God and Money

Benny Hinn is correct when he says that he will remain rich as long as people don’t read the Bible. The prosperity preachers can only find the word prosperity in the Old Testament and it was based on Israel’s obedience to God. The word prosperity is never once found in the New Testament. How can Prosperity preachers justify their behavior when the word prosperity has nothing to do with the body of Christ? These are people destitute of the truth who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself. Instead the Bible illiterate withdraw their money to send to these hucksters. Benny Hinn wants his congregation dumb. But he is actually the dumb one because does he think that God is blind to what he is doing? The prosperity pastors have a lot to answer for before Jesus. I can’t believe that the prosperity preachers are so blind to what they are doing unless God has already sent them strong delusion that they should believe the lie. If so that would explain a lot. Still, what about the illiterate congregation? I sometimes think of that in regard to Joel Osteen and his congregation. If the blind lead the blind both fall into a ditch. And believe me, that ditch is going to be plenty full even to overflowing.

John Hagee and Joel Osteen

John Hagee associated with some of the worst pastors such as Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis and now Joel Osteen. Hagee has no discernment whatsoever. What he does have is false prophecies such as a blood moonHagee and Osteen these two should be avoided at all cost. They are both part and portion of the Prosperity Gospel. Did they ever hear the words of Jesus? You cannot serve God and money. Enjoy the video.

Ministry Salaries

My home Church paid our pastor $50,000 a year. He also received a parsonage as part of his benefit package. Our new pastor wanted more so he rejected the parsonage and bought himself a larger home complete with a bar and that should have told us all something. A few churches don’t pay their Pastor any salary. They work at a secular job and preach on Sunday. The separation of church and state began largely to assist small churches succeed. It was never intended for mega churches. Why? These two” parsonages” belong to Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen. Are they living anything like their members?Why wouldn’t someone want to be in Ministry with perks like this? It all goes back to Jeremiah 5:30-31. An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, the priest rule by their own power, and my people love to have it so. Do you see the problem? Those that support the pastor love to have it so. Jesus and his apostles and the Apostle Paul suffered hardship during their life. Jesus had no place to lay his head and remember there was no room for him at the inn. It looks like he might have had a little room for himself at either Joyce Meyers or Joel Osteen’s home. I’m starting to believe the churches should pay their fair share of tax.

The Headless Chicken Prophecy of Heidi Baker

Yes, Heidi Baker is the one that had the Headless Chicken prophecy. And yet she claims to be an apostle? A true Apostle had to be at the resurrection of Jesus Christ from Acts 1:20-21. She looks pretty good for just over 2000 years old. And see how well she Lines up with being an apostle in First Corinthians 4. A true apostle live a depraved life, having very little except persecution continually. Heidi Baker lives in luxury with only verbal persecution from people that see right through her. So how did she come to be an apostle? For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into Apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of Light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness. They make themselves into Apostles of Christ by the power of Satan. That is found in 2nd Corinthians 11;13-16. Simply put, she made herself an apostle by way of Satan. I sure wouldn’t want to be one of those who follow her! If the blind lead the blind both fall into a ditch.

Vatican Going Broke

Each year since the child molestation story broke some four years ago the Catholic treasury has gathered less and less income. That on top of the current Vatican financial scandal and poor real estate deals could have the RCC in financial foreclosure by 2023. Complete parishes are closing due to molestations which is not all the Catholics fault as the Homosexual Agenda has targeted that church, among the Southern Baptist and Pentecostal Church USA, with bringing them down. Where all three lacked was there lack of spiritual discernment.

BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT. The Eucharist was celebrated with the same hands that alazacadamned the wafer and the sexual parts of children. How could any agency cover up an abominable crime like that? WILL YOU COMMIT ADULTERY AND THEN COME AND STAND IN THIS HOUSE WHICH IS CALLED BY MY NAME AND SAY WE ARE DELIVERED TO DO ALL Of THESE ABOMINATIONS? From Jeremiahs temple sermon in Chapter7.

As for the Roman Catholic and Pentecostal churches in particular, NEITHER YOUR SILVER NOR YOUR GOLD SHALL DELIVER YOU IN THE DAY OF THE LORDS WRATH.

Creating a Theology Around a Human Being

The Pentecostal Church squeezed a theology and doctrine out of poor Jabez. They took  his words,  ENLARGED MY TERRITORY, and changed it into what they wanted it  to say or mean faster than a speeding bullet.Jesus said, YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY from Matthew 6:24 right smack in the middle of the sermon on the mount. To which Jim Bakker said that he had never seen that verse before he got to prison. Paul and Jan Crouch abused the gospel with their Prosperity Gospel and they used Jabezs prayer to the hilt.


Did you hear that as you read it? Those that pushed the prayer of Jabez did so for profit. They are abusers of Scripture. Some offend the character of Jabez while others do so with Peter which I will take up soon. Withdraw yourself and not your money!





I would like to examine the BIBLICAL qualifications of Paula White for ministry. Her mentor is millionaire pastor TD Jakes and she is a spiritual advisor of President Trump.

Is she blameless? Hardly but to be fair all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Is she the husband of one wife?  No, she reversed that term. Biblically, she is not to reverse such as when she told her flock to give her a months salary or God would get them. Is she sober minded? Not sure? Does she have good behavior? If according to the Bible no. Is she hospitable? I would say yes. Is she apt to teach? Incorrectly, yes. She is a prosperity preacher.

