The Jewish Talmud About You

If the Jews hated Jesus, how do they feel about Christians? Despite what you read here we are still to pray and witness to Jews. And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Now the tough part, while there is blindness in part, witness to Jews  about Jesus who came and died for them. Be persistent in your witness. 




Jim Bakker Stooge Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, an ex-fireman predicted that Donald Trump would be president during the second term of Barack Obama. When he got that wrong, he predicted Trump would win against Hillary Clinton. 50% accuracy even though he said that God told hime that Trump would win the first time. God doesn’t bat 50%, He bats 100%! Taylor was made famous on the Jim Bakker Show and now some movie company is making a movie about Taylor. Taylor now is promoting his new book about Trump prophecies. He believes that Freemasonry and the Illuminati have somehow made people hate Trump. He left out Creflo Dollar for some reason? Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing from Ezekiel 13:3. I wonder how much survival food Bakker is making out of Mark Taylor?

Joseph Smith’s Real Vision

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but two visions in spectacular White hovering over the ground. They were off the ground by two feet. Immediately the initials LSD came to my head. I would later change them to LDS after I came off my high. They told me about some Golden Plates that I could find in New York. I asked them if they would be under the golden arches? They gave me a pass for a free Happy Meal which made me glad. I asked if that included a free drink but they shook their heads no. I was disappointed. They told me that I would be able to decipher what was in those Golden Plates. A Looking-Glass was inside when I found them. I wondered if I had the ones that Alice in Wonderland had? I looked around for a Cheshire Cat but found none. I examined the texts that I found in the Golden Plates. I found something on top of them that said, rated R for content. That really intrigued me. Just then an angel appeared before me. No,it wasn’t a California angel but one known as Moron I. I thought he was talking about me at first. He cleared his throat and repeated Moroni. I guess I looked a little sheepish. He told me some fantastic things about what would come to be known as the Mormon church. With my experience in Freemasonry I added a few things but told no one. I even added something about my underwear. I always admired Underdog and liked his undies so I called it magic underwear. Anyway I deciphered all that text and became famous. So famous that 52 woman wanted to marry me and I did not disappoint them. I woke up the next morning and followed what the two angels had directed me to do. But for some reason I wound up in Anaheim California?

Free Masonry and Mind Control

Freemasonry is a dangerous cult that entraps many pastors in a web of Deceit. Famous pastors including Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, and many more have taken up with this cult. Secret handshakes, secret codes, and Allegiance to a person called Hiram Abiff. The servitude to Abiff is even higher than their loyalty to Jesus Christ. There are many members from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Freemasonry. Their founder Joseph Smith took many rituals from Freemasonry and applied them to Mormonism. 33 and a third degree Masons are at the highest level of this cult and that includes many of the aforementioned ministers. Freemasons like to look good on the outside but as Jesus Christ said, on the inside they’re full of hypocrisy and uncleanness. This is a fraternal organization that should be avoided at all cost. As in many cults, on the surface they look okay but once a member you learn all these secret things and about Hiram Abiff. Stay far away from this cult.

Politics and Truth: Strange Bedfellows- 2

The major networks are now having fake news all over the place. Some of it is not fake but goes unreported such a Deep State where many Democrats including the former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing their best to undermine President Trump. Even the former Secretary of State John Kerry has gone behind this administration’s back to work on a deal with Iran that is not compatible with the Trump Administration. This goes unreported by the major networks as they focus on the Trump Administration and every single thing they do wrong. I believe the Press bleeds Democratic blue. They trot out polls to show how bad the president is doing but aren’t these the same polls that had Trump losing the presidential election? We now have fake polls to if you can believe that. The Bible tells Christians that we are to be set apart by the truth of God. In the secular press there is no truth. A reporter will do anything to get a story. I love it when they give an entire story and at the end say, NBC has been unable to confirm this story. But they already told the story even though unconfirmed. That is fake news! Once in Joplin Missouri a building that was about to be torn down by explosives came down prematurely trapping three men. Joplin then had both CBS and ABC locally. Then the national CBS network came in and pushed the local reporters aside. When one of the men was found CBS used a long extension microphone to get the first words out of that survivors mouth. The man was not yet recovered from the debris and had that microphone fell it could have caused this area to collapse upon him. That reporter didn’t care as long as he got the story. With the network media they’ll do anything to get a story even if they can’t confirm it which in my book means they’re isn’t a story yet. America has a free press and a dishonest and slanted media. President Trump could perform a miracle and they would make it look like a hoax. Tiger Woods said it best when he said regarding President Trump that he honors the office and not the man. Too bad the Press doesn’t think that way or the Democratic Party. And I would be saying the same thing to the Republicans if a Democratic president was in power. Yes President Trump is erratic but he is still the president of this nation. President Johnson was somewhat erratic to and they all are but Trump is a businessman and not a politician. He is still the person that America elected president. The Bible says to honor the king and since we don’t have a king perhaps we should honor the president and I’m largely talking to the media. In that regard I’m largely talking to the wind.

