Joel’s Father John Osteen

This is John Osteen, Joel Osteen’s father. He was once a Baptist pastor but his congregation asked him to leave because he began teaching the sign gifts. That’s when he started Lakewood church. He was a close personal friend of Kenneth Hagin and was preaching the signs and wonders gifts even before Oral Roberts. Unlike his son he did preach Jesus Christ but he failed to recognize that Jews request a sign from 1st Corinthians 1:22. He wanted the spectacular in his church. By the way did you know that Joel Osteen has no biblical training? If you heard him preach you know what I am talking about. His father was big in the signs and wonders movement. There was enough of Hagins Council that caused the Elder Osteen to err in his theology. Unfortunately both Osteen’s have led many people astray.

Tongues in Church Today

Without an interpreter? Is that required?Most tongue speaking today is for show, is gibberish, and done by women with no interpreter. Without an interpreter, tongues are not to used. The church is not edified God is not the author of confusion so please let everything be done decently and in order. Praise the Lord!

Hobart W. Freeman 1

Have you ever heard of the Glory Barn in northern Indiana? There you find Freeman and those that followed him. He began in the Faith Movement following the teachings of Kenneth Hagin and Ken Copeland. Later he turned on these ministries and began to preach against them. He established his own course which consisted of healings and miracles. Yet he couldn’t seem to heal himself as he walked with a gimp. His services began with blaring music that lasted for hours. That was his preparation for his preaching ministry. Like all cults, he has a working knowledge of the Bible. The local people had police over there a lot due to the loud music. He is forced to move to various locations. About this time his teachings began to change slightly but not for the better. I will pick up on that in Part 2.

Health and Wealth- 2

The name Kenneth Hagin enters the picture and he was the Forerunner of many of the Pentecostal preachers. His poison through new thought has contaminated every preacher that followed him. Now a new world of Pentecostal pastors are coming up with more poison. These pastors get further and further away from the gospel truth. Now we have the New Apostolic Reformation, the restored Church of God, and the Elijah List. A true Mark of a cult is that they are the only true church and if you find yourself in one run like the Dickens. In a few days our next phase will begin. Stay tuned!