Paula White is Spiritual Advisor to President Trump

Paula White Dispite the fact that Senator Grassley is investigating Paula White, President Trump has selected her as his spiritual advisor. I would think Mr. Trump has enough problems without having this pastor as his advisor. Could the president have selected her on her qualifications as being blonde and beautiful?3a3ce6e1b8e3e676b77fc0a6fa7844d5

And where is the discernment of the president? This woman doesn’t even meet the qualifications of a pastor and she’s been divorced 3 times and does not have a good testimony to those who are outside according to 1st Timothy 3. She is also very greedy for money which pastors are not to be. If the president says he’s a Christian he should know the qualifications for a pastor.

Paula White or Jesus Christ?

Paula White says that if anyone tells you to deny yourself, that person is from the Devil. What does Jesus Christ have to say on the same issue? Whom are we to believe? Jesus Christ or Paula White? I think it is more than obvious that Paula White is of Satan. 1st Kings 18:21 says, How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God follow him, but if Baal follow him. I hope Paula White has a Baal with Satan.

President Trump and his Jezebel Spiritual Advisor Paula White

hqdefault-3 As a spiritual advisor to President Trump, why is Paula White in such a seductive pose with the president? A bigger question. Where is President Trump’s discernment? It is a fact that he didn’t check her out thoroughly. Here are Paula White’s qualifications for spiritual advisor. She has been divorced 3 times, had an affair with fellow televangelist Benny Hinn, then told her congregation that unless they donate a months salary to her Ministry God would be displeased with them. Plus she is part of the New Apostolic Reformation and a woman pastor which the Bible prohibits. Every time Paula White takes a picture with anyone she is all over them. A spiritual advisor should be beside the President and not cozying up to him. With another woman suing the president it would seem that he would be more careful with Paula White? She supposedly led the President to the Lord many years before. What kind of characters does President Trump associate with? I’m surprised that the Democratic Party hasn’t jumped all over this. It was said that Melania Trump had the White House cleansed of evil spirits after the Obamas left the White House but that was fake news. Maybe Milani Trump might really think about this again to get the Jezebel spirit out of the White House? And how does Melania Trump feel about woman draping themselves all over the President?

Paula White is Biblically Illiterate

Paula White needs to study her Bible more instead of continually asking for funds for her Ministry. Jesus said that those who deny themselves and follow after him are his disciples. It would seem that Paula White’s own words condemn her as a Bible illiterate. She knows all the prosperity verses from the Old Testament because there are no Prosperity verses in the New Testament. None! How did she ever become President Trump’s spiritual advisor? I wonder if she wasn’t blonde and beautiful if President Trump would even have given her a Second Glance?

United States President Donald J. Trump (C) sits between Paula White (L) of the New Destiny Christian Center and Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Wayne LaPierre (R), during a meeting on Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 01 February 2017. Credit: Michael Reynolds / Pool via CNP – NO’WIRE’SERVICE – Photo by: Michael Reynolds/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

citizens of the United States, I Donald Trump would love to have Paula pretty as my personal rifle carrier. Paula, would you like to say something? Mr. President and members of the NRA I would like to say that I’m similar to a rifle as I’m always shooting my mouth off about raising money for myself. Thanks Donnie baby.

TD Jakes

TD Jakes is a Oneness Pentecostal and his doctrine is from the pit of Hell. As you can already see for yourself his teaching on the Triune godhead is totally wrong. This is the man that put Paula White in the ministry. They both are greedy for money and play the opposite of Robin Hood. They take from the poor and give to the rich; themselves! I think I’ll have some of these phony televangelists join a sewing Circle because they love to talk about sowing. I call what they practice seedy faith. Has TD Jakes ever read Matthew 6:24? You cannot serve God and money. Jake’s is destitute of the truth because he thinks that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself! Good advice from scripture. Withdraw yourself from TD Jakes!

An Assessment of Spiritual Donald Trump

You shall know them by their fruits. What kind of spiritual fruit does Donald Trump produce? Does a multitude of Lies count? Does unfaithfulness to his wife count? Does his unmerited pride count? What about his choice of people he surrounds himself with? It was Paula White who led him to the Lord and she is one of the most corrupt Pentecostal preachers out there. She has been married three times, had an affair with Benny Hinn, asks exorbitant sums of money from her congregation, and is a liar that preaches a false gospel. And this is Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor? He also has Kenneth Copeland as a spiritual advisor who won’t fly commercial because he considers the public a tube of demons. He also is a false preacher. If Donald Trump is learning from false teachers his salvation will be false to.

