Why is Jimmy Swaggert Still Preaching?

Why is Jimmy Swaggert still preaching? The New Testament provides us with biblical standards for pastors. When Swaggert had multiple affairs with prostitutes, while married, he was committing adultery. He who does so destroys his own soul. His reproach will not be wiped away. Does Swaggert have a good testimony among those who are outside? Absolutely not despite his teary eyed confession. According to scripture he can never again preach. Can he teach? Absolutely but only after a lengthy period of restoration.

He would need to undergo biblical counseling according to the scriptures. But he can never preach again because he has destroyed his reputation as a pastor. By remaining in the pulpit, Swaggert is thumbing his nose at the scriptures.

How has Swaggert handled this requirement for a pastor? How is an adulterer a good manager of the household since he cannot even manage himself? Swaggert does not belong in the pulpit and his elders need to remove him from his ministry. Yes, there is forgiveness but there are also consequences.