Paganism Catholicism – 2

Paganism allows the RCC  to color almost anything under the sun with Catholicism crayons to make it their own. Then when attacked for what they practice they turn on their whine tears and call it prejudice. EVIL MEN AND IMPOSTERS  WILL GROW WORSE AND WORSE, DECEIVING AND  BEING DECEIVED. Here is the apocrypha book Barack right back at you. It was a book about idol worship. Barack was Jeremiah’s scribe.This is where the Bible meets these Babylonian gods including Tammuz who is found in Ezekiel in a most unflattering statement. More in Part 3.













Signs and Wonders- 3

The 7th and last period of signs and wonders is yet future. It will occur during the millennial Kingdom when Jesus sets up his throne on Earth. Not only will signs and wonders appear but for a Time sacrifices will also be given until Israel an unsaved Gentiles that have made it through the Great Tribulation except their Messiah. All the Fantastic signs and wonders the Jesus did during his Earthly lifetime will be found in the millennial Kingdom. This will be the Earthly Kingdom for the Jews. Where is the body of Christ? In the Heavenly Kingdom since the rapture. If you remember in Revelation 22, there will be a new Heaven and Earth. Can’t you just wait?!

Catholic Myths- 12 Purgatory

The only reason the Roman Catholic Church accepts the Apocrypha is to cover errors in their Doctrine.

The Apocrypha was added to the Catholic Bible in 1546. Why not when Peter was Pope? They had to find some justification for the doctrine of purgatory. Roman Catholics are brainwashed into believing hogwash. Obviously Purgatory wasn’t in their belief system for 1,546 years and then POOF and there it is. There’s a lot of mysticism in Catholicism. Here’s a report on 2nd Maccabees and purgatory. Did you know that 2nd Maccabees isn’t even accurate historically?

The only reason that Roman Catholics added 2nd Maccabees to their Bible was to justify their abominable Doctrine of purgatory.

If these books are historically inaccurate how can you trust anything in them?

Catholic Indulgences and Romans 8:1

Simon the sorcerer tried to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit and was rebuked for that by Peter. So why do the Catholics and their supposedly first pope think they can through indulgences now? This is where purgatory has value to the Roman Catholics.

How about a simple equation again for Roman Catholics? There is therefore NO COMMENDATION TO THOSE WHO WALK IN CHRIST JESUS ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT.  BYE, BYE INDULGENCES. A free gift from Godthat Catholics reject because they feel they have to work there way into heaven. James, though, was written to the 12 tribes of Israel and not to the body of Christ. Read James 1:1. Why would God contradict His word? He didn’t as these two texts are written to two different audiences. 

Catholics don’t understand simple math. It is faith plus Nothing. I will be doing a full study of this faith and works issue soon.


I have repeatedly said that some parts of the Apocrypha make for good reading. The original 1611 KJV says the same thing in the foreword. BUT IT DOES NOT COME UP TO THE STANDARD OF SCRIPTURE.  As to Sirach, it offers an excellent portion about doctors. 

In Sirach 38 it states that we should give doctors the honor they deserve. Medicine from the earth makes us healthy. Do you know who the Apostle Paul’s doctor was? Luke, the physician. If you read Galatians carefully, you’ll discover that Paul had some kind of eye disease.Sirach 38:12-14 focuses on prayer and the doctors. Pray for the doctor too knowing full well that he also prays for his patient. Pray that God will guide his hand in surgery. And pray that God will help you in your infirmities as well.


Jesus said, Let the dead bury the dead. No one having putting his hand to the ploy and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God. Mormons and Catholics follow an unbiblical practice. Catholics try to justify the practice with the apocrypha while ignoring the historical inadequacies of those books.

This hits Pentecostals squarely in the face with all their unbiblical gifts of the Holy Spirit. Do all speak with tongues? Of course not. It is the Holy Spirit in 1st Corinthians 12:11 who distributes the gifts, not man.The Jehovahs Witnesses are classic date setters and they have an even worse average than the New Apostolic Reformation.

This next one is wholly Catholic. I wonder if they inquired of Native Americans in regard to the beadwork on those rosary’s? Totally unbiblical. It’s just a form of idol worship to go along with their plastered statues. To round off Part One, evolutionists taking on believers. Do I hear a Big Bang shooting down Darwinism?

Why isn’t the Apocrypha in the Bible?

apocrypha I like what this young man said on this video. He mentioned that the Apocrypha had some useful information. Yet it also has historical error thus discernment must be used when reading the Apocrypha.14-Books-Removed-From-The-Bible-To be fair, the original 1611 King James Version has the Apocrypha with a warning that it is not scripture but useful for reading. It was removed from most Bibles it 1886.

More Enoch Nonsensee

Angels built the ark? Maybe that was a prophecy about the California Angels? Knock on gopher wood. On the Paradise side of Hades, Christ took captivity captive. When Christ descended into hell, He was on the Paradise side. Remember, he told the thief on the cross, Today I will see you in Paradise.There will be no sinners in the heavenly mansions.

Bible Fact: What Book of the Bible has an Extra Book to the Torah?

Does the Feast of Purim help you solve this question? Most Jews consider that
The only five books of the Torah are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. But
to include the Feast of Purim an extra book has to be added and that book is Esther. Interestedly enough the apocryphal version of Esther include the prayers of Esther and Mordecai to God. Esther and the Song of Solomon are the only two biblical books that never mention God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit whereas the Apocrypha version mentions God. Interesting.

The Apocrypha 2

Right off the bat we have a grievous error. Alms does not purge away all sins. Only the blood of Christ can do that. Simon the Sorcerer thought he could purchase the Holy Spirit with money. Peter said, Your money perish with you.

Judith is full of historical errors. 2nd Maccabees doesn’t even line up historically with 1st Maccabees. Of the two 1st Maccabees makes more sense.Catholics grabbed what was good for their doctrines while ignoring the errors. In their heart they know the truth of how they have added to the scriptures. While some of them are good for reading, they are not canonical. Just as the Catholics are not spiritual Israel although they like to pretend that they are. 23% Of biblical prophecy is for Israel yet fulfilled. Israel goes back on God’s timetable in Romans 11:25.

Apocrypha 1

The original King James Version of the Bible includes the apocrypha with a cautionary note citing that is good for reading but does not meet the qualifications for scripture. I personally enjoy reading it especially Sirach. Remember when King Saul was not able to hear from the Lord? In panic he turned to a witch from En Dor. And look how long it took the Catholics to canonize it? 1,513 years. No, the Catholics are very aware of the errors within the apocrypha but in order to justify their unbiblical doctrines of purgatory and prayers for the dead, they canonized the apocrypha. How many times must you know how The Madman, Antiochus Epiphanes, died? Three times in different ways and times? Catholics just can’t be ignorant enough to believe that the apocrypha is inspired? More coming your way in Part Two.

Bel and the Dragon

One commentator once said of this book that if you needed a good laugh then read Bel and the Dragon. It is similar in nature to the Emperors New Clothes in style and I have an audiobook for you to Listen to so do that first and then return for what I have to say.

All done? Some books of the apocrypha are good to read and this is one of them. It is true that many of these books have errors to them and others say they are never connected to biblical scripture. This one directly is connected to Scripture. What was taken out of Bels mouth that had been swallowed? All the food that the king had sacrificed to it. This king got conned big time. Thoughts?