The Real Singing Nun

No this isn’t Debbie Reynolds but the real Singing Nun. I have her life story here. singing nun Tragically her life ended in suicide with her lesbian partner. The Singing Nun film with Debbie Reynolds made her appear as a very light spirited person but as you read the article in many ways she had a tragic life. God could not have honored her chosen lifestyle as a lesbian. She had a gifted voice but was largely only recognized for her song Dominique when it ranked number one in the United States pop charts and she is the only Belgian singer ever to accomplish that. Now for your enjoyment the real Singing Nun singing Dominique her signature song. Dominique This is a picture of the place where she was laid to rest in Belgium.

She was laid to rest with her lesbian lover who was much younger than her. A tragic ending to someone with so much promise. You will know from the article that she left the church, the Roman Catholic Church, over disagreements with her Mother Superior.


Man’s finite mind cannot fully grasp hold of what makes up the Triune God. There is ample evidence in scripture to support this although groups like The Unitarians, Christadelphians, are Jehovah’s Witnesses have a difficult time grasping. All three reject the Personhood of the Holy Spirit who is the guide to all truth according to John 16:13. What happens when you add cream and sugar to coffee? The three become one cup of coffee. And as a Buddhist friend Buddhist friend once told me that if youpour a glass of milk and add chocolate syrup and cinnamon to the milk the three become one. Christadelphians are like the Ethiopian eunuch who was reading Isaiah 53 but not comprehending it. The Holy Spirit dispatched Philip to him who guided him into the truth of Jesus Christ. The aforementioned 3 groups also need a guide to comprehend the Triune God. It was God who sent Jesus Christ to mankind and in turn Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit to mankind after his departure.

The Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost makeup the Triune God and these three are one. Jesus said that he and the father were one in John 10:30. John 1:1 says is that in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:14 adds and the word became flesh and dwelt Among Us. How can Christadelphians deny this? Isaiah 9:16 clearly states that Jesus Christ is the Everlasting Father and the Mighty God.

Who is the “us” In this passage?

Who was the us and our in these passages? It is purposely mentioned three times for the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit for those with Discerning ears and eyes. I believe the Christadelphians are spiritually blind and somewhat deaf. They here but lack comprehension of what they hear.

I prefer the evidence of scripture even over that statement. I pray that the Christadelphians can grow into this understanding. Currently, like the one time Apostle Paul, are found to be kicking against the goads.

Emotionalism in Denominations

IMG_20180213_062527 it’s a downright shame for all these denominations, and probably many more, to rely on feelings over that of Truth. That is probably why congregations follow all these false teachers. They get caught up in all the hoopla of the feeling centered services and enjoy that over scriptural truth. Ministers, afraid to lose their congregations if they teach biblical truth, turn to feel good sermons in order to keep their congregations happy. Happy but not saved. Where does all the lunacy end? It ends at Acts 17:11. The Bereans didn’t even take Paul’s word for it as they searched the Scriptures Daily to see if these things were so. Their example should be our example.