Bible Dinosaurs

When doing this study I learned a few new things which is always good to do. Did you know that The word prehistoric and dinosaur are relatively new? There’s another black mark against evolution. Yet we know from archaeology that dinosaurs existed before those dates. Even in some caves sketches were found of dinosaurs on the walls. Elsewhere on my website I have a category dinosaurs where I talked about Behemoth and Leviathan from Job 40-41. But here are some amazing facts from science. I think that with my other studies on dinosaurs this about completes this category. Check out the category dinosaurs for more at the bottom of the page.

Behemoth & Leviathan

IMG_20180116_095209 The two creatures in our title are found in the Book of Job. Behemoth is described as having a tail like a Cedar in Job 40:17. But the more engaging one is leviathan. Job talks about filling his skin with harpoons. ” remember the battle, never do it again” Job 41:8. That sounds like it could refer to a dinosaur. Any hope of overcoming him is vain, shall one not be overwhelmed at the sight of him?- Job 41:9. Whatever Job is describing sounds fantastic. When it raises himself up, the mighty are afraid. But here is the key. On Earth there is nothing made like him. Well, those are the verses in the Bible that might indicate a dinosaur, especially the last one when it says there is nothing on earth made like him. Thoughts?

What Leviathan?

Leviathan is an unexplained mystery in the Bible. It could be a number of things in different texts. In the Psalms it sounds like a dolphin playing among the ships. In Job it sounds like a dinosaur and in Isaiah it is known as a twisted serpent much like our photograph above. I have a video on the subject but it to is speculation. Leviathan Here are some other samples of what Leviathan might be. So what is leviathan? Take your pick. It could be a multitude of creatures in the various verses in the Bible. No one knows for sure but speculation abounds. Maybe it is something like the Loch Ness Monster?