Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 1

Jesus said that Believers were to be set apart by truth and that includes Democrat and Republican believers. In Washington DC that’s a misnomer if ever I’ve heard one. This Democratic Party has done more harm to the United States in the last 2 years then any Democratic Party in the history of the United States. They are obstructionists and I hope the Republican Party remembers this if the Democrats take back the White House. So-called Prophet Mark Taylor doesn’t believe this will ever happen again but he is wrong. If you look at the history since Eisenhower was president every eight years or so whatever party is in power loses that and gets their turn at bat. I’ve never seen bipartisanship as bad as it is today. Who in their right mind would want to run for office and sit in either the House of Representatives or the US Senate and here on this back-and-forth bickering day in and day out? Who would want to go through the scrutiny that is put on politicians today? And with the very corrupt news media why would anyone want to run? Where are all the stories about how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are doing their best to unseat Trump? How come the Press has done little coverage on John Kerry’s negotiations with Iran despite the fact he is not working for the present Administration? By negotiating with Iran on his own is not that an act of treason? Why is there no press coverage on any of this? Whatever happened to Fair coverage of the media in America? Even television shows that have conservative characters have either been canceled or written out. One reason is obvious as to how our country is going. Every great civilization Has Fallen by a loose sexuality including homosexuality. The Democratic Party is for homosexuality, for abortion, and against School prayer. Unless things change and soon our country will be going down the toilet. Washington DC as a whole, including President Trump, better learn how to work together to solve the nation’s ills or our whole system is on the verge of collapse. Maxine Waters and her statements against Republicans that work for Trump should have been outlawed by Congress a long time ago and federal charges should be put against her. John F Kennedy would be ashamed of the democratic party of today. In Part 2 I will take on the Press of the United States.


As you would normally expect the party lines were partisan except for the Independent Vote. 61% of Independents do NOT want the President impeached. They desire that both parties work together to solve the business of the United States. In the last election, 40 democrats were elected promising those that voted for them that they would cross party lines to get things done.

When either Republicans or Democrats try that sort of thing they are threatened ny their own party to fall in line or they won’t be appointed to committees. Then when new politicians enter the swamp, they learn this. Why give up $174,000 annual salary FOR LIFE to do the right thing for your constituents when you can profit so much for yourself there now and for life? I can only see the President earning an annual salary for life. The others should lose their income when they leave office. I say get about the nations business and forget going after anyone. This country needs to be bathed in prayer.

Democrats Increase their Ungodliness

Democrats are now trying to change the Oath by which politicians take office by omitting so help me God. Apparently it wasn’t enough for them to boo God at their last convention or to support abortion and homosexuality while denying the school prayer each morning. The Democrats are fast becoming the anti-christian party. It’s a wonder to me how any Democratic Christians, let alone pastors, could vote for anyone democratic that stands for these atrocities? We ought to obey God rather than men. It makes me wonder if the next Democratic presidential candidate would have The oath on the Bible if they won? Something like this happened in early Biblical history that you might remember.

If they have no biblical wisdom in them how in the world are they going to rule this country? The Democratic are now the anti-christian party of the country.

Catholic Myths- 21 Buddy Prayer Candle

Last night I lit a candle for my buddy George and put it at the end of the table. I want to say another prayer for him tonight. Oh my God! Look at all these candles! Last night it was just mine. How am I going to find George in all this mess? What if someone blew His candle out? He’s going into surgery right now. And I don’t have a candle. Oh my God! What am I going to do? What did I say? There’s a lot of candles here tonight. I’ll just blow one of them out and light a candle for George.

Hey! I have a novel idea for you. Why don’t you just say a prayer to God without a candle? Use the direct method. A draft could have burned out your candle? Besides I’ll save you some money and you can use those other candles for birthday candles. Just simply pray to God for George to be alright. I know it’s not the Catholic way but it’s God’s way.

Spiritual Warfare

spiritual-warfare-prayerPrayer is a most effective weapon of the full armor of God. Prior to any Warfare we must be prayed up fully. We do not know what to do but our eyes are upon God. Though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our Warfare are not carnal, But Mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every other high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to The Obedience of Christ. That is some task but easy to accomplish with God at your side. With God nothing is impossible. Victory! If God is for us, who can be against us?

