Christian Destiny Tarot Cards

This video today is about Christian Destiny tarot cards. I know of a United Methodist Church assistant pastor that is Destiny cardsfemale who also uses tarot cards in counseling. Can you believe that? All these weird practices are infiltrating the church today. Barbie Breathitt councils with her dream cards which are also very expensive. Then there are these which the new Apostolic Reformation uses much like the tarot cards.

Necromancy is forbidden in the Bible.

JZ Knight : Adultery, Fraud, and Swindler

a1jzknightmug27Why are all the phoney hucksters blonde? You have Paula White, Barbie Breathitt, and Knight herself. She married a horse breeder and while married she had sex with him prior to marriage cheating her own husband. The man she married knew a lot about horses and over the course of time she did too. When she divorced her husband, this second husband, she inherited most of his horses and these are million-dollar horses. She now breeds and sells these type of steeds. And we haven’t even got to Ramtha yet. Ram, as they call him, is a 35000 year old Warrior from Atlantis who speaks through Knight. Ramtha is nothing less than a familiar spirit which is forbidden by scripture under the penalty of stoning. Again the illiterates who follow her love to have it so. She counsels them through Ramtha. These are very expensive sessions and is similar to how Scientology operates. Different language but same principle. Knight has gotten to be a millionaire several times over largely due to her School of Enlightenment. Thousands of students attend that mockery of a school. A former employee said he once heard Knight off the stage practicing her Ramtha voice. This whole operation is a Ponzi scheme to make Knight wealthy at the expense of her gullible followers. Followers make these people wealthy. Maybe we need someone to bring followers out of a spirit of stupor?

Dream Cards??

let me instroduce you to Barbie Breathitt and her dream School plus dream cards which can be quite expensive. Surprise surprise! Breathitt is another false prophet selling her Wares to a gullible public. Her dream cards are a farce. A fool and his money are soon parted. On your own I would advise you to read Jeremiah 23:9-40 and observe how many times the word dreams is used. Do not fall for her deceptive words. this is beautiful Barbie almost like the doll and about as real. Here are her dream cards. dreams are highly subjective and I don’t think that Barbie Breathitt can help you at all. Barbie Breathitt is not a prophet. But she is out for a profit and I trust you can discern the difference between the two.


Doug Addison created this Swiss army knife anointing garbage. This is the crackpot jackpot of all anointings that I’ve ever heard of. It even beats the oinking anointing that I personally witnessed at a Vineyard Church. Guess who is associated with Doug Addison? Mrs. Dream card herself, Barbie Breathitt. You can analyze your dreams through her for a small fortune. It’s similar to what Scientology puts you through and probably just as expensive. Once you have your dream fully analyzed your bank account has become a nightmare. When will the charlatans learn that you cannot serve God and money. A Swiss army knife anointing? I wonder how many foolish people will buy into this? Discernment has become missing in action in the majority of churches today. This will be my first and last post on Doug Addison. Here is a picture of Barbie. I should add that Doug Addison is a member of the New Apostolic Reformation. Surprise, surprise!

Women Pastors are NOT of God

A qualification of a Biblical pastor is they must be the husband of one wife and not the other way around. A woman in church is to be silent and they are not to have authority over men or to teach men. I have an excellent video on that here. The word of God is crystal clear on this subject despite woman pastors abounding in Pentecostal Church and a growing number of denominational churches as well.

Women pastors are in rebellion of God’s clear message against there being in authority over men or to teach men.

Women pastors are telling God to get out of their way.

They want to transform themselves into Apostles of Christ but examine who their leader is in verse 14. Jezebel did this very thing in Revelation 2.

That’s what woman pastors are doing today as they are calling themselves pastors and apostles when they are not! And it’s a matter of self-deception. Imposters will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. Women pastors are telling God to get out of there way in direct Rebellion to his word.