A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT! An executive like Trump is used to getting his own way in business and for others on his board to carry out his plans along his way of thinking. It is not like the president of the United States. That requires finesse and integrity. Donald Trump runs things his way and those that disagree with him become his enemy. He is like a steamroller and if you don’t agree with his position look out for your lives. Has he done a good job as president? Reasonably so despite a bombardment of negative press and a Democratic Party that tries to obstruct in every way possible. Washington DC was not prepared for a businessman to take over the government. What about the president’s character? In some ways he’s brutally honest and in others is highly deceptive. Someone needs to take that Twitter account away from him. He is not presidential as most of us understand that word. But he is effective in much of what he does. Unlike a lot of presidents he has kept his promises that he made while campaigning. As for the wall the Democrats are being highly hypocritical as 10 years ago they wanted a wall too. Just not on Trump’s watch. I think Trump believes he is spiritual but if he came in under the wings of Paula White I would question what he knows of the Gospel. A president does not have to be spiritual to be effective however Trump uses spirituality more than he believes in it. Without the Pentecostal movement behind him he would not have become president. But what did he promise them? It almost makes me shudder to wonder what? My overall spiritual grade for the president would be a C+. However if you take into account his true spirituality then it would have to be a F. You shall know them by their fruits and his character is sorely lacking in Christian fruit


Recall the incident in Matthew 16 where Jesus supposedly makes Peter the first Pope? Seconds later Jesus gives Peter the gospel of 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 and Peter rebukes that gospel.  IF WE OR AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN BRING ANY OTHER GOSPEL BEFORE YOU THAT I HAVE BROGHT BEFORE YOU, LET HIM BE ACCURSED FROM Galatians 1:8. Jesus then said of Peter, Satan, get thee behind me. That could well have been a rebuke to the Catholic faith.

I was reading Acts 1-8 this evening when the Holy Spirit brought something to my eves that I had not seen before. Examine Acts 8 verse 65 closely. Up and until Acts 8, the baptism of the Holy Spirit had  not occurred? So how did Peter baptize?But  PETER WAS WITH THE 11 Disciples when Jesus gave His Great Commission? It would seem that Peter didn’t do a lot of things right.   Why that little devil crossed out the words of God just as the Catholic Church rearranged the 10 Commandments.

Peter represents the Modalism movement today that prays only in the name of Jesus. Oneness Pentecostal TD Jakes does the very same thing!  And he is the spiritual father to Paula White who is a spiritual advisor to President Trump.   Peter, you’ve done it again!



Good morning to you all. For those not in the know I am president Trump otherwise known as the Donald. I am here today to update you on my spiritual counsel. After all they are the ones that got me elected. And no Paula, I was not about to pull the chair away from you. In fact once I found out what a crooked Minister you are I almost considered you for vice president. No offense Mr. Pence. I also didn’t know that half of you are being investigated by Senator Grassley. It seems you have a way of cheating the public without taking much Flack. I need to know how you do that for my dealings with the press and the Democrats. And, no, Mr. Copeland, you do not have an Air Force in the United States. In fact we’ll drag you in the air whenever you want.OH, MR. Duplantis, no cracking jokes during my news conference. I know you’re a riot at your church but I am in charge here. Keep it up and I’ll make you my court jester. As if I didn’t have enough problems already. By the way,  Benny Hinn? I would like you to take my dog for a walk now and teach him to heal. In that way he can lay paws on you and heal you of trying to have an affair with Paula White. She’s my baby and don’t you forget that. Mike Murdock? With your experience with money I may make you Secretary of the treasury. Just don’t use your wisdom keys to fleece any money from me. Yes this is the bunch of characters that make up my spiritual counsel. Juanita Bynum? I’d like to consider making you my secretary of defense only please take off that Miracle robe of yours. You look so silly in here with that on. Is Doctor giggle here today? Oh yes I see you now. Pat Robertson, I’d like to have you host a few Democrats on your program the 700 Club. Nancy Pelosi comes to mind. And maybe even Hillary Clinton? After all she needs some air time so she can Grumble some more about how she lost the presidency. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh Pat, will you please wake up Dr. Ben Carson again? He does that every so often. In conclusion, the Donald would like to say that I consider you all my friends but only if you get out the vote in 2020. Paula? I’d like you to speak to the country next week and persuade our citizens to surrender a month salary to help build my wall. You have a Church Without Walls but I want a country with walls. Thank you and God bless the United States of America and my company.

Jim Bakker and Donald Duck

Oh, boy, I don’t know if I can do this or not. Paula Poo White just asked my flock for a million dollars to open the treasuries of heaven but so far not even a dime. But if Donald Duck could put me in touch with his Uncle Scrooge McDuck all my problems would be solved. Donald?
wild duck sounds
I guess I caught you in on a bad day but I need your help. I suppose you saw Paula Poo and me today?  wild duck sounds!

Ill take that as a yes. Donald I need a voice for the prophets badly and a new Studio. What do you say?  A NEW VOICE DID YOU SAY? A MILLION DOLLAR VOICE? I agree. Where do I sign on the dotted line? No more of that mouse and his darn club. Now I’ll be the star!