The Full Armor of God- The Shield

Ephesians 6-16 Taking Up The Shield Of Faith yellowIncoming! Thank God for the shield of faith as it is able to quench the fiery darts of the wicked one. A shield can also be used as an offensive weapon. It can repel the enemy. That is what faith is all about. We have faith in God to repel our enemies. But a large part of faith is prayer and we also pray for our enemies that we may be sons of Our Father in heaven. Prayer also is an offensive weapon of the full armor of God. Who can withstand you if you use the shield of faith, prayer, and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. You are now equipped with the offensive weapons to deal with any enemy. Praise the Lord.

Catholic Myths- 6 The Rosary

I can almost envision Kent wearing one of these around his neck and counting the little beads as he prays clutching his Rosary tightly. Is the rosary like a talisman? Is it like a good luck charm? Is it similar to a horseshoe? Well, like other things in the Roman Catholic Church, it arrived on the scene around 1099 a d. Up until that time the Roman Catholics would just have to pray like everyone else. You might notice the cross hanging from the rosary. I personally do not wear a cross or any kind of jewelry. I prefer others to discern the cross like life I lead for Christ. The Catholics are more showy and they have to have something that sets them apart thus the Rosary. I wonder what color Kent chose for his? Probably blood red? I can just see this man clutching the prayer beads tightly as he prays. Mary Mary my true love, Come a swooping like a dove. Of course preceding that is the Hail Mary. Thus he is invoking the power of the Rosary making it nothing less than an idol. Clasped hands aren’t good enough for a Catholic. They always want some more. Kent once told me that he loved 1st Corinthians. Instead I wonder if he just adored Corinth which was chock-full of idols.

Catholic Myths- 4 Is Mary a Mediator?


There is that nun again praying to The Apparition of Mary. I guess Jesus and the Holy Spirit were busy?


have a hard time with that one mediator especially since it’s not Mary. Many Catholics have her as a co-redemptrix. Of course the Bible doesn’t support that. It does support this.

Wait a minute! Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both mediators? Wouldn’t that be two then? Sorry Roman Catholics as you are wrong again. There are three that bear witness in heaven. The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one according to 1st John 5:7. But getting back to that nun praying to an apparition of Mary?

Hey Catholics! If Mary was so important why wasn’t a whole book given to her like to Esther and Ruth? Maybe you should get your rosary out and find out why? In either of his epistles, Peter never once mentions Mary. Why is that?

2020 Election Checklist


If you agree with the Democratic platform it is hard to imagine you as a Christian for you go against God’s law. For abortion read Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:16. For homosexuality read Romans 1 in its entirety and Judges 19 + 20. Prayer, shall be made to Him continually. That’s hard to do when prayers are banned in public schools. A vote for Democrats is a vote for Satan’s agenda.   You will pay out of your taxes. Immigrant send money back home while getting free healthcare, food, and education. How many of those things do you get free?

The Witchcraft of Heidi Baker

My video today is from Heidi Baker and what she does to Children is an abomination. Nothing in her repetitive words are scripture.

Baker witchcraft Again, examine her repetitive words in prayer and then hear these words from Jesus Christ.

Whose words would you rather follow? Jesus Christ or Heidi Baker?


I Know a Man who claims to be a Christian yet carries a massive Grudge against psychiatry. In his mind he would like to destroy them or kill them or blow up their Professional Buildings. I have often given him these two verses. If he can’t forgive the psychiatrists then God won’t forgive him his trespasses. He tries to justify his behavior by saying that he is like Jesus with the Pharisees. But I don’t recall Jesus killing any Pharisee or blowing up their synagogues. To get even with his enemy he will justify nearly everything. He wears his Grudge like a badge. He says psychiatrists have ruined his life. Even when told that God will not forgive his trespasses unless he forgives others, he even tries to justify that. He has an unrepentant heart that is as cold as ice. If he doesn’t change that unrepentant heart will follow him into hell. If Jesus could forgive his toormentors from the cross then this man can forgive the psychiatrists that supposedly ruined his life. Jesus said, father Forgive them for they know not what they do. My friend would counter that by saying, but they knew what they were doing to me. Justify, justify, and justify. I ask for prayer for this man that the Lord Jesus will heal his heart and restore unto him peace. Forgetting is forgiveness. He needs to move on with his life anew. Pray to that end please.


Catholic Tom Foolery

Why not have fireworks so signifying prayers going up before God? Pyrotechnics would be most effective especially indoors. Incense? Rather silly? Why not have the bread of heaven reverse course and return to heaven?

To Christians the bread and wine in communion signify flesh and blood. Where in John 6 is incense used?  When I pray I know that my prayers are going before God. I don’t need incense to Mark the spot.