Mike Peters and the Indianapolis Church

Mike Peters and his church in Indianapolis is very bizarre indeed. I have a link to it here.Mike Peters A friend of mine took me to one of the services in an apartment complex. I felt like I was on biblical Jeopardy. I was quizzed on my knowledge of the Bible. I saw people come in and out of this apartment taking whatever they wanted. The majority of the group lived in this apartment complex and they held all things in common. They borrowed what they wanted and then returned it at a later date. This caused me to investigate this group. Mike Peters later moved this group to a housing area on the northwest side of Indianapolis. When the Indianapolis magazine reporter went up to his house the street was filled with people. But as he was about to knock on the door he looked back and the street was deserted when moments before it was full of people. Needless to say that scared him a bit. He attended the services as part of his investigation and found that when children were unruly within the service he would take it upon himself to discipline them some even by spanking. And right in front of his parents. I would check all the links in my attachment to have a better view of this body. Mike Peters is the man in charge and make no mistake about that. He lives off this ministry and likes to take extended golf excursions around the country for he is an avid golfer. I’m sure along the way he finds his 18-holies. Leave us a comment if you’ve attended his services or have a thought or two about him.

Mike Peters Marriage Wrecker

Mike  Peters has a website called  All at His Feet. The Indianapolis Church is a home wrecker as to his counseling style. He rarely sides with the husband and urges separation often. There is a website on Peters on the Internet but it hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Couples would discuss how Peters counseled and the majority of women seemed afraid of him. I’m not sure what counseling training Peters has had if any. He also likes to isolate those who seek him out as to immediate family and friends. Surprisingly he wants his Clients  to have a reliance on him and not on God.

I would urge people with marital problems to seek the wisdom to heal first from your pastor. Biblical counseling is a wise option.

At his church Peters sermons are biblical. He doesn’t like to be questioned.



Walking in Truth

In the past several posts I have warned about various groups including the church in Indianapolis operated by Mike Peters, the church Within, Sharia law in Islam, and various other groups. The body of Christ can avoid all these Splinter groups by merely walking in truth. That’s what the Bible says! When you walk in truth you can avoid all the contaminations of religion. Jesus Christ sets you free from all that nonsense. After all Jesus is the truth and the way and the life. So walk in Christ and you will avoid all these other Fringe groups.

Is Mike Peters of Indianapolis an Emergent?

This is from where Mike Peters teaches. I have a Cult forum attachment for you today about people affected by Peters ministry. I was invited to join this group back in 1991. I went to an apartment where I was grilled as if I were on Jeopardy about the Bible. they seemed satisfied and then shared a meal with me. During the meal some guy walked and unplugged a television set and then left with it. I pointed that out quickly and was told to not be concerned. Peters group lives by this standard and the group holds all things in common. They all live close to one another as well. Presently they all live in a housing complex in northwest Indianapolis. Worship is informal and often. If you’ve been negatively impacted by this group check out the attached forum for help. Marriages seem to break up a lot under Peters leadership. Please pray for these people.

Prosperity Gospel Pastors Claim Christ and His Apostles were Prosperous

Does this sound prosperous to you? Jesus said, you cannot serve God and money in Matthew 6:24.

It doesn’t appear his apostles were very prosperous either. Prosperity pastors teach a false gospel.

We are not, as so many, corrupting the word of God which is found in 2nd Corinthians 2:17. The word corrupting means making merchandise out of you. If you will recall Jesus chased the money-changers out of the Temple with a whip of cords. That would have been the prosperity preachers of today.

Does Mike Peters sound like a cult leader to you?

As The Indianapolis church grows So does the influence of the self Ordained Apostle and Teacher.His income also grows enabling him to Pursue his love of golf And it’s resulting 18 holies. He firmly believe that God is sending him Messages by way of rainbows. A Rainbow to Mike Peters Has become a sign for church planting. That led he and his Congregation From Vermont to Indiana. They all live in a commune on the north west side of Indianapolis. His latest Rainbow has led him to Columbus Ohio where he also plans to build a church. It’s a little Surprising that he has not named his church rainbow. His church has split Families apart. He counsels the woman to leave the husband. The man has absolute authority in his group which is the supreme mark of a cult. People should avoid this man like the plague.

Mike Peters of the Indianapolis Church

This is Pastor Mike Peters of the Indianapolis Church who spends the majority of his time writing books, making tapes, and playing golf. He is the type of Pastor who if he hears a child crying during his sermon will walk out to the congregation and rebuke the child in the presence of all. If necessary he will paddle the bottom of the child in the presence of all with no one confronting him. I have seen him rebuke a woman in front of all to the point of Tears. To say that he has the autonomy of that service is most correct. He knows his Bible front and back and how to use it to his advantage in his congregation. They meet from house to house and on occasion rent a portion of the Indianapolis Zoo for their services which under the circumstances is quite appropriate. He allows no one to challenge him as his authority is supreme. I have seen him separate couples. To say that he has cultic tendencies is an understatement. I have made many attempts to contact him but he will not do interviews. What he will do is ask you to read his books or direct you to his website to purchase them. Most of the people in his congregation live extremely close to where he lives. Once the Indianapolis monthly publication went to his home to interview him. The street was full of people until he got out of his car and went to the door. He looked behind him and suddenly the street was deserted. He probably thought he was in the Twilight Zone. Peters would not answer the door. This is the type of Pastor that literally owns his congregation. And needless to say it is a very dangerous cult. If anyone knows more about him please leave us a comment.