Donald, you have it all wrong. I need a million dollars for the Voice?

And how much for that face? Wild duck sounds!


I would like to examine the BIBLICAL qualifications of Paula White for ministry. Her mentor is millionaire pastor TD Jakes and she is a spiritual advisor of President Trump.

Is she blameless? Hardly but to be fair all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Is she the husband of one wife?  No, she reversed that term. Biblically, she is not to reverse such as when she told her flock to give her a months salary or God would get them. Is she sober minded? Not sure? Does she have good behavior? If according to the Bible no. Is she hospitable? I would say yes. Is she apt to teach? Incorrectly, yes. She is a prosperity preacher.

Is she violent? More threatening than violent. Is she greedy? Yes, she has four mansions across the country. She is very covetous? Am I right to judge her? Absolutely! Paula White Cain has a horrible reputation outside the body of Christ. Inside the body of Christ she fares even worse to those that know the scriptures. Stay far away for this charlatan.


False Prophet Mark Taylor: ” God Told Me “

Mark Taylor is a false prophet. He is also a doom and gloom prophet. A very telling point is that he often appears on the Jim Bakker Show which in my opinion makes his credibility a big fat zero. He is the prophet that said Trump would be president unfortunately he got the wrong year 2012. The Bible tells me this is a false prophet. These phonies often use the term, God told me. Ezekiel 13 would counter, you say the Lord says, WHEN I HAVE NOT SPOKEN. Why would God speak to any prophet that appears on the Jim Bakker Show? Jim Bakker is a liar and a fraud. Everyone today says the Lord is coming soon and perhaps he is but we are to be sober and vigilant in this time. I don’t think God likes his name being used in vain. No one knows the day or time but God knows. Mark Taylor has predicted that the Lord will come sometime during Trump’s presidency. Let us examine that point. Trump has selected for his spiritual advisors Paula White and Ken Copeland two of the biggest Crooks in religion. Trump attributed Paula White with leading him to the Lord. This is the same woman that tells her congregation to give a month’s pay or God will curse them. This is Trump’s spiritual advisor? Copeland is just as bad. If Trump listens to these people I would doubt that he has an ounce of discernment. These ministers are not God’s spokesman. They in fact are deceivers and the Bible does warn us about that. Imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. Mark Taylor also falls into that camp. When he speaks on the Jim Bakker Show it helps propel Bakker’s marketing of survival food and gear. I see Mark Taylor as a Balaam prophet. Balaam was a prophet for gain and he always wanted to hear what more the Lord would say to him. All these people fall under this indictment, Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.

Pentecostal Congregations EXPECT a Show

I would like to introduce myself . I am Glinda Hermeneutics and it is my job to ferret out the truth. It’s a sad thing to say but Pentecostal Church congregations expect a show instead of Bible learning. They come to see Benny Hinn do slaying in the spirit, or Paula White browbeating her congregation to give a month’s salary to her Ministry and her Antics to get it, or to listen to Mike Murdock’s Seed Faith, or to want to watch Jesse Duplantis’ Comedy Hour. They don’t come to hear the gospel but to enjoy a performance. One leader had the children of the church jumping hysterically up and down to rid them of demons and the audience went wild. Is this what church has come down to? Pentecostal church services are increasing weekly as hundreds of people go into them. They find bible-believing churches boring. They don’t see the word of God as being living and Powerful. And until they do nothing will get better. Bible prophecy actually predicts this. The falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. We’re seeing the falling away right now so can the man of sin be all that far behind? This is your investigating reporter Glinda Hermeneutics reporting from Pentecostal Peril Land.

JZ Knight : Adultery, Fraud, and Swindler

a1jzknightmug27Why are all the phoney hucksters blonde? You have Paula White, Barbie Breathitt, and Knight herself. She married a horse breeder and while married she had sex with him prior to marriage cheating her own husband. The man she married knew a lot about horses and over the course of time she did too. When she divorced her husband, this second husband, she inherited most of his horses and these are million-dollar horses. She now breeds and sells these type of steeds. And we haven’t even got to Ramtha yet. Ram, as they call him, is a 35000 year old Warrior from Atlantis who speaks through Knight. Ramtha is nothing less than a familiar spirit which is forbidden by scripture under the penalty of stoning. Again the illiterates who follow her love to have it so. She counsels them through Ramtha. These are very expensive sessions and is similar to how Scientology operates. Different language but same principle. Knight has gotten to be a millionaire several times over largely due to her School of Enlightenment. Thousands of students attend that mockery of a school. A former employee said he once heard Knight off the stage practicing her Ramtha voice. This whole operation is a Ponzi scheme to make Knight wealthy at the expense of her gullible followers. Followers make these people wealthy. Maybe we need someone to bring followers out of a spirit of stupor?