The False Teachings of Andrew Wommack

In the body of Christ we are called on to become Bereans who check the Scriptures Daily to see if these things were so. Andrew Wommack is a false teacher because he had adheres to Word of Faith moving theology. I have an attachment for you today on Mr Wommack Andrew Wommack. I hope you read the entire article.

The question you have to ask yourself is this.  Does Andrew Wommack and his teachings lineup up to scripture? Scripture alone defines the teacher.

Do I still please man or God? For if I still pleased man I would not be a servant of Christ. Remember, search the Scriptures Daily to see if these things are so.

6 thoughts on “The False Teachings of Andrew Wommack”

  1. He is talking about, if a person choses “satans covering or you think you can be your own Savior” instead of THE LORDS’ RIGHTEOUSNESS, Jesus Christ, than The Everlasting Father can not cover you until you REPENT and ask HIM for HIS GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (speaking in tongues proves HE cleaned us and are a CITIZEN OF HEAVEN). Then you can begin a relationship with Him and His SPIRIT will lay up our treasures in HEAVEN for us (10,000 × more) and He will bless us
    (100 × more with some type of persecution) on earth as well, along with our family, and extra to be a blessing to others. GRACE (undeserved favor of GOD) is the GOOD NEWS! Joseph Prince Ministries is a Ministy that teaches/preaches accurately.


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