Mormons and Missionaries + Freemasons

2.3.CC.HOME_.TrojanHorseFalseGos61e3b0f31cb53705bf7ceaa314361235bom+musical The Mormons have been sending out missionaries two by two and most of them have never even read the book of Mormon in its entirety. They are trained in almost gestapo like tactics at their missionary School. They marched to and from meals shouting, Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith. They learn a few verses from The Book of Mormon to trick people into believing the Book of Mormon is real. These young people give up two years of their life to do this. Do you know also that Mormons have ties into Freemasonry? mason-mormon

I Pledge Allegiance to Hiram Abiff?

71uptuPI3ML._SY463_ Can you imagine yourself wearing this? Freemasonry does not believe in Salvation through Jesus Christ but rather by imitating Hiram Abiff.What+is+FreemasonryFreemasonry+is+Tolerant+of+All+Religions! How could Billy Graham have fallen for this? I could see how Kenneth Copeland and Robert Schuller did but Billy Graham? If he swore allegiance to Hiram Abiff how can he be in heaven today? How could any ministers that belong to this organization? Maybe you had better find out if your pastor is a Freemason?THE+GOD+OF+FREEMASONRY+GAOTU+_+The+Great+Architect+of+the+Universe What communion has light with Darkness? I am exposing this unfruitful work of darkness which the Bible admonishes us to have no fellowship with.



I have a great video for you today about Satan at the Vatican.  Pope Francis is in conversation with Freemasonry. He is the first ever pope to be so. Satanic rituals als are taking place at the Vatican. This is a must see video. 

The  homosexual priest problem is far greater than anyone imagined and this is not related to child molestation. Watch the video from the Vortex.


Replacing the iconic design of the Crystal Cathedral under the tenure of Dr, Robert Schuller is a dark entity that makes you feel as though you were entombed in bubble wrap.  One used to be able to see through all those windows but no longer.

When you enter the main door of Christ Cathedral you are greeted by the visage of Satan. Much of the redone Cathedral, at the cost of 72 Million dollars, is dark and foreboding. There is The all seeing eye of Freemasonry on the altar and artwork close to Wiccan throughout.

Look at how Mary is displayed. Hardly flattering with the long neck. What could have been a living testimony to Jesus Christ is dark and unpleasant. Why? 

The Orange County Diocese could have made this much lighter in scope. Perhaps the 72 Million might have been put to greater use as to feed the poor?


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s CON

Jonathan-Cahn-Freemason Take a tablespoon of Kabbalah, sprinkle in a generous portion of Messianic Jew, add a touch of Freemasonry, And a dab or two of extra biblical revelation and you have the disastrous Homespun recipe of Jonathan Cahn that he wants everyone to ingest. Where is the Alka-Seltzer? Why would he in the first place want to use the Kabbalah for us to understand Bible prophecy? Does not Bible prophecy respond to itself? Prophecies in the Old Testament have been revealed in the new. But now here comes Rabbi Jonathan Cahn promoting the heretic book The Harbinger and getting promoted by the extreme prophetic movement. What’s wrong with this picture? Cahn has already had many false prophecies which seems to fit in quite nicely with the extreme prophetic movement.en2-characteristics-of-prophecy- It is obvious that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn does not speak for God but whatever he says comes out of his own imagination. Woe to the foolish Prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing- Ezekiel 13:3. Jonathan Cahn sure has made a Messianic mess out of this whole thing. He Blends in Biblical Hebrew with all his extra biblical revelation and makes a complete biblical disaster out of all of it. Rabbi, why not just study the Bible? He would probably answer me saying, I need all these extra biblical revelation to make sense of what the Bible has to say. Do not add to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar. And that is just what Jonathan Cahn is, A LIAR!

Are Roman Catholics About to Join Freemasons?

According to this Australian priest, yes. He claims Australian bishops sanctioned the change in 2016. Read This for more on this subject. Will they now have to call Hiram Abiff, Father?

Here is a Video for you on the Revelation of Hiram Abiff. Talk about religion making strange bedfellows, this might be the ultimate case!

What Mormons Really Believe- 2

How can anyone take the Mormon faith at face value? There two greatest leaders, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young said, that Mormons once lived on the moon and they looked like Quakers. That was a Joseph Smith comment. Brigham Young even topped that when he said people lived on the Sun. I wonder if they used Coppertone? Joseph Fielding Smith said, men will never get to the moon. Obviously he didn’t consult his leader Joseph Smith or even NASA for that matter. Then there is the Mormons magic underwear. Their secret identity is temple garments. They are said to protect Mormons from all harm. They have Masonic symbols all over the underwear. Little Wonder as Joseph Smith was well-versed in Freemasonry. If you’re an obedient Mormon in your afterlife you will have your own planet to rule with Spirit children that will worship and pray to you. Find any of this in the Bible. I’ll have even more fascinating stuff in part 3.