Bobby Schuller Shows No Discernment

Bobby Schuller shown here with Joel Osteen is starting a downhill trend like his grandfather did. His church is also merging with a Presbyterian Church USA who marries homosexual couples. Where is his discernment? Osteen’s lovey-dovey gospel is from the pit of Hell. No holiness, no repentance, and no salvation. Joel Osteen preaches another Jesus Christ from another spirit and from a different gospel. Is Bobby Schuller heading down the same path? Here is another of Osteen’s dubious friends. Oprah Winfrey doesn’t even believe Jesus is the only way to life eternal. Osteen seems to think the same thing. With his recent decisions I’m beginning to wonder what Bobby Schuller believes? This is Bobby Schuller and Joel Osteen’s sister. Doesn’t Schuller understand what the Osteens stand for? What Fellowship has light with Darkness?

A Pastor’s Call to Ministry

The Prophet Elijah Cast his mantle upon Elisha who took over for him after Elijah was taken by a whirlwind into heaven. Today we seem to have generational mantle’s within a Ministry family. There are been three generations of Schuller pastor’s, three generations of Swaggart pastor’s, and other such as John Hagee and son and Fred Price and son plus many more. I thought Ministry was a calling and not a generational gift. Another thing about Ministry involves spiritual gifts. There are those that believe that you can pick any spiritual gift you want but that is not scriptural. The Holy Spirit distributes the gifts according to First Corinthians 12:11. He provides us the gift of his choice and it never mentions multiple gifts. Some believe the gift of tongues is very important to Ministry but it is listed as one of the least gifts. Do all speak with tongues? 1st Corinthians 13 says that tongues will cease. I’m getting back to generational Ministries I would like to see the scripture that cites that argument? God does the calling not the parents of the son. Nowadays it seems that Ministries are a family affair including women which is quite unscriptural. Take Sheila Coleman Schuller for example. She not only took over the Crystal Cathedral for a while but turned it into a Pentecostal service. At that time many left the church. That happens when you do things in an unscriptural manner. Even young Bobby Schuller started off while on its own but now he’s wearing his grandfather’s robe for one service a week and he looks so unnatural in it. But he’s conforming rather than transforming. He’s really not his own Pastor yet as he is still under his grandfather’s shadow which even he says was very different than his theology. That’s like willingly standing under a dark shadow. He should know better. Where is his discernment? Ministry is not a generational issue it is a calling from God. Maybe we should all listen to that?

An Open Letter to Bobby Schuller

Bobby, when I first heard You Preach at the Crystal Cathedral about the sins of omission and commission I was very impressed with your biblical approach. You mentioned in your sermon that your grandfather would not preach on that subject and you are right. You appear so comfortable as a pastor then without a robe as you were designing your own Ministry on what you believe. You have also mentioned that you disagreed with your grandfather theologically. I also believe your initial approach caused your father to shed his robe. Now you look so uncomfortable in that robe and so unnatural. Please do not conform to The Hour of Power standards for Ministry. Your approach to scripture is fresh and encouraging and you don’t need a robe to accomplish that. If you disagreed with your grandfather theologically why are you wearing his robe? Become your own pastor. Your grandfather may have been famous but he did not stand on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your father when he became pastor changed the direction of the cathedral for the better. He began to use more scripture than your grandfather ever did. You have an excellent choir director who is very scriptural. You need to take charge of your ministry and do as you were doing before your grandfather’s robe. The one you are intent on pleasing is not your grandfather but instead Jesus Christ. Theologically your grandfather was dead wrong so as Paul said, imitate me as I imitate the Lord Jesus Christ. As the prophet Haggai said, CONSIDER YOUR WAYS.

Robed Clergy and Laity

Does your pastor wear a robe? When I was a boy I was in a choir in my church and I wore a robe. I felt special in that robe because it set me apart from everyone else. When I became a man I put away childish things. Being 6’10”, I was asked to wear a robe to preach at a church I was invited to. The robe looked like a mini skirt on me. Even if it were a perfect fit I would have refused to wear it. I felt comfortable in my turtleneck sweater. But their church had a custom about wearing a robe to preach. Maybe I should have brought my night robe with me? Robes are to make people set apart when we are all one in Christ Jesus. In the Bible there is no division between clergy and laity. Recently young Bobby Schuller began wearing his grandfather’s robe. It was the same grandfather that he disagreed with biblically. So why wear it?

Why does he need a robe to lead his congregation? The only thing he needs to lead that group is a Bible. He doesn’t need special clothing. In the Apostle Paul’s Doctrine for the body of Christ there is no mention of robe wearing. Questions?

The Curse of Dr. Robert H Schuller

Four years after his death the curse of Dr. Robert H Sculler is still very active. When his son, Robert A Sculler, decided to put the word of God back into the Crystal Cathedral, he was fired by his father. He could still be the senior pastor with the stipulation that he couldn’t preach. Huh? Then Sheila Schuller Coleman took over with a Pentecostal type service with plenty of praise music. She and her worship team are now in a movie theater. Schullers grandson Bobby has now taken over the Hour of Power from another location. He had the chance to break away from the Schuller curse. He wanted to preach biblical messages but is now back to preaching possibility messages just like his grandfather. At first this young man refused to wear a robe at all. His grandfather wished that he would wear one. Now the Catholics own the Cathedral and he’s patterning with the Presbyterian Church USA. Needless to say the Schuller curse is still in operation today. This Schuller had the opportunity to walk away from it but instead succumbed to it. The curse goes marching on.

