The Cognitive Dissonance of Christadelphians

Christadelphians are a classic case of cognitive dissonance and ignorance. There is so much evidence regarding the Triune God in both Testaments yet they deny it. They regard God only. To them Jesus is a created being and the Holy Spirit is the force of God. In Acts 13:1-2 that Force speaks verbal words assigning Paul his destination. If you go to the category Belgian I have ample information about the Triune godhead that should convince anyone with an open mind and an Open Bible why the Christadelphian problem stems from ignorance. They believe they are going through the tribulation hour which means they are Kingdom people. They do not believe in the Rapture of the body of Christ. Their biggest problem is they do not know how to rightly divide the word of God. I didn’t either for a Time but I do now. What holds for them also goes for the Restored Church of God and they are very similar in their inner core beliefs. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Unfortunately the same holds true for the opposite. Train up a child in the way he should not go and when he is old he will not depart from it. It takes more than a crowbar to pry someone away from a cult. It takes spiritual intercession and prayer. Pray for those Bound by cognitive dissonance and ignorance to come to the Glorious light of the truth of the Gospel that they might be saved.

A One Horse Engine

How many of you recall being stuck behind an Amish 1 horse engine on the highway? If it’s a busy day of traffic you’ll be there a long time before you can pass them. One Amish gentleman had on the back of his buggy a Hymn title called, Pass Me Not. It’s good to have a sense of humor when you’re stuck in traffic. This must have been an old order Amish vehicle. But like everyone else, the Amish have improved. Here is an Amish 2 horse vehicle. These two horses are known as Haymakers. Have a good day.

A Great AA: Amish Acres

Located in Nappanee, Indiana, Amish Acres is a circular Barn filled with Delights. There is a restaurant where you can be served a seven course meal that will be the best food that will ever pass your lips. Most likely you will have to take a dessert home with you. You can come by car or horse as there are hitching rails outside the restaurant. When you finish your meal you can browse through this-This is an Amish grocery store where you can store up on some great Amish food. It is more like an old-fashioned store like how it used to be. Your experience with Amish Acres will have you coming back for more. This would be an excellent place for your family during the holiday season. I hope you enjoy your visit.

What if the Democrats Impeach Trump?

What would happen if the Democrats impeach Donald Trump? I believe what happened after Hillary Clinton lost the White House would be nothing compared to what would happen if Trump were impeached. Whose blame would it be? Both Republicans and Democrats would have to shoulder the blame along with the media. Washington DC has lost all sense of Civility. Trump calls the Democrats obstructionists and the Democrats just don’t like Trump. They thought Hillary would be in the White House and they can’t get over that nor can the media. And the media love to fan the flames. This country is heading for another civil war and wouldn’t the enemies around the world love that. Maybe both the Democrats and the Republicans not to mention the media pay attention to this.