Juanita Bynum Takes a Picture of Jesusu

I took Jesus’s picture with my brownie camera that I saved from my days in the Girl Scouts. And I only took 5 takes to get it.I am the photographer Juanita Bynum is getting Crazier by the day as now she claims she has taken a picture of Jesus. I think dementia has taken her over. Enjoy the video.

The Heresies of Pope John Paul of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope John Paul denied his own faith as being the only true church when he stated that all men are saved which is universalism. This video will point out even more errors from this Pope John Paul. When will Catholics wake up and smell the coffee? Instead they enjoy smelling a rotten egg and how many times do you have to smell a rotten egg to realize that it’s rotten?

Paula White is Spiritual Advisor to President Trump

Paula White Dispite the fact that Senator Grassley is investigating Paula White, President Trump has selected her as his spiritual advisor. I would think Mr. Trump has enough problems without having this pastor as his advisor. Could the president have selected her on her qualifications as being blonde and beautiful?3a3ce6e1b8e3e676b77fc0a6fa7844d5

And where is the discernment of the president? This woman doesn’t even meet the qualifications of a pastor and she’s been divorced 3 times and does not have a good testimony to those who are outside according to 1st Timothy 3. She is also very greedy for money which pastors are not to be. If the president says he’s a Christian he should know the qualifications for a pastor.


This is a must see video on this topic Vatican sex scandal. The video states that in 2013 the Vatican set up a conference to combat this issue but like many promises on the Roman Catholic Church this conference was never set up. To the Discerning world this shows the sincerity of the Catholic hierarchy in dealing with this crushing issue. They have been more concerned with the monetary cost this is causing the church over that of the children that are being molested. Can you believe that? This worldwide plague is current and many of the charges current. The United States now is investigating this crime in 47 States. Thousands of children had been misused not only by the offending priests but those in the hierarchy who have covered this up for so long. The Pope I knew all about this for you before situations arose where he can no longer keep it in hiding. Now he is being forced to deal with it. A Godly Man would not to be forced to do anyting but this shows that the papacy is corrupt.

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a promoter of A Course in Miracles. The woman who created this dubious work said she was inspired by familiar spirits who dictated the work to her. Big red flag. In the Bible familiar spirits are evil spirits. And those evil spirits created this- This is a book that Oprah Winfrey also supports to no one’s surprise at all.A Course in Miracles I have a video for you today on this dubious work. As always comments are welcome.

Roman Catholics Teaching as Doctrines the Commandments of Men

I have an excellent video for you today on this very important point. When we do such things our worship of God is in vain. Any false Doctrine not found in the Bible is of mans own devising. I think you will be amazed and astounded by this video. It shows how Roman Catholics take scripture and

To say what they want it to say even if they have to twist it to fit their Doctrine. Catholics are extremely good at doing this. And guess who predicted that the Antichrist would be a pope? Another Pope and it is found in this video.

The Idolatry of Mary a Roman Catholic Deception

Are you into Mary? Catholics to a very early age are raised to do this falsehood. It is rank idle worship. I have a video that will help explain this to you called the master Catholic deception. Maybe this will help you to escape the idolatry of Mary. Shall we all pray to that end.

The Christadelphian Cult

christadelphian_1 I have a video today of the Christadelphian cult and they reject the Triune godhead. This is another cult that was formed in the 1800’s specifically by John Thomas. 2nd John says whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. It would seem that this cult does not follow scripture.John Thomas

Deliverance from Burning ..Feet??

I have a video for you today on Heidi Baker and her newest gimmick burning feet. I wonder if its associated at all with athletes feet? IHOP is promoting this bizarre practice and maybe an anti fungal may be required here? It makes me wonder if this woman ever preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ? IHOP has been known as the Church of the bizarre. They also have the Norway underwear preacher who actually preaches in his underwear and I have a video on that under IHOP category. Heidi Baker has to be demon possessed as she puts out some of the most bizarre practices ever found in a church and she uses mantras all the time. Baker also uses tongues without an interpreter being present. Here it is a pastor that needs Deliverance badly.


Robin, I think this woman Heidi Baker is worse than all of our villains put together. In fact she’s even worse than our show.