Generational Pastors

4-Prices-ApostleDrRev-225x300 I am going to be looking at three cases of generational pastors. The first was a surprise as in 2017 Fred Price Jr resigned from the church due to personal problems. In the beginning he was following in his Father’s Footsteps. I always thought a pastor was a called out position by God. But in all three of our cases Ministry is handed down to the son. There are many more besides these three cases. John Osteen was followed by Joel Osteen and both are part of the word faith movement as are the Price’s. Joel Osteen was a little more reluctant to take up the mantle. When his father died, Joel had to groom himself for Ministry in a hurry. I can never believe that Joel Osteen was called to the ministry by God. It was an inherited Ministry. Now on to case number three. I’m going to need a scorecard for this one. Robert Schuller senior passed down the ministry to Robert Shuller Jr. But when Jr started preaching biblical sermons his father fired him from preaching but he could still remain senior pastor. How can a senior pastor not preach? That made Jt resign. Then Robert Schuller senior hired his daughter to be pastor just before he was fired by the board of directors. Are you getting this all down? Then the Schuller’s lost the Crystal Cathedral. Now they’re at a new church with.Robert Schuller Jr’s Son preaching and his name is Robbie Schuller. He started on biblical grounds with no robe but less than a year after he started preaching, he now wears a robe and is doing possibility thinking preaching. Did you get all that? The latest is he has merged with the Presbyterian Church and the two are meeting in one facility. I think I prefer the called out preacher by God!

Bobby Schuller’s Downward Trend- 1

I heard Bobby Schuller preach from the Crystal Cathedral once on the sins of omission and commission and was very impressed. He didn’t wear a robe and he even said his topic was one that his grandfather probably wouldn’t preach about. His grandfather was Robert H Schuller. A few weeks later Bobby’s dad, Robert A Schuller shed his robe as well. He too started to preach biblical sermons. His grandfather didn’t like the direction this was going and so dismissed his son from being pastor. Soon thereafter Sheila Schuller Coleman took over and began a Pentecostal type service with no Organ. The congregation began leaving and soon thereafter so did Coleman. In came Bobby Schuller and began preaching from the Crystal Cathedral. And the church was then sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County after it went into bankruptcy. Bobby Schuller took his congregation to the Catholic Church that purchased the cathedral and called it Shepherd’s Grove. His sermons were still biblical and I felt a break in the Schuller continuity despite his having the same name. He still wore no robe and things were looking up for The Hour of Power. I will have more on this transformation in part 2.

Bobby Schuller’s Downward Trend- 2

One of Bobby’s spiritual mentors is Jesse Duplantis and that is one big red flag. I don’t know where Bobby’s discernment is in that regard? When Bobby took over at Shepherd’s Grove he was without a robe but as you can see that has changed. He looks so out of place in a robe and probably not too happy about it. He has also reverted back to The Hour of Power’s formalistic style of worship that his grandfather had. Instead of being his own man and continuing to preach the whole gospel and not just a possibility thinking part, he is just like his grandfather. I remember that first sermon I heard him preach about the sins of omission and commission. He then said his grandfather would not preach a sermon like that. He was coming into his own as his own pastor. His father had tried that and he was removed from the pulpit by his grandfather. Instead of an upswing like young Schuller was trying to do, the pendulum is now swinging the other way with his returning to a robe and sounding more like his grandfather then himself. Bobby, to thine own self be true. There are no warnings coming out of the Shepherd’s Grove Church. If Jesus had preached like that he would not have been crucified. Now comes word that they are moving to a new facility owned by the Irvington Presbyterian Church. I understand they plan to merge with that church which is the Presbyterian Church USA. That particular denomination sanctions homosexual marriage. How will the young Schuller handle that remains to be seen. He needs to be himself again so take off that robe and return to real preaching, the kind that gets people saved.

Compromise Caution

There is either truth or error. Some in the church believe there is something called fence-sitting. That might well be called compromise. It is the lukewarm position which God has said he would spew out of his mouth. God or Baal? God or Satan? Christ or Belial? Two choices! Heaven or Hell? Life or death? Blessing or cursing? I see only two choices in all of this. There is no middle ground. It would seem though that mankind has created a middle ground. Kind of like a safe Zone. Or even an imaginary one? I think having two choices is much easier on all of us. So why do we compromise? Earlier today I mentioned that Ravi Zacharias appeared on Joyce Meyers TV show and endorsed her as a solid Christian. Why did he do this when he should know much better? He did the same thing with Mormons a few years ago. Bobby Schuller recently endorsed Jesse Duplantis. Dr. David Jeremiah recently appeared on Jim Bakker’s show which I thought would never happen. Ravi.Zacharias and David Jeremiah should know better then to compromise their faith to promote their books. I just don’t understand this? The only other explanation is that we are in the lukewarm Church position now. If so all hell will be breaking loose soon. Hang on for it will be a rough ride. But then, hasn’t God’s word said this would happen? The falling away comes first before the man of sin is revealed. Yes, most definitely hang on!