test pattern on most Networks.

Marion and Joplin Clubs Celebrate Family Thanksgiving

Two Boys and Girls Clubs celebrated Thanksgiving early with family night. Marion, Indiana and Joplin, Missouri had a great evening of family and food.

I wish both of my former clubs all the best in this holiday season. The first picture is at Joplin and the last two at Marion.

Prayer Should Never Be the Last Resort

Today I had an interesting thing happen to me. I ate a normal breakfast but the bacon was not well done part of it got caught in my esophagus. Normally this would call for a certain type of medicine that breaks it up. The last time I had it I drink a glass of water with the interior of the pill in the water. It also got caught in my throat and I began choking and gagging as the medicine had no place to go. I began to pass out when all of a sudden the passageway opened up and I could swallow again. It was very scary and I didn’t want to go through that again today. I ate breakfast at 8 in the morning and then could not swallow anything again. Everything came up that I tried to swallow. I didn’t want to take that medicine after what had happened the last time. The alternative was going to the hospital. Finally I thought of Prayer in regards to a healing. I’m really down on Ministries that heal because of what they represent. And they really bring down the name of Jesus Christ by their actions. These are the Benny Hinn’s land Joyce Meyers who make a mockery out of healing by somehow turning it into the Prosperity Gospel for them. At this point though I did turn to Jesus as a last resort and there was a vacancy there. I focused on him deeply and in his name prayed that the obstacle instructed my esophagus what depart and it actually did. I have been healed in minor things before but never something like this. All morning long I couldn’t swallow anything and the hospital was a last resort. Well, not really the last resort that was Jesus but he was still open to me and healed me and all praise and glory goes to him for what He did for me. Prayer to me has always been to glorify God. I will remember what he did for me today.

Oh yes, in the name of Jesus he will save you too and there is no other name under Heaven or Earth by which you can be saved straight up. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God


Stand up, sit down, kneel, and then do it all over again and again. Let us stand, let us kneel, and let us sit. Only Jack LaLaine puts you through a more vigorous exercise program. Plus the chanting which makes you feel like you’re in a Boris Karloff thriller. A parishioner was overheard to say, I feel like I’m a jack-in-the-box. Body exercise profits a little.Have you ever wondered why Catholics hate the reformation so much yet at the same times loving the hymns that came out of that time?

The Fruit of the Spirit +

51tsgEMJGSL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Without the fruit of the spirit in operation the spiritual gifts are worth nothing. In the original Greek, love embodied the remainder of the eight fruit. How well has the fruit of the spirit affected your life? Examine yourself. Our extra feature involves real fruit. The fruits you see below can help you fight off cancer.hssuperfruitsStay healthy with these super fruits and each day cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit in your life.