Is she violent? More threatening than violent. Is she greedy? Yes, she has four mansions across the country. She is very covetous? Am I right to judge her? Absolutely! Paula White Cain has a horrible reputation outside the body of Christ. Inside the body of Christ she fares even worse to those that know the scriptures. Stay far away for this charlatan.


Creflo the Counterfeit Dollar: Dancing on Dollars

Here’s how Creflo Dollar puts an anointing on money; By running up and down on it. Creflo craziness Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money. Creflo has invented a new way of tithing called dancing on dollars and his partner is biblical corruption.

A tithe of everything FROM THE LAND belongs to the Lord not money. If Creflo wants to dance on something for a tithe perhaps this would be more appropriate to the scriptures at hand.

Creflo Dollar, the old grape juice maker. Nah, he’d only be whining about that too. Who ever heard of an evangelist with purple feet?

The Falling Away Comes FIRST

The time of the falling away has arrived. I am 100% convinced of it. Almost daily another apostate group pops up and the falling away is within the body of Christ. I have a good friend that is caught in the middle of one of these groups called the restored Church of God. That body believes that if you leave that particular Church you are doomed to hell. The only true church syndrome. They capture Souls by their own doctrines of men. Jesus would counter that saying, in vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men and you can find that in Matthew 15:9. But there is more to the falling away than the Restored Church of God. The Elijah List, the New Apostolic Reformation, the Hebrew Roots movement, Messianic Judaism, and many more to follow. Many in the body of Christ are being swept into this funnel that will lead to destruction. One of the meanings of falling away is rebellion. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. This is a rebellious people, lying children, children who will not hear the Law of the Lord, who say to the seers, do not see, and to the prophets, do not prophesy to his right things, speak to us smooth things, prophecy deceits, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us and this is from Isaiah 30:9-11. The church is in Rebellion against God. We have fallen away from the Bible and giving heed to extra biblical revelation by pastors that have no business in Ministry.This is Todd Bentley and he has no business in the pulpit. He is out of the extreme prophetic movement. I believe the beginning of the end started at Azusa Street with the Revival of the Pentecostal movement and things have spiraled downward ever since. Each new group seems worse than the other. They get further and further away from Bible truth. And no one seems to care. Congregations applaud their foolishness. 1st Corinthians 2:14 says, the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, because they are foolishness to them, nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. Discernment in the church is missing in action and has been for some time. The church has fallen for all the foolishness of the Pentecostal movement. We are very close to the rapture. Then the man of sin will be revealed and some pastors will be left behind because they taught their people the wrong things. If the blind leads the blind both will fall into a ditch from Matthew 15:14. The punishment of the prophet Shall be the same of the punishment of the one who inquired and you can find that in Ezekiel 14:10. You won’t be able to blame your eternity pn false teachers because you have a responsibility to know the truth that will set you free but only if you abide in his word, the word of God and John 8:31-32 is where that is found. If you are a part of that Falling Away crowd, repent and return to the body of Christ before it is too late.slide_35

Coping with Copeland- That’s Hard to Do!

For starters, here are a couple of quotes from Kenneth Copeland.



That last statement reminds me of something from Isaiah 14:14./


Well I’ll be! Copeland wants to be like Satan! After a revelation like that, I’m wondering what Copeland is thinking?


I think I’m spiritually constipated. I don’t feel so good.

Why do False Leaders Flourish?w

Do you want to know the real reason false teachers flourish in the church today? It is because of YOU. You support them by sending them money and you do so because they keep you entertained and away from your Bible. They are more interested in entertainment than biblical truths. For the time will come that they will not endure sound Doctrine, because they have itchy ears, they will Heap up for themselves teachers that will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to myths. Biblical illiteracy is the cause for false teachers flourishing in the church. Until we realize that they will continue to flourish and enrich themselves.

Pentecostal Congregations EXPECT a Show

I would like to introduce myself . I am Glinda Hermeneutics and it is my job to ferret out the truth. It’s a sad thing to say but Pentecostal Church congregations expect a show instead of Bible learning. They come to see Benny Hinn do slaying in the spirit, or Paula White browbeating her congregation to give a month’s salary to her Ministry and her Antics to get it, or to listen to Mike Murdock’s Seed Faith, or to want to watch Jesse Duplantis’ Comedy Hour. They don’t come to hear the gospel but to enjoy a performance. One leader had the children of the church jumping hysterically up and down to rid them of demons and the audience went wild. Is this what church has come down to? Pentecostal church services are increasing weekly as hundreds of people go into them. They find bible-believing churches boring. They don’t see the word of God as being living and Powerful. And until they do nothing will get better. Bible prophecy actually predicts this. The falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. We’re seeing the falling away right now so can the man of sin be all that far behind? This is your investigating reporter Glinda Hermeneutics reporting from Pentecostal Peril Land.

Those that Abuse their Authority in the Gospel

Prosperity-Gospel-100-web2-1-72079-daily-dependence-matthew-6-24 How can those who peddle the Prosperity Gospel get by this verse? If you cannot serve God and money, why are they trying to do just that?micah-3-11-her-leaders-judge-for 1st Corinthians 9:18 says, when I preach the gospel, I may present the Gospel of Jesus Christ without charge, so that I will not abuse my authority in the gospel. So why are all these televangelists abusing their Authority in the gospel without anyone objecting? Instead we support them. I think the Pentecostal Church has the most illiterate congregation in the world. By the way, the word prosperity is never once found in the New Testament.12407228_963507817057